34 Replies to “Ellen DeGeneres Really Needed a New Outfit for Stand-up”

  1. Wait what. She looks so stylish. I thought they were going to compliment on how she had made a good choice

  2. Why is his chair so close to his guests? It’s very uncomfortable looking. Maybe that’s why Ellen looks so fidgety. When he talks he’s talking in your face. He needs to move back about 2 feet or maybe go on the other side.

  3. Hey random kid scrolling down, I'm giving you a reminder just in case you forgot to let your parents sign that certain letter

  4. 99.999%: It's so weird to see Ellen being interviewed on another show.
    0.001(me): Wtf has happened to her face…it looks like she has gotten some fat shit inside there🤢

  5. I don’t see what’s so bad about her shirt…. yeah, her hair looks awful but was normal for the time. But I would love to get that kinda shirt. Looks more fashionable to me than some of the shit designers try to pull off today.

  6. Good morning America god bless you all, ❤💚💙🤝🤝🤝✍✍✍✍🌷🌷🌷❤💚🎅✍✍✍✍✍

  7. Okay but can we talk about how respectful Ellen is. She's such a great guest.❤ When people have talk show hosts on their show, the guest almost always takes over.

  8. 4:09 oh yeah that cut away makes total sense we all know who is brother is that wasn't hard to pick him out 😔

  9. It’s GOT to be nerve wracking interviewing Ellen DeGeneres. That’s like playing one on one with Kobe Bryant.

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