*EASY* Shirt Tutorial | ROBLOX 2017 (VOICED)

*EASY* Shirt Tutorial | ROBLOX 2017 (VOICED)

hey guys today I'll be showing you how to make it close up on the lush and I'm very very easy way after this method you guys will all be the next customer block that look good on can't even get sales if you decide to sell it let's get right into it the only program you will need finish it keep Garnett I guess I misread the man getting it I will have the link in description so all you need to do we have click on it open pure template and we have to measure back to fold the tour so it can be large squares or transparent catalysis has paragraph a handy white and gray squares in them and will contain trans pan settings link up roller to roll box you'll be able to appear to skim through whatever target has those blanks for instance let me go here and select an M&P so now if you would upload that you can see it here for 16 years and you can see it here that will become a black so that's what the transparency means so now that we got that of the way all you need to do is spit on to another browser use those two um Juliet gold at school or another and one search up texture you want a picture try to put on t-shirt to make it look good so let's just go with on as you don't spray sure it's filled with met those tender with nice today they show the text touch there pretty well so let's see let's finals a nice tension is your are looking to make like a wrinkly shirt that has a nice gesture for one but and also this one but we are not doing that today this one shows it a nice texture to the honest product Ingham me to see if it can start for what we're doing let's try to find something lighter like this hmm this one over the place tonight copy image then you go contains and then make a new layer with this right here and you see a little square with a green plus sign that's right add in your layer you cricket and then you can click peace or control V on your keyboard which I do and this pops up asking you to expand canvas course we can decide oh if you can't it's a great expanse wonders then that happens and you look at small educators bunch of why you might a template and roll box one way to upload it since it's not beside returned places so let me get 35 it answers a lot more work so I do that and I'm gonna go to paste it we click speak and besides since now the cancer cells inside our just we find the shirt which is nobody okay now recite it to the other side you want to come mmm let's go to respect that side it's pretty good now what you want to do you if you watch here you can use this the magic wand and click right outside of the shirt just to get rid of all the way so you can see when you're doing better and once you started eyes quick type and then I can put it on and now he's you're in a bit and you don't want to get 54 by 128 of fabric sewn 854 pixels wide and 128 was long aka the width of one of total prime plus or half of the front of the torso and I can get guys there that's perfect organized to do is just copy paste and split size and it makes life a lot easier rather than having to do it over and over so Leslie I'm sure to get time so we already have 54 with okay there are 128 go okay okay so now if you have them tonight and then you can't write this white rule further than I've any panties make it shorter okay some other day yeah I copy that I'm gonna hide this like if you embed it and make a new layer and put that over and as you press control V for cake by they have that you tradition that right here so it's directly on half of the tour so moving on does make that easier – I do not and I'll you click copy paste and give that little slip of my very quick back and you drag that over and now if there are your sister on it sorry artists come assert picture now we'll do the same thing again you caught the 54th I went to me but it doesn't have to be 128 though thanks – just rest here anyway to a bottom part so if I can show up and then you turn it over again and by doing this you make it symmetrical so then it doesn't look bad and you gotta make sure it's by 64 or else it may look a bit hard and defender one over at the career and normally want the glory shirt stand copy and paste I'm going to drag over there copy paste again a lot of copy and pasting fun and it four decks can do it the same thing but rather than the side you're doing the top let me jump out of the dojo now that copyright snare drum copy-paste let's drag that up there and copy it paste it and fix that rises on and then you want to feel quite together as a word will toward any character just push it up a bit and once they're together that's how it will look like once it is on a character now there you go if you were to upload your sentence the whole entire torso be just a fabric all right you don't want just a static on torso right so you have to it which can give you a sturdy base on it usually going up by around 40 or so pixels is a nice crop so here I'll just you 43 and key detection to check how much higher you're going by right here and now that we have those lifted we could view the racers or easy fresh cut cut that off and I'll laugh out there this is a surrender piece of fabric you don't need to share a single book that all semester now if you were to upload it you had respite or so much still just want to press on your how many feet so when you face so you cross choppy as much as I'd as you want on this inside the whole thing for now and then you put that down here and again we have to do the copy and pasting so scrappy 54 by 54 this and should also save our numbers are doing right down in there you copy and paste and then you move that up now you have that just like that are now move that over here and then do some more coffee in addition I need to set that one there we go now we have one sweet all right this way is what about an odd length I don't want my face to be that way so I select on my calendar move I'm gonna cross chop chop sleep – or now I press the scissors now we have success successfully made of one sleep on arm it's all these all together and form the face but we want to take the baton – well I run it I'm talking down and doing all the copying and pasting that it involved all you need to do is clip select your background okay you can play again you use a magic wand and search select a square and then you hold down control on a keyboard and you keep selecting them and enough that you have them all you go to your third layer or whatever you may have been named it and and then you copy and paste copy paste and I sweep it over again and you can make sure that it does make that mark lines or another area translated directly to the desert it will come out next up but some tourists will be blurry or some parts will be transparent we don't want sanity all right men we have the crust on and it's looking pretty good all we have to do is add a neck hole which is completely optional some people don't like the neck hole to my shirt I personally do write down depending on the outfit gonna give thank you so much half the torso which is 54 and I'm gonna race get us good summer and I'm gonna small doesn't really matter since no ones are going to be looking at the neck hole in the fááá– temblors horsemen and have the headers head and still gonna pan-fry copy in case and there you go your hand yours yeah your nipple and now let's cook up some amount very very well but if you want to you can add in some text random tasks and add in your name on it could add in anything you want if you also transfer go to back to Google and upload I'm going black my two favorite guys oh let's see if we get something interesting on and on here's first interesting and that's transparent so copy image and I bet on a new layer cake fit P can decide like Elise and I video just make it smaller and get added in other symbols the dynastar they say is optional you don't have to add it in you don't look at anything to lose already just a nice crop crop top it's going to double just as a starting to look up umm-hmm adidas logo that's not going to get it okay and it's different content there's a rush you better get that stand for the day public transparent – so first on this campaign yep this one transparent are you talking image is if there's any other ones and the first ones I don't have an update of it work okay then I'll go here and I think another the bolsters are not using it and paste it again key canvas eyes and now you just make it smaller basically big enough to fit on a shirt and then there you don't you have your own adidas crotch are unable to hit anything I know you had their own abuse crop top now I'm not eating the smiley face I'm gonna delete it and you click this either zinc Mars lay down in my bones oh I also had this wonderful physical which is also the Sheraton even anymore you can decide a favor certain keep you on pressure again but I'm going to use in the fan sometimes weekend and now you merge the layers down and my skaters and upload to roblox go to spray adidas crop top okay now let's go return right oh now some of that on tertiary chocolate and you don't know where that is you click develop and then go down to shirts and that's how you get to this page and we do I can I share here canvas is my sides of the shirt template and whatnot Sparky uploaded dinner is uploaded explained to approved so let's just turn on and go into our game presented or until game Victorian games automatic you can see the shirt let's go to this place hey girl Karen let's see okay right name and there we go we have our own adieu destructor it came out looking great Indy has their extension you can also feel free to add those you can make this in different colors you can do anything you want pretty much character like the secondary key made that sells because it's adidas what I want to do like an ID this it can I stress down at the crop top with a large nose layer added a sickness hold I suppose I say alright we got it it's not about shirt and to make many more like this with different logos you make the master shirt um on the Nike shirt anything you want and it's decent I really hope that this video did help you guys and it's a great one oh really and if you want me to actually post links to what you have made in the comment section below and I will check it out and I'll comment I see barren satisfy Berlusconi don't be that one person to make a shirt and make and sell it to City robux or someone can buy it okay anyways hope you guys enjoyed this video see you next time

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  1. I think I'm getting better at making shirts, you will probably not see this, but I'm a Pixlr designer since I'm on a mac, so it's harder, but I tried my best it's 5 Robux if you want to purchase. Link: https://www.roblox.com/catalog/3473662569/LOUIS-VUITTON-SUPREME-BLUE-CROP-TOP it's 5 Robux, hope you buy. 😀

  2. I did everything and when i uploaded it and tried it the shirt didnt ahowed up and i dont know what to do its the second time

  3. You dont need to keep the textures inbetween the lines, anything past the lines won't show up on the shirt or pants so feel free to be messy lol.

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