Elf On The Shelf Accessories – Blizzard’s new coat

Elf On The Shelf Accessories – Blizzard’s new coat

If you saw my lastest video, You will see that my elf on the shelf called Blizzard, Has asked me to make him a coat or a jacket Because he got caught in a snow storm last night So i’ve decided to make one He did give me this drawing of how to do it, but obviously that’s way too small for my elf. So i’ve made one up myself. If you want this, and you want to make your own jacket for your elf on the shelf, I will put a link in the description so you can download it and just print it out. Then what I did was cut out all of the shapes Find some felt. So here I’ve got white and green Then I just cut the shapes that’s on here (but obviously bigger) onto the felt. So we have two sleeves This is the back of his coat or jacket, this is the front He has a collar And i’ve just done some green trim to go on the bottom of his arms. And then you’re going to also need some white cotton And some green (or whatever colour you decide to use) Obviously you do need scissors to cut everything out And we’ve got some pins So the first thing i’m going to do is i’m going to sew this green trim onto the bottom of his arms And then i’m going to sew these together at the back Which i’ll show you as I get to it Now that the sleeves are finished, well the bottom section of them We’re going to move onto the body Of the jacket So as you can see here, this kind of what it will look like So this will be the front and then obviously he can open his jacket. Put his arms in and off he goes. So we’ll move the front out of the way first because we’re going to work with these back sections first So we need to attach these together And just to give you an idea of how it will look from the back Baring in mind, he will also have the arms Is it’s going to look something like that So that will be his collar which will go all around the front. Now we obviously don’t want the gap here so we’re going to attach these together But what we’re actually going to do to make it look neat, Is we’re going to pop them back to back And then we’re going to stitch all along here This has been made bigger than what we need so we have about a cm to play with down this side. So i’m going to take my cotton and my needle And i’m going to start stitching along this edge Just make sure that you line it up properly first. And we’ll just do a quick knot at the start to make sure it doesn’t fall apart as he goes out and wears his jacket Then just go up Down Up Down And you’re going to continue that all the way until you get to this edge I’ve now sewn all the way up here so i’ll just open it to show you how it’s going to look. It’ll be something like that. But we’re actually going to trim this off aswell But for now that’s how it’ll look. So it’s quite neat The next step that we’re going to do is we need to attach the body To this section So we’ve got, here’s the back and these are the front But to make it neat again, We’re going to do the same here on these sections So this will be meeting with that That’s how you’ll see it in the end Which means you need to turn it back over And stitch along here and then we’ll do the same on this side, to attach that to that. Once the body of your jacket looks something like this You’re ready to move on to the next step So as you can see this will be the outside of your jacket Which will close like That And all that mess is on the inside which we will get rid of before we give it to our elves. so once you’re at this stage, you’re going to go back To your elf arms And this is the outside so again to keep everything neat, you’re going to stitch it the wrong way around. So this is the inside And you’re going to take your needle and cotton And you’re going to stitch all the way down the arm On both arms Once that’s done we’ll come back and i’ll show you The next stage so here we have, the sleeves are finished And we’ve got the jacket Once you’ve stitched your sleeves Just push your finger in and turn them the right way around So that this edge is showing on the outside And we have the jacket with the side that’s going to be facing the outside, up So you want to get the egde of your sleeve which has got the seam down And match it with this seam here So we’re just going to pop that corner in there Then close your jacket so that the inside of your jacket is now showing like that Then what you want to do is just wiggle your arm Until you can touch it on the bottom here And also on the top And what we’re going to do is to stitch all the way up, around and back Don’t stitch through all these layers cos your elf wont get his arm in Cos that’s the arm hole So we’re going to stitch around, attach these two sections here together, and back around that side Then we’re going to do the same with this arm Which will be taking this seam, matching it with the bottom seam here Close the jacket so that the inside is now on display Then we’re going to stitch all the way around Careful not to stitch through because again, we don’t want to get his arm caught in his sleeve Once we’ve done that, we’ll come back and i’ll show you the last step Which is adding the collar As you can see the jacket now has sleeves so all we need to do (apart from trim these sections back) Is to add the collar. Now we want this to be central So what we’re going to do is pop this over and this line across the back We’re going to match up with the middle of this So if you just do that and pinch it in the center Then you can meet the center of the back of the jacket here And we’re going to stitch with our green cotton From the middle here, all the way around to to the front And then the same the other side. The reason we’re doing that is because the jacket is going to overlap in the front slightly And the collar won’t reach all the way around So we want to at least make it central And i’ll be back to show you once that’s done And now our collar is on our jacket So all that’s left to do is to take your scissors and we’re just going to neaten up the inside I’ve already done the middle one So to do this all you’re going to do is turn your jacket back inside out Take your scissors Be very careful with this And you’re just going to trim off the excess So we’ll just do the same on the other side Remove that And there’s your jacket Now if you wanted to you could get a button or something Or a popper Just so that your elf will be able to tie it up I’m going to leave mine as it is tonight And then hopefully, if he wants a button or something, he can let me know. So I hope you’ve enjoyed this video If you’d like me to make any other bits that you can think of, let me know and i’ll do some videos for you Other than that, I guess we’re going to leave it up to him to decide and let us know what he wants me to make. Thank you for watching, bye

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