Easy DIY Kaftan Dress / Cover Up

Easy DIY Kaftan Dress / Cover Up

hi everyone its malformed sparkly belly a caftan dress is a comfortable and feminine dress perfect for summer and it’s also great as a cover-up before and after dance performance in this video you’ll see how to make this really easy caftan dress so let’s get started to make this caftan dress you need lightweight flowy fabric it can be light knit chiffon or anything that drapes nicely you need about 3 meters of this and your regular sewing tools so first stand in front of a mirror with your fabric fold the fabric like this wrong size together and see how long you want your dress to be hold the fold and lay the fabric on the floor and cut the excess fabric next fold the fabric in half lengthwise and mark the corner which is the center point on the fold from there measure and mark 15 centimeters or 6 inches on either side with pins and cut along the fold to connect the two points I just made the straight neckline here but if you want a round neckline feel free to cut more and at this point try it on to make sure the head hole is large enough and take it to your sewing machine and finish all the raw edges but however way you like I’m practicing using a hammer foot so that’s what I used back on the floor fold it wrong size together again and measure about 40 centimeters or 16 inches from the fold and from the side edge and mark the point with a pin from there measure forty centimeters or 16 inches down to the bottom and make a line do the same for the other side now all you need to do is sew down along the lines using a straight stitch and make buttonholes now the buttonholes are optional but if you want to wear a belt or a tie around your waist area mark the width of your belt at the top of the lines you just sold and we’ll make buttonholes there for the buttonholes you can make them without a special foot simply decide how big you want the hole to be and draw a line then go around there with a narrow zig-zag stitch with the stitch length very close to zero and simply cut along the line without ripping the stitches and if you want to make a tie cut a long strip out of the leftover fabric I use the whole width of the fabric and made it about five centimeters or two inches wide and sew the tube right size together with a five millimeters or a quarter of an inch seam allowance turn the tube inside out and Stitch the ends shut and that’s it you can wear it over your costume with or without a belt or you can even wear it as a dress or cover up over swimsuit this summer hope you liked it and if you make one please share your creation on sparkly bellies Facebook page and remember to sign up for the sparkly belly newsletter to get updates and free access to special patterns and resources only available to use letter subscribers thanks for watching and keep sparkling

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  1. this was hard to follow as you don't mention where the selveges are when you fold, & film from different angles from one cut to the next. Its very hard to see. Took me 3 times watching before i knew what you were doing. Thats a very pretty fabric though.

  2. Great video. I'm confused on the buttonhole though, Is it on the front of the kaftan how for you put the belt on? if this makes since.

  3. In case someone is wondering, Caftans are traditional ceremonial outfits from Morocco, for special occasions such as marriages and such. Check it out on youtube using the keyword "Caftan" and you will be amazed how sophisticated and chic they can be.

  4. Gorgeous and simple, thank you! Can't wait to try it 🙂
    What would be the heaviest fabric you would recommend to try this with?

  5. It' a very old pattern, but I like it. I made last a blouson, it is made in a form like that but shorter.
    Super. A very useful idea.

  6. @sparkly belly you seem like such a nice person and your designs are really pretty. you explain clearly without over complicating. thank you for all the great ideas. 👗👚😀

  7. Omg, I love kaftans, if could I would buy a whole bunch of them for every season and where them everyday.. It's beautiful and still SO modest..Do you have a website where you sell these?? Please lmk ASAP

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