Ebay Amazon Cheap 3 & 5 Gallon Fabric Pots Plant Air Grow Bag Aeration Container Handles & Review.

Ebay Amazon Cheap 3 & 5 Gallon Fabric Pots Plant Air Grow Bag Aeration Container Handles & Review.

hey this is Rick and welcome back to a simple tip review on these grow bags you can pick them up from eBay or Amazon I'll put the links in the description after the video on youtube but you've probably seen these all over the place they're just regular fabric grow bags this is the 3 gallon one and I just want to show people cuz it just got here from China I only ordered a couple of them just to see how they work I do some indoor gardening projects tour in the wintertime like vegetables and some other sorted little plants and stuff for my wife and I and this is the 3 gallon stitching on it I'm not the greatest I mean it looks like maybe a little kid did it but it's not too bad it does have stitched in handles here and they are double stitched so you can pick it up like that there's the bottom of it it is round so you're not just taking one of the fabric grocery bags a lot of people are doing I mean for bucked I think this word dollar piece live they were a dollar piece and I like I said I just ordered two of them just to see how they worked out and I can give some information to other people because there wasn't any information for me just looking at a picture so they're gonna measure about eight and a half inch on the round we really checked the bottom it's measuring into hamper and all the way around it would be up in the air about when you fill it up it's about 7 and 3/4 well actually 7 inches to where the stitching is that's the 3 gallon and this one's a 5 gallon a lot of the old-time growers say to get a big 5 gallon one and put a several of your smaller plants in there and if they start to die off or whatever you can pull them out and you'll still have a good success for the ones that you're gonna grow inside this is going to measure up about almost 10 inches on the round about 10 inches so it's about a 10 by 10 pie when you go ahead and we'll fill this up and we'll really take a look at it but bear with me my phone's just leaning on something right now I don't have a tripod set up I just got these in I wanted to show them real quick so if you're familiar with my channel I make my own soil dirt this is consistent of sphagnum peat moss some perlite and organic compost I also do red wiggler worms so there's some castings in there also but you can see how nice and light and airy that is I believe that'll make a nice soil here's my upgraded grow life did I built if you didn't see that video check that video out I'll put some links to some of the videos I have let's go ahead and fill our 5-gallon now we've got some splicing and some plants we're gonna try to do I don't know if it's gonna work or not I've cut some cuttings and I'm gonna route them in here and see how it works out but because of my forgetfulness these days I decided to try to go the grow bag with a water tray underneath to keep them moist because if I forget the water room they're gonna burn up and wither up and die on me and you know when you're doing cuttings they're fragile as it is so weird look you see that that's really nice but hopefully you can see all this and it's in the frame so it does have handles just pick it up tamp it down and that's giving us a nice big pot there so I had mixed up quite a bit of this soil here and I'm not even coming up to right about here now so it's taking a good portion of my bucket there that I had filled up so these are gonna hold a lot of soil and look how nice and light and airy that is continue filling this up I filled up my book of it some more so sped this up so you don't have to sit here watching me shovel a bunch of dirt on here alright so there it is now I've only filled it up to here which is leaving about maybe 2 inches of soil not in there I want to do that just to get this established and then as the plants grow maybe I'll build it up a little bit more especially working with cuttings they may fall over it's not what I mean for a buck I had to wait three weeks from the command just to check them out we're going to the fall now so I ordered them earlier but that's standing up nice I mean it's not gonna fall over it's sitting there nice and flat so it serves its purpose now they say it'll hold up for years I don't know whether it will or not we'll run it through this season and maybe I'll report next summer to let you know whether it held up or not alright so there's the 5 down nice and solid not real heavy which is nice for somebody that can't lift a lot of stuff that's not heavy at all maybe 5 pounds if that so I've got about like almost nine inches of dirt in there left a little bit on the rim on the top while I'm watering and it did puff out to 11 inches that way turn the hands that way so it's pretty round them you can shape it out of however you want nice to have those handles like I say for a dollar come on here's the three gallon went ahead and filled that up you can see it's nice and rigid also I can probably put a little more dirt in there just measuring in at least eight and a half by about eight and a half so it's staying true to form also and I've got about six and a half inches of dirt in this one so hey that's it that's my review on these cheap fabric pots from China I think they'll work out for you I'm gonna give a recommendation that you can go ahead and try Oh me me for a dollar what can you lose depending on anyone put in your your area I don't have a large area I'm just experimenting so I'm gonna go with just what you see here hey thanks for watching please give me a thumbs up please subscribe that subscribe button should be down there in the corner go ahead and click that you'll get all the videos I have I've do a lot of DIY stuff but I have aquariums and pad tats and I do product reviews and all kinds of stuff so you never know what I'm going to throw up there take care

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  1. Try this one. Best I can do on my cellphone before I get home. Good luck & Thanks. Rick


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