20 Replies to “Eco Printed cloth and scarves”

  1. Love your results here Laura. Did you pre mordant the silk and what did you put into the steam water? Thanks for sharing

  2. Do you just to make by the leaves…does the result ECO print color same…can you tell me what do your tehnique so that many kind of color ecoprint result

  3. Your eco-printing is by far the most stunning I have seen! If I understand well, you first lay the leaves on the material, you add leaves to the cauldron and you boil the bundles into the water (which dyes the outside), then you let it rest (for how many days?) and after that you unwrap, hang it to oxydise, and then you plunge it in salted water to fix the color?

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  5. So, i've tried this but not had good results. When I go to rinse the item for the first time most of the color rinses away. Any tips?

  6. This process is completely fascinating, im just wondering what material you used for the eco printing  

  7. Beautiful!! What did you use for the leaves? Was that wood you rolled it in? One more question !!! Did you use a mordant?

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