28 Replies to “EASY DIY Galaxy Shirt”

  1. You could haveade the video shorter by at least five minutes had you not rambled on…but great shirt

  2. JEEEEZ, I hope these racist haters never need a black police officer, fireman, paramedic or doctor! On the otherhand, I kind of hope he has a black prison guard, parole board, parole officer… I know, I'm just hating back, but they make it so easy! And on behalf of the Caucasians (the nice ones anyway), I apologize for the crap you have to put up with in your life! Honestly, people like that make me ashamed to be white.

  3. Asia, you are an artist, and dont let anyone tell you otherwise… Schooling is great if you can get it, but you are an artist regardless! You have a wonderful eye for colors and shapes. Never stop creating and making things! It feeds your soul! And I am sure you feel the truth of that already 🙂

  4. Very attractive…i like your style….of painting…
    …can u about to me these paint name of spree …

  5. Good for you when I one wants to hang out with you or text you on a Saturday! Look at how very much more constructively you used your time! ❤️👍🏻

  6. https://caseydeals.com/collections/fashion/products/space-galaxy-3d-sweatshirts-men-hoodies-with-hat-print-stars-nebula-autumn-winter-loose-thin-hooded-hoody-tops

  7. how many shirts can you make from a set of these bottle? Rough estimate – how many average size shirt versus bottle counts…

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