E-best®Mini Travel Handheld Garment Steamer

E-best®Mini Travel Handheld Garment Steamer

hey guys I'm doing a review of this garment steamer by the brand he best this is a mini travel handheld garment steamer and it can steam iron almost any material any textile any fabric and it also comes with this pouch for storing it and you can see the size it's almost the size of my hands just a little bigger than that and it's very very light and it also comes with this user manual so you have it all written down in it let me just give you a demo so basically you need to fill in the water now you can close this back end you have to make sure that there is a lock button here basically and this arrow comes in line with this so it is a note position and your is the on/off button this is off and this is on I can hear a little bit of sound coming through it the water is getting heated up so you can see it started giving out steam and the water is boiling inside now never lay a cloth flag down like the way I have done it put it on a hanger and you can just slide through I'm just showing it for demo the water will not flow off and the steam coming out from this is pretty high so make sure you do not wave your hand around it just gently slide down the brush on your cloth and it will brush off with the steam and it will clean your cloth easily let me just show you one this just go around this way and it's heating it up it's an amazing product and it's travel size so you can carry it with you when you're traveling and totally like it I'm going to use it every time I'm on travel because carrying on regular iron it's pretty heavy this you can detach and keep it with you and I hope you liked the video thank you for watching

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  1. Thanks for the demo I didn't know how to open it and the instructions were not clear. Nor did I find a customer service number so thanks again!

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