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  1. i think, the question i ve asked on ur most recent video would ve rather been asked here 🤓😅 hope u ll reply anyways. Thx in advance.

    Are u using any shielding cloth on urself? In Clothes, blankets etc? Are u shielding walls inside ur house or windows? With or without earthing?

  2. Just wondering, in this day and age with WiFi and mobile transmission towers, we have an unresolved question as in how those radio frequencies affect the human body long term.
    A bit like Hiroshima, no cancers in survivors until twenty years later.
    Could a cloth like this be beneficial as a faraday cage, come mosquito net on a four poster bed ?

  3. Dr. Bradley , i would like to have a discussion with you sometime if possible. My family owns a manufacturing facility specializing in making covers for robots and other things. We’ve discussed some of the same things your talking about.

  4. Dr. Bradley, I'm sure you're correct concerning the poor results of testing this cloth with operating radio receivers. I'd like to report on my results, anyway. I found that AM and FM radio reception was not blocked using up to seven layers of the cloth. Perhaps I have very good radios. Cell phone reception WAS blocked, however, with a single layer. Since I'll be using the cloth to protect an electronic rifle optic that is unpowered, I believe that some cloth will be better than none in an EMP event.

    For those curious, I was able to get continuity with a DVM up to 3 cm across both x and y axes, and through 4 folded layers of the cloth. I have no idea if that's significant.

    Good video, and fast delivery on the product. Thanks.

  5. Do you have any advice for someone trying to protect their body from microwaves in other words of Faraday cage or some kind of a protection for the whole body when sleeping at night?

  6. Will an emp affect your car/electric equipment if it is not turned on or plugged in or connected to a battery or just not running?

    Also I have a military rugged 3000va UPS it is a deployable one in a green rugged brand hard plastic 4 shelf container. 2700 watts pure sine wave inverter designed for 220/240 can be used any where in the world.
    I have 2 ?s

    1) would you know if this casing is emp proof or is the equipment emp proof?

    2) how can i turn this into a solar generator to use in a grid down situation.

    Thanks for all your hard work and info God Bless You!

  7. I found your explanations very helpful. Perhaps you can help me with a little dissonance in my understanding. It had seemed that when using some kind of emp bag, whether solid or mesh, that even the smallest gaps would significantly compromise the attenuation. A can not sealed with conductive tape, a mesh bag not tightly bound to itself, leaks at seams, etc. What I don't understand, then, is how conductive cloth, which would have all kinds of large gaps when draped, or even when wrapped around the object (compared the more minor gaps in the aforementioned cases), is described to be so effective. Along a similar vein, it would seem that the demonstrated wrapping of red-dots on rifles, etc, would be completely compromised by the antenna of the barrel conducting the energy directly into the equipment — bypassing and nullifying the sheilding. That, is really a side note for me, though. My biggest concern is understanding the effectiveness of the rf cloth and how to use it properly.

  8. Thank you! Your tests are by far the most useful on the internet, but I've got some concern about the durability of the shielding. How much energy would these conductors need to handle? Since these are not fully-enclosed like a Faraday Cage, they're relying on the ability to shunt induced current to ground, right? Couldn't the cloth, copper screen, aluminum foil, etc. just burn-through?

  9. If I wanted to make a bag to slip over the entire solar panel kit (manufacture packaging), would I: sew it on long side to make a tube, then tape the ends shut with duct tape, burrito style?

  10. Hi disasprepper,

    I've read that EMPs broadcast waves over a wide spectrum, but that most of their energy is contained within a specific range of this spectrum, depending on their types.
    For example, in the case of a HEMP, 90% of their energy is contained within the 100 kHz to 10 MHz range according to many online sources.
    So when we talk about db attenuation, does it apply to the all of the frequencies, or is it only accountable for a specific range (the FM range for example)?

    EDIT: source : https://www.google.co.jp/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=http://www.dtic.mil/dtic/tr/fulltext/u2/a554607.pdf&ved=0ahUKEwiLqaDX0InXAhUEGJQKHYXKCEwQFgg2MAM&usg=AOvVaw1sZX2QBku9_TC34Jzi4zxe

  11. Would a gun safe work as faraday cage? What about the effect of plug in for golden rod dehumidifier ?

  12. I want to buy a cover for my car but it's 68" wide and 69 " tall. I need some help sizing the cloth so I only have to buy this once. You mentioned "write me" but there is no email or other contact info. How do I get in touch with you?

  13. I have a whole house generator that i am planning on installing. It's an older generac with a steel housing. I am planning on using an outlet on the side of my house so it can be unplugged from the grid. Do you have any suggestions on protecting it from EMP or is the housing sufficient?

  14. Thank you again for the excellent video.

    There seems to be an accepted narrative in the Preparedness community that describes how life in the US would be instantly and dramatically altered in the case of an EMP attack: planes crashing, communications destroyed, martial law, life being brought back to the Stone Age, etc. I find myself approaching many of these claims with skepticism. Do disagree with many of the EMP predictions or do you think many of them are on the right track?

  15. Thanks for the video.  Would you mind sharing with us how one could build a faraday cage for a small portable generator?  Say with hardware cloth or aluminum screen?  Thanks very much.

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