Electronic Drum Machine Shirt from ThinkGeek

Electronic Drum Machine Shirt from ThinkGeek

I got a new drum set I'm testing it out so we're talking about hip hop beats and hip hop the emphasis is on the two and four beat so whereas in rock music the techno music is usually on the one two three four one two three four hip hop it's on the one two three four one two three four only getting better rap all right it's a break beat on my shirt what we're going to the future

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  1. As a drummer myself, I feel insulted! I can take my drum kit anywhere I go without a shirt with a drum machine on it. Wait… YES!

  2. Does the output on the amp do ANYTHING?! Or is mine just defective, be cause I want to use headphones so I can use it at night in my house without disturbing anyone.

  3. Awesome concept!! I wonder if you could get different shirts for different sounds/instruments so you could get 3/4 people together and have a mini-band going on! Plug in some rolling amps!

    He kind of looks like Tom Brady, but has more talent. 🙂

  4. @killingspree thats coming from someone who uploaded Johnny boy "you are the generation that bought more shoes". wow. you look like a bigger loser than mc lars, who by the way, sells records and does tours around the world. wow hes such a loser. this is an advertisement for the tshirt, made by think geek.com. i think your just hating for no reason.

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