Easy Dyeing Process Basic Information // Textile Wet Processing Sector

Easy Dyeing Process Basic Information // Textile Wet Processing Sector

Wet process technology is one of the most important sector in textile industry . Cloth need color for being colorful,Like color makes life colorful. The main work in this sector is coloring . and how we can make the fabric more colorful This process is start with Grey Fabric Grey Fabric is that fabric which comes from fabric making machine without using any chemical. We can do yarn dyeing as like fabric dyeing. After that it comes for inspection and stitching The process of removing loose hairy fibers from cloth surface is called singeing. The process is carried out by passing through the cloth over the burner. For hairy fibers output of dyeing and printing dose not come good. Singeing need for only woven fabrics. Desizing is the process of removing size material from the warp yarns in woven fabrics. size material can be oils,waxes,glue. This kind of size materials must need to remove for giving the fabric hydrophilic nature. Without hydrophilic nature in fabric dyes can’t take place in fabric equally. Desizing need only for woven fabric. No need for knit fabric. After that scouring comes. Which need for both knit and woven fabric. Scouring means washing fabric. Removing dirt from fabric. After that bleaching. Bleaching means de-colorization. The processes which is said by me is call Pre-treatment. Before dyeing this treatments are used. After that our main work dyeing come. Afther bleaching we can do printing without dyeing if our buyer accept this. After dyeing printing is possible. Mercerization is a process for cotton fiber. Which increase cotton fiber’s lusture,strength,hydrophilic nature. After final inspection fabric is ready. We work for buyer.So we will do that what he/she wants. Comment if you like this video. We will come with new updates about textile.

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