Easy Halloween Costume – Fawn Makeup Tutorial

Easy Halloween Costume – Fawn Makeup Tutorial

Hey guys, its me Whippy Cake, or is it? I
am decked out in full freckled fawn make up as you can see. Some of you may have seen
my daughter London’s Halloween costume on my Instagram or my blog and lots and lots
and lots of you have requested me to show you how I did her make up. So I thought it
would be way easier to show this make up on myself than make London sit through the full
tutorial. So I hope that’s okay but either way you’re going to get a list of all the
products I use and the steps I took to get this full fawn make up look. So stick with
me, it’s going to be really fun, and by the end, you’ll be able to do this yourself. So
let’s get started. Traditionally, I like to start out using lighter colors first, so I’m
going to paint on a little bit of a mask with a blush brush and pink blush from smashbox.
So I’m just lightly dusting that along my cheeks, and the bridge of my nose, just to
give it a little bit of a pink color. And I’m doing a pink blush just like I did on
London’s, but you can do whatever colors you want. If you do like a teal or something,
you could easily do a minty pastel on your checks as well. I’m gong to carry that all
the way up into my hight cheekbones. And this just gives it a nice, fun cartoon character
look to it, and it really ties in the colors of the headpiece and the fur vest that she
had. Okie dokie, cheeks are done so I’m going to move onto my next step, which is, kind
of like a highlighting effect. So I’m using just a cover stick from, I think it’s cover
girl, it’s just the white correcting one. So I’m going to lightly, very very light,
apply under the eyes. I’m going to carry that up along the inside of the bridge of my nose
and my eye. And already you can see my eyes are looking bigger. So I’m just dabbing this
on my lip right now to create the lip of my fawn. And then finally, I’m going to highlight
right underneath my eyebrows to create that very wide-open dough-eyed look. Okay now I’m
going to take a blending brush, and blend all of that out. Alright, so my highlighting
is all done, and you can already see the fawn character coming to life. Now I’m going to
take a white eyeliner and I’m just using NYX, the color is the waterproof hydro fudge, and
I’m just using the color blanch. It is very matte white and the pigment is really strong,
so you’re going to need that for this effect. Using the white eyeliner, I’m going to highlight
right underneath my eyes and create a downward angle with the eyeliner. And then I’m just
going to repeat that on my other eye. Okay so now I’m just going to use my finger to
lightly, very lightly blend that in, just a tiny bit. Okay so now I’m going to use the
same white eyeliner to make the freckles along my nose and my cheeks and my forehead. The
way I create those little tiny freckles is I place my eyeliner and I just hold it and
twist. And it will create a nice perfect little dot. So you’ll just repeat that, I’m going
to do a line down my nose, and then fill in the sides of my nose. Now that I have the
freckles on my nose all finished, I’m going to do the same thing on my cheeks and on my
forehead. So now my freckles are all done and my face is coming to life. And now I’m
just going to go in and add that dimension by adding the darker colors. So i’m going
to start by filling in my eyebrows. I’m using the brow whiz pencil from Anastasia. And I’m
just going to lightly fill them in, I’m not going to connect them or anything crazy like
that. And I’m not going to make them too dramatic cause I don’t want them to take away from
the rest of the make up. And then I’m just going to brush that product in, so it doesn’t
look so crazy. The next step, I’m just going to do a little bit of eyelid primer, I’m using
IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Lid Lines, and I’m just going to apply that to both of my eyelids,
let it sit for about 30 seconds, and then I will apply my shadow. And then I’m going
to take a pink matte eyeshadow and fill in just my lids with that pink color. Then I’m
just going to use, a lighter cream color on the top, and blend that in towards the pink.
So now I’m moving onto the hardest part, and that is lining the eye. this is just a little
bit tricky because I’m using both a pencil and a liquid eyeliner. I want to be very precise,
so I can really have that defined animal-like eye. So I’m going to start with a 3-in-1 waterproof
eyeliner from Lorac, and I’m going to tight line the inside of the water line on both
of my eyes. So tight line just means that you’re using the product in between each eyelash,
to fill in and basically define the shape of your eye, so I’m going to do the whole
top line from my corner to end, and then just the outer edge of the bottom waterline. And
now for the part where you hold your breath, the liquid liner part. I’m using my all-time
favorite liquid liner, and that’s front of the line pro from Lorac. I’m just using it
in black, and you’re going to line your eyelid right on the line, just follow the shape of
your eye, and then I’m going to fill in the corner by just following along that white
marking that I made in the beginning, and that is like a downward point, like it would
be on a deer. So the eyeliner starts at an angle, and goes really round at the inside
of the eye, and comes to a very short point on the side, and this gives the appearance
that the eye is really wide open and really really big. So then, I’m just going to repeat
that on the other side. Phew, that wasn’t so hard was it? Okay maybe it was just a little
bit hard. So the next part, using the same exact eyeliner, you’re going to make your
mouth, and your nose. So I’m going to trace the inside, just the tip of my nose, along
my nostrils, and then I’m going to create a really fine line down my lips and color
in my lip as well with the eyeliner. And then, I’m just going to fill in the top of my lip,
just like a lipstick. And wala! You may need to take some time to get your nose and your
lipline and everything perfectly straight, because black is not forgiving at all. And
I used the liquid liner on my nose and my lip because it is waterproof and it’s going
to stay, and because I’m going to put lipstick on my bottom lip, and I don’t want that to
blend together. I know you can get black lipstick or even black face paint, and it would work
perfectly, but the liquid liner is going to set and stay dry, and I didn’t want the black
lipstick blending or smearing with the pink lipstick and creating a purple/pinkish/blackish
mess. So that’s why I did the eyeliner on my lip, I know it’s a painful waist of liner,
but for a look like this, I think it’s worth it. For the final step, I’m going to do my
mascara and a little bit of pink on the bottom lip, to kind of tie in all of the pink and
peach colors for the fawn and the headpiece. For my mascara, I’m using front of the line
pro from Lorac, of course, I don’t know why I’m just obsessed with all of their products,
and I’m just going to apply it like I would any other day and starting at the base of
my lashes and rocking upwards. And then you can do the outer lashes of your eyes as well,
just to widen those up and add a little bit more definition to the outsides of your eyes.
Okay and now for the lipstick, I’m using this matte lipstick from NYX and the color I’m
using is Hippie Chick. Boom. So that is my fawn makeup. And now I’m just going to add
the costume pieces, the finishing touches, which is, the cute little ears. And you can
add a fur vest, if you’re wearing it for you, and maybe some fur gloves like I have hear.
Woo. So this is what the final look looks lie. If you want to see more information on
how to make this headpiece or the other pieces in London’s costume, you can go to my blog
at whippycake.com or to see more pictures of London in her costume, you can also see
those there as well. As always, thank you so much for watching this video, it was so
fun to make. I hope you come back soon. Don’t forget to subscribe to see more of my videos
in the future and happy Halloween!

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  1. Love it, so sad that we don't celebrate Halloween here in the Netherlands. Ooh and by the inspired by you I had a Pixie-Cut last week, yeah.

  2. Such a cute look, halloween is becoming more popular here in the uk but can i ask why alot of american halloween make up tutorials are for disney characters and cutesy things. It used to be about the scare factor and gore 🙂 x

  3. I LOVE! I might try this to wear to work on Friday. It is so pretty and feminine yet simply to do. I must find the components of the headpiece too! Michael s, here I come. Thanks Becki and have a fun Halloween with the kids! They all look adorable!

  4. woah this is so perfect! I'm doing this tomorrow for school but I just can't get the white dots right, they are all splodgey .n.

  5. +TerrynSmith Hi! thanks for watching! I actually got to make this flower head band with the ears! I have a tutorial on it! Here is the link–> http://whippycake.com/2014/10/diy-fawn-costume/ Happy crafting!

  6. Do you think I could use this makeup for a cosplay of a guy? I'll probably be cosplaying faun!John from homestuck but I'm not sure if it's suitable for him.

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