Eid Dress Shopping( PART- 2)/ അറബ് സ്റ്റൈൽ ലേഡീസ് ഡ്രസ്സ് വാങ്ങിക്കാം / Ladies & kids Outfits

Eid Dress Shopping( PART- 2)/ അറബ് സ്റ്റൈൽ ലേഡീസ് ഡ്രസ്സ് വാങ്ങിക്കാം / Ladies & kids Outfits

I just kitchen like a locum swagatam another video and sharing am born and the lady she named kids she named dress in the collection sana hormonally a sharpener tiddalick elections in day a Poornima comida liquor called eikenella Moomba each channel is the very subscribe ether and angle on the subscribe eeeh I'm gonna count that red subscribe button on the procedure and the decoder quit new ballet kinda coriander other than the press a opinion videos upload any money or notification where him up or our video soon ok miss Amelia banana Denton or Kereama Wright a your video course a lengthy Anna Neagle alarm recursive didn't have no lady see name kids seen name dressed in a collection Simon on the App Engine a random on I'll a Shopaholic elections on Apple or a TV do de carne Canada Honda because she lengthy our video up owning a car combo a tequila an efficiency kid no up in America audience a fear Minaj Manila dressed in a collections and they cannot come if it a course a stylish title and wrestle on a code they live another a lady Cinderella me kids in the LM course a stylish I fled to sell on AP name it I could offer in the poem I – all Alana hijab Sanna Nilesh all Alana and Keith oh no no none – all are on and then I'll close Anna when they long top on a 59 their I'm Sarah Lou Jana Assad on a long top of it on the wine Cara Corsa D gamma e towards it I'll never sheep offer end up 25 to 50 percent offer in Dover DE upon Donna corporal at the rate honor Edom a poem 19 durham sarna i the volta pants in okay 19th am sana 1839 durham San Antonio on the K offer a no Roberto collections and Interpol Technicolor sender Binet economy here in England tchodson there no top smart red low pants on new console alone the Pannonian course a pants in the collection single dedicated a lucite lap and standard I'd send Jean the pants in the Nevada pants in the banana Gosselaar Commission Tyler collections of careened out at Janna PA don't know it at the bar iron Inlet I'm willin Amica up in a skirt to learn David every border when a white a top when combined karate stupid to none length under they should lengthen the sleeveless honest lesser-known namaka struggling leaner okay you see em and are not displayed Condit Allah out a dresser and Panera I can't say display Leila address another hidden okay 59 theorem sound or no okay I took a skirt or Alana Paula model skirt or London Jana a video length University course in the cart a the colony turned about the Baltic Paula collection soon de pinna Corey a long topple I love but Shamu didn't order any katakana full sleeve in top earner burdened and alottoni and Kyla Katya work Allah tapenade we need an amateur udalryk animal nature is Erika Erika who didn't agree dammit in the inner Sun at the k-19 theorem say Lauren okay at the mall for endergonic are in the brush when the from 39 or 40 and I don't know and then at the can chat about the Paula colors under the K mu teeny tiny katakana reading love full sleeve in the top Ilana the llama creation were 15 and 16 and I do arrange Laverne and a PIN number now I'd locked it in the vault I could tag along the movie Delia either voltage mode on a stylish I'd let us align your loop rhythm in the Verizon Agatha in Arakan dinero type drisana anything down of the motor dress magnetic ink on Anna I got anomaly we are interested and arrow Winnicott see where each otherand I am in order heath ripple exercise allah addresses were chaotic return and another they added course occasion thought I'd let her go down button address Celica everyday could turn another nanny we needed elastic arnica Linda Arthur I'm show up some about the wood on the car at all in Turkish Kurd Laker Dumbarton the table sauna on the wall tonight and the new code across the pants I'm gonna lose sight lap and cylinder at the lake hold on I'm a car by and I got the carried on button band so model a killer tops okay another a poem day 25 to a 50% off full on own epic or appellate rate learn and another at the economical Arkham called pilato returner Cardinals even a when a car in a video liqueur aware its own sin and I'm the law a sleeveless dress in liquid in the each drug Google okay but I could turn whether the valta Tony in Lela stronger Lana in the / 14 theorems 13 theorems knock off render a same palakollu sendin a little Tony and Nana full sleeve honor by the Monday night's leave a Mottram option worker in the world s trucker you see the Madiha who the kin Jana just econ depending on Carnac event rate than they would load on 59 theorem sauna then a Latino rating a conic in a lock Arnhem average and permission Georgie turning me into a digital adopem or remodel in a Condon a couple internal internet alone engine emoticon with Attila if you take over the light to leather multi Natalia airing in katakana the volta tops telenovela Pollak variety cylinder and there's an alibi yella look under Tom full topper and the girl yeah none of you to type your type of our continent we need the voltage Keanu and I would have fun lighter we're not dressed earlier yawn Perdita at iconic in the Locarno more about editing the would've Iquitos I'm gonna be either buying greater length theater up Jana any Sargassum Qureshi or a shade the Palatinate sitting on a video post here okay I put al-karim animal either Kyle Taylor kamati Hashanah law across the collections optional on Oregon come along would a very mature we didn't see at all and latinum rate egg nation or 59 289 our range 11 under him your sky blue and combined greatest epitope nullifying in done machine here are they ready colonel assuming it will occur on an elevated temperature Maryam Alavi nakaka anitadyer no pinning on a video covering up our accommodation time I hope in NK select an unerring a tea light to know Colonel nearing Attila in the coagulation or Oh 59 Rangeela where Ananda a pi/3 on a ladies in the outfit seabed a feather Bernina my kids in the collections like a pom nanny them kids india them across the speed i turn a little a talk for milan italy delighted city la never any cash dividend a reading on it another burning away and never the steppin on the idea look english m16 and range environment asian a murder ula atiim kids in a dress in a Cathedral irate an end cool the lighter maybe a gene type dress Ilana kids in delica on another September and Engle Maquoketa still common in the boy and about shared kangaroo Natalia Carnahan video caretaker in your para come early type in a very cute – no condom Samuel and catelleya when you reduce own shadow nobody poem Wendy we're not interested in local kono and Kitsch debated a second and wash it – no kita I'm okay Oh sighs I can walk and a 400-seat Allah you know Cap'n echo Tudor calendar so Lana you know they are Muslim Allah glory Wiesenthal akuto la cañada candor i can i'll offer offer in LeBaron and i'm going to sell okay no motherland gene type layer board and then la collection center and allah by allah collection sender p'nay or amana basic cases in internal law-abiding collections in harmony mañana you Robinho law the including in London where do we do I turn it on the Jetta kindergarten up random on a shop well in an amino acid and I have no you name course Schroeder a shopper little poet a we divide a car in the other moody English I get along good to be debated on the name is Eddie can I talk but and then I don't show me cam pinning on the panel on I'm gonna be doing buying ready lengths you know you're sitting and more tequila tequila be three or no ladies name kids in a mean and lockouts a collections at all Binet and Jana Oh Mel Quinlan a Thomas sick inaudible milk only Lulu Molly product owner Open title other Apple milk vanilla animal day Lulu hypermarket relic of a lady's name keeps Indian collections on in your that iconic in at all Nana put the waiter said Carla a Jamaa no Lulu open a safe here mall and esto Veronica no order suppose the worth car another boy the per a open I catch alone upon you with the appreciation we but no the current you blame course a more delighted wrestle on a coral item the Lybrand addressing on another alottoni on al Lago or even though branded saga Anglican datura Finnick or a very partners on the marked on your Avedon and addicted economy Lupo the way everybody do it kind of permission in LA or debarred way I wrote a recursive the turning you review it comes our Madison a poker Sumatra III told over border a price on them allowed a la banda course if he does Americana cannot say collections of maracanã Cano Naruto along with Akane cannula if name a long top Sakura wanna bash a mutiny de la etapa overburdened a full slew in their name up in a Mukul syndicate wrestle under course I do modern to salon Accords alone another banana Lithonia and lado then everything down along black home right the mood a little topper in a glacial monotony where I'll talk in a jean de Coster collection cinder course a stylish a track election cinder inkay a poem or addresses turning a pin out of the cynical art America macadam Arthur the psychic on another stupid okay we here to color a little addressing animal but the video at the law but I developer a Comey into increased appetite our Colorama or addressing key buying radish tomato butshe I will color it through the only yeah me neither stiletto then he might turn black model-a check go in Christopher to other Walter viral to send it alone in another Celia it didn't 1990 run sender but she run deliver enough free in data up in a corporal up when a blue will turn unlock elections and a blue outfit super bad a collection sender I'm gonna pants a cover in the model number carbide Agatha later Mitchell I mean do blue or no the long top Allah nah no money at all but long writer in the flock of all over now to type another we need the voltage struggling I chose didn't analog full sleeve de la la la la a struggle lana double exercise folder I mean it Cora colors in at all full sleeve Anna I paid 300 ladies in their outfits I knew more about Indiana we do methylate a little later in in the market he didn't outfits like a boa kit zoom on the Parthenon wanna know a little yeah course Amara does it oh look I was in Longwood at karna allowed Allah for Samara Matakana are out of luma Honda got some arthritis it along every Dame buy two get one free and at Oprah kid cindello it's indium hooray sure I could tell Dale in unlock elections under Mangala collection center in a rain in the mood thumb holder holder size in the collections of the neocon Delia I will defer the way every little 11 years jewelry a syndicate done by anger apart you healed and I I'm gonna katana show up on young carnival Iceman factory of it's a verdict Kirito all day all day is allowed word written under Annie we did it last – sherry then the tall wood in the car no it okay row soon age and then I enjoy a psycho told outfit sauna in the otherwise ARMA some are range where now outfit sauna if it came by to get one free off renetto delicate 55mm sauna our dinner would be no in the role suna kappa gotcha old Panna dinner k AG – iam 84 Rocawear Nelda under the river and on through yonder he all through the loader inaudible – like other wale never look under the waterfalls learned and I'll atone IANA eternal Iran sauna ignition color Secunda white black blue or Kenda attention girl a seconder bananamana light lockup all day – Rosario Villa pin akuto sai ree look at a load of section I'll turn and lady negative it on our section of the video nerd City LA well on the video icon allowed a lapa the wonder if they ever do normally oh well claim Lula ladies limits indium dress in the collection set now when you and then an idiotic a thorny three of low in e arthralgia carne Campo another as Manila course of factory of thread sealer collection sana a thorough street Aeterna or body shops and outer world Sara Sara shop sauna but Shehadeh and legume I in the body of a Nestea chain a dresser lie the Wonder net Alice Isen let us some available on re the couch you could tell same dress in it goes to who turned him on the look was a while ago tell sighs sue area now same dress the mahogany or ea+ sack of iron English you would have pointed the said Thamud Yahoo v-neck or a beret and nachos in there no I mean a free size Allah dressed like a but I could turn another every day I'm gonna and I love unless I still look good to Linda and I didn't I'm against a bit in the model attention unless I sell a dresser or now kochu kutarka 111 little Cove area Lowry a poll that a sinner unless I see some way but I couldn't at all a pardon is interpreted ah a baronet even a type II type is it just a display we can know and I know I'm gonna get a Linda on the volta net even a photo another video take another mine out and lock Arnhem auto shop will a design him at the shop will turn on it came into our maximum gonna privacy keep a none at all above a array malice shops in the video allowed a lot under in comedic ago in Italy up in key your video more thicket you know we would dressed in a collection sang iconic in a talk about the ball to Tanana at the shop we live in a culture with just an ordinary sign okay and I love even a dress collection supper the shop will and I will love them with your side Q I could tailor collections are caring 75 there I'm sana a purine decisively I'm havin annoy evidence now look a nun let us stir like a guitar under Nepal I will decide sana in the path but I don't abandon Daisy lapping go to occur just in a collection so give it an unlettered Bonet I didn't a good tailor collections in a year – ah pilla seventy five 275 manila 100 whether right look at Ananda McShea no matter ladies in the collections nella banging into some bungalow at Chez attachment rate and ready 250 I arranged a lack of Ananda 13250 arrange elevation under 200 in Jana I landed in Henry David iconic in the love in the understand a collections iconic you know look putting occasionally when it had to come been in the lock closed untie would a shady keep i running a lot of savannah taken the shop or another care the cornell item arab sauna with the local sauna the both the shop silica where another APPA don don an alcohol et ille address the salon Antonia canal equality in nella model sauna the canal to neon and alibi nila chthonian a little color on an EB doula carnival in Nilachal on an eviction debería course straight record Alana symbolized on emotional cloth the canal I develop law at all when a kid Cindy and there the pink whatever little son of the code the loom but other curve it's no kaboom corporal @array turned on own allah variety eight lay a model cinder and the Berea corporal Authority model cinder 75 to 100 our range laverna to sell at the patella another at the Palazzo polo other than a Veyron and a and i po e and lo a dream cholera Latoya we do look on a cream color a life action alabang and I noted it tonight through here Alabang in the back Shane de pareja de luminol irate Indiana Pina partner law dream Rachel of neon he didn't phenomena to Kenosha little function sack of a rainbow and had a car and a night like a bonus I met in angelic by the car and dividend okay the can unless implied little Solana oh boy every day we're a shop soon the pollen an alibi Miller dress surrogate in the shops in bed say leather ready to Cora who no talk a panda in English your shop Amato knock on de Luca ratio of Poland about the coke you know de Guevara on angular and the collections in there in key video to come out a lot on done had a carnie at all over till a shop will mark read aloud along pond oh no no no no Ning alarm ricochets no no honey threema detail eight and a carny Kanata and angle muda muda belacan Dingle Dingle comment box lady theory Kea a penny the positive we do serve and ironically Amanda Perry Otto England let him ricochets on Omaha I mean depending on either didn't that I thought about it comments and I know I got in a video a layup other one down I mean to Jana me Dothan it to the talk a beanie and then a either cutting into sabudana I didn't they'd look for Borat weakening Larry Pina by dividing Hannah on a know occurred on a better than either coordinate I dunno come okay I put al-karim Jana you really dirty weakened and Karen I'm gonna continue said no more Michael of you were sinner and the Buddha mu tau in dialogue I'm and I subjective food Donna I just said lap around Nana a decayed Akuma throw pepper England – I make a tongue at the videos again and Yarnell or in day out regional address for the way ever didn't could I rely but every moment key guitar another when in are not in the car Alana up or every day go to the little other but the banana Bhangra device Allah who told collections on Accord the luminol a collection center and I'm the carnivore allied – no come on alibi jnana and love them in the seven defendants an inspection Alabang need a gown on it and a little color on the sinner you a lip or scientific term someone could tell her the sinner chordal on oh Allah I am aggression my loud thump ohm 75 85 95 laka al and the mechana little sticky tulum everyday not la langue Antony Anna banana na kita boleh and Allah I let her serve it in the ladies interpretation lady's name kids in name address ticket in the shops are in and Engler Cinelli are in the ninjalah in can Amelia Irizarry no as Gmail or come in description box lemme I didn't go to come but the lake or no detail is on the Millea Nino personally are in dingle marker talk the teacher Eileen a Sharjah I'm sorry Abu Dhabi Vanda Dubai Amanda Russell came off as a rock at smart III Emirates Samadhi avid a nylon Allah shops in England or naughty cat or a pedicure poet we toda conquer England England mighty sherry and butter okay we need ladies in there tonight a buying a collection center and Colette considered Engel I wish me Pekin allah quran allah by allah collections in this book che and ameliorate and mokume boom democratic and only la dream analyst symbol Tristana and then quality little son portions of Ariana la donna symbol reasonable of 300-400 our range it will endure it ok nella bang you down but she in the Maryam you know in early you see any room a banana you see in Irka Korpela the does turn around inanimate on the concept of first against a black dress number three ana euro shop will a collections the lady's name kids indian collections from in your shop in appearing on your video demo can't see gender boy with a factory outlet yourself the one that in england body shop colander on the lush or pollen panocha Caray a shop will allow polish or plume than allah collections in the incubator to conquer yet Donna already can I talk for the negative to India condor symbol idlers asana benin Jana we're at a shop in America returned I know and then I said regular room Ali Ali shop I you know on the boiler poor thing and I either know for a condo just on the Korean okay no lo heaters in the shop honor but twice in style acute under the sternum Othello attention quadruple a hundred cylinder than the model dresser look kinda but she returning you know holiday Cora wanna now liqueur Awana for the NICUs I mean that I'm secure look and Allah by nila does Solana other wooden oh come on mocha corporal added the seller kinda been on the only weakly dominant Ursula can download and initiated give me a break around karna manly shop I don't honor you would have put the way my Alicia pecarn are in Yangon upon under my really show up accountable Justin together in her look a porno kappa an unlockable a the dresser London Allah and Allah rate nobody Romick affordable I tolerated the Solana well the only understand the me do it then hello opening along the one letter and canden oka banana leggings okay attentional legging sake under in the bowl a strike the volume over quarter Condor and then I could tell occur good held a collection sunny record LOH another 91 say kilo you to t-shirt inner core belladonna Lithonia cotton Anna but in 11 Anoka in a poly we eat when I'm better than her like every bad and then every body we don't notice it in la Binet I'm good till calendars around and say Rhema calculate them when a Petraeus entire Lockett another seller Kenda I put in the day and I'm gonna be you do a lot Commissioner Jarry keno or mod lady's name kids named collections of carnosine and none and devi she was a bomb and item even a K on the poison oak upper triangular polka and if they enter feedback sorry key monitoring Lapua to the second wine sitting acacia tightening lava can re get another a common box lady arica okay I put him in the both the videos when England England a metal like common box lady are you kidding and then lad named solutions in empathy she commander ok bye thank you

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  1. Hi ladies…
    ഇതുപോലെ ഉള്ള ലേഡീസ് ന്റെയും കിഡ്സ് ന്റെയും ഡ്രസ്സ് കളക്ഷൻ ബാക്കി ഉള്ള emirates ( sharjah, Dubai, Abudhabi, Fujairah, Ras al khaima) ഇൽ നല്ലതു ഉള്ള ഷോപ് ന്റെ details ഈ പോസ്റ്റ് നു താഴെ ഒന്ന് കമന്റ് ഇടണേ….എല്ലാർക്കും വേണ്ടിയാ ട്ടോ…അറിയുന്നവർ ഒന്ന് ഹെല്പ് ചെയ്യണേ…🙏

  2. Aysha Ee video kandu njan aa shopil poyirunnu. Kannu thalli athrem collection. But rate kooduthal anu. Selection nallathanu.

  3. Ajmanil musalla souq il Calicut abaya und avide nalla abaya kittum pinne dubail naifil maitha avide abaya nalla verietyaa njan sthiram avidunnaa edukkaru

  4. ഈ പെരുന്നാൾ ഡ്രെസ് ഗള്ഫിൽന്ന്
    ആക്കാം അല്ലെ


  5. Hi friends, ഞാൻ ലുലു 9ത്തിൽ പഠിക്കുന്നു എനിക്ക് ഒരു ചെറിയ channel ഉണ്ട് അതൊന്ന് കണ്ട് സപ്പോർട്ട് ചെയ്യോ 👇

  6. Super aayito. Ras al khaimah il Rak palace und. Orupad Items und. Cheep rate aan avide. Avide poyit noktto. 😍😍👍👍👍

  7. Ajmanil rate kuravin Nalla model pardhas kittumennu kettu…Ariyamenkil shop name and spotum paranj tharamo….videos kollam

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