34 Replies to “Eid Outfit Ideas | What to Wear for Eid 2019”

  1. you are so beautiful , my name is leena and i'm palestinian and i'm so proud of you ! can you please make a video how you edit your pics😊

  2. Wow..all the oufits are beautiful and elegant but I loooove the second one..its my favourite and the colour is stunning 💕😍

  3. Amanda the jumpsuits/dresses looked so pretty and cute on you and I love your videos and this video helped me find an Eid suit love u Amanda

  4. PLS PLS do more outfit videos! I loved every single piece esp the last one (cuz i prefer pants haha) ❤️

  5. Amanda, I'm sorry to be a pain but I'm wondering where you got the grey knit cardigan from that was in your previous vlog. Thanks so much x

  6. when you say Eid is that the whole season of Ramadan? Or is that it's on thing after Ramadan??? Enlighten me.

  7. You can rock any clothing piece Mashallah! I love how modest and simple this outfits are! I couldn’t stop looking at your beautiful face it’s mesmerizing! Thank you for sharing your ideas with us!

  8. I love how you show people that modesty isn't boring and that you can still be elegant, classy and sexy without exposing a lot of cleavage!! Kisses and hugs from a Finnish/Tunisian follower ❤️

  9. So beautiful mashallah .. I like your taste… and I like your ps that you give to the girls who following you

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