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  1. @Gian092
    It is difficult to short explain it in several sentences. Gulag lasted till 1960 (26 years) and there was dead 1,6 mln of human. It was severe and hard condition for living with some outrageous cruelty for prisoners.
    But this was leverage for industry, development of permafrost, military defense (win in WW2), isolation of criminals from civilians. In such way was builded pyramids in Egypt.

  2. @fumahongos Unfortunately there are a lot of really talented singers from the USSR, that nobody heard of in the West….
    You guys have been told that we were the Empire of Evil… When in reality we were a nation of normal people, who had human feelings, wanted to be happy, loved their children, didn't want to die, but had to protect their country and families…
    History is a sad sad subject 🙁

  3. @SuperFrank97 cause it's a rich evil empire D:
    obviously the evil empire part is a hyperbole, what i mean is that we see the US as guilty of more deaths and capable of more damage than Russia
    also, the texas war, mexican-american war and plenty of american interventions in mexican territory do not help our historical conception of you

  4. @chandr11 Unfortunately our allies the U.S. and Britain have begun to help us in World War II, in 1944, then when the outcome of the war had been decided in our favor (that's when they helped us)
    26-million victims (Google Translator)

  5. @MrDannyGZ
    Before lol attention read the description.
    "subtitles for SINGING. ALMOST close to initial lyrics."
    You don't find here a word about abacus as I found it in the Net)).

  6. @chandr11
    Do you know if Eduard Khil was in the war? And btw can I add you as my friend? 🙂 You seem to share my interest for communism and Soviet.

  7. @chandr11
    Comrade Chandr, as it seems I can´t find the "Add Comrade"-button. Do you think you could add me? By the way, my 3d favorite song with Eduard Khil is "Moskvich". But it isn´t on YouTube. Do you think you could upload it?

  8. I'm American and I despie our modern day music. (Lady Gaga and Adele are exceptions) I wish we could hav more soothing and soulful music like this. We had some good ones back in the day, I wonder if anyone remembers those…

  9. Ofcourse Nazi-Germany had it coming to them,to be destroyed completely.But still,sorry to bring it up,the Russians were way too hard and mean,in the way they conquered Berlin.

  10. To be exact about 46 million, while Americans only invaded other lands. They did not experience the true war for the motherland.

  11. …You're seriously telling me that this man could sing beautifully…and he was famous for one silly little tune with no lyrics that the Internet used to make people laugh.

    …He deserved more from the U.S. than that. I hope that now other Americans can learn that this guy was more than just one song. RIP Mr. Khil.

  12. He was in Smolensk when it was captured by the Wermacht — he was separated from his mother and stepfather, but evenutually reunited with his mother. Rough life for a little kid.

  13. A very talented and versatile singer. that silly trololo might exposed us to his greatness. Rest in peace, sweet man.

  14. Hard and mean? Lol. Berlin suffered much less than Leningrad, Stalingrad, Moscow, Kiev, Kharkov, Smolensk and dozens of other Soviet cities, towns and villages, burnt and ransaked, with population bombed or driven to concentration camps to starve or suffer servitude to death.

  15. Yes,if you are trying to tell me the nazi's were very evil,and deserved to be stopped,i agree.
    Thats even a little bit obvious…I was only referring to the things that happened,while taking over berlin.Those who are fighting monsters,must be aware not to turn into a monster themselves.

  16. Your last line says it all. Still, soviets were way more soft to the conquered enemy than nazis were just a moment before.

  17. @Angellywings There are many wsys I could prove your statement wrong but do not wish to out of respect for Eduard Khil, and because ignorance is bliss. I have read numerous books, watched countless documentaries, watched numerous interviews, and searched the internet in research and have since then viewed the whole war in a different perspective and gained much knowledge I wish to have never obtained.

  18. Typical useless populistic comment.I say what you dont like so i must be a fucktard.The nazi's were killers???OO ty for that history lesson!,I thought they were handing out candies!Let me explain so even you will understand= Nazi=bad people! Russia smashes nazi's.Russia comes to Berlin.But Russia didnt only kill/capture every nazi.They did bad things too.Because even good guys can do bad things,in the heat of the battle.Moral of story=War can make good people bad.Dont glorify too much.

  19. en esta canción dice lo mismo que Edmondo d'Amicis cuando él escribe:"No consideres el ejército como un bello espectáculo… El día de mañana,todos estos jóvenes,llenos de vigor y salud,serán llamados a filas y podrían morir en medio de las balas y la metralla…" Totalmente antibelicista la canción. En un país que se preciaba,en su día,de hacerle la guerra a sus contendores más grandes,que fueron los EE.UU.

  20. Over the last years, Khil became one of my favorite singer.
    Just sad He passed away a year ago. I would have loved to meeet him and see him in concert.
    I have 15 albums, but still discovering 'new' songs here… Thank You!!!

  21. I'm very happy that Eduard Khil is from my country( Russia ) and many stupid people hate us! If not Eduard Khil there won't be rage comics with trololo

  22. До слёз… Сразу дедушек вспомнил… Прекрасная песня!!!

  23. I dreamt about him a few days ago. He was going out of some building using the emergency exit, and as he walked on the streer he was being interviewed. He was happily joking about his fights with his computer, because modern technology was too complicated. What was most amazing, he always talked in rhymes!

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  25. Mom has been waiting for four years in Russian sounds like She did it under my piscina (piscina is pool in Spanish)

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