[Eng Sub] Dark Blue Kiss จูบสุดท้ายเพื่อนายคนเดียว | EP.9 [1/4]

[Eng Sub] Dark Blue Kiss จูบสุดท้ายเพื่อนายคนเดียว | EP.9 [1/4]

Let’s go get something to eat. Excuse me. This is about bringing Pete down. He didn’t like me like that. That day he said “he doesn’t like girls”. Today I have you and you have me. That’s enough for me. Most Annoying Barista Award If you lose, you will still have that title You hurt one of my friends. The Greatest Barista Championship 2019 award goes to.. Mr. Sun from Blue Sky Café. No tutoring class today? It’s my day off. Your exam is coming up soon. You should be studying anyway. I will study at home. You always procrastinate Let me know when you have to pay Kao. He’s not going to tutor me anymore Why not? He’s busy. He has to stop teaching some students Find a new tutor then. I bet he doesn’t want to teach someone who plays games all the time. And about the contest, this is the only time I’m letting you do it. I don’t like this kind of thing Understood. Is your class over? Can you wish Tangmo a happy birthday? Excuse me Thank you. You said you are not waiting for the result but you haven’t put your phone down I’m not hoping to win I just want it to be over already People won’t stop asking me about it. You’ll know soon enough if you are going to be embarrassed or not. Some support would be nice guys I still don’t get why you joined the contest Hey San. Do you think I could pass for one of the About Aboyz’s guys? You’d have more chance becoming a tattooist What about me? What do you want to be? Someone extremely cute. Don’t you guys underestimate me. I’m telling you, Pete and I are in the same league I’ll let you win. How about this? If you win, Thada will treat you to a BBQ buffet. Why me? Don’t worry. He will not win. Seriously? You and Non are the best contestants It’s only you against him. Believe me Speak of the devil, here he is. What’s up Non? Hi. I can’t compare to Pete He is my idol. What a handsome and humble guy. Come sit with us. Have a seat. I’m going to buy some drinks. Do you guys want anything? Can I get a chocolate frappe? Make it two. Make it three No, thanks. What about you, Pete? Take my money. No, let me treat you I want to thank you for taking care of me at the camp. I really like you. You have such a big heart I’ll help you carry the drinks No, I’ll go. The camp is over Stop bothering our gang already or don’t say I didn’t warn you First you wanted me to stay away from Kao And now your whole gang. What did I ever do to you? I hate liars, okay? Checking the About Aboyz result? You’re excited, aren’t you? It’s none of your business How about we make a bet on who will win since you like to compete with me so much? I want nothing to do with you Are you afraid? If you lose, you go to another school Don’t ever come here again. And get out of my friends’ lives. And if I win? You don’t have to think about that. It’s not going to happen Your drinks are ready. Here. Thanks. Keep your money to buy pencils for school. I will use it to buy you this packet of tissue. You need it to wipe your tears when you lose. Look. The About Aboyz result is out. Who won? Keep the tissue. You need it to cry with your dad at home. The About Aboyz winner is here A member of our gang has just become an idol. You’re famous now. Will you stop talking to us? You’re exaggerating. What’s your name again? See? You forgot where you came from alrea Congratulations, Pete I’m just glad it’s finally over. Where’s Non? Running home to cry, I guess. It’s okay, Non. I’m always here for you. Keep shining. I need your help. Let’s go. Take your trash, June No. My friend is the winner of About Aboyz. Do you want to take a photo with my friend? Non’s last class with Tutor Kao You drank two cups? One of them was my student’s. Why didn’t you let me pick you up? I, uh, … If teaching Non makes us fight I will stop teaching him. I trust you Just don’t keep anything from me Kao. Yes? What is it, Pete? Today’s on me. Let’s go. What’s the matter with him? Excuse me. You forgot this. Son of a bitch! Pete! Don’t stop me, Kao. Why did you hurt him? What’s the meaning of this? Tell me what the hell this is. Why did he have the cup? Calm down! What’s going on between you two? What are you? What are we? We are friends Sun. How many more times will you get yourself in trouble? How many more times will you hurt yourself like this? Calm down Have you ever listened to anyone? How many times have you dragged others into your problems? When will you stop being like this? Please, Sun. Your lecture is not helping He’s hurting. Don’t you see? I know. That’s why I have to say these things. Does anyone have to get hurt or die before you stop behaving like this? You should leave. You never listen to anything I say Don’t make promises you can’t keep. Sun! Damn it, Sun. If you won’t let us explain, just leave or I will punch you. Say it. Say it. What did you promise me? Say it. Sun. You should leave. You, too Can I ask you for one thing? Promise me that you won’t start a fight with anyone again. I promise. You promised. To Non: See you on Saturday, same time. Didn’t you say you’re not teaching that brat anymore? Pack up your things. Why? Kao I trust you. Just promise me one thing. Don’t lie to me. What’s the meaning of this? When will you stop being like this? Don’t make promises you can’t keep. What exactly is your relationship with him? It doesn’t matter anymore Now I don’t even want to be friends with him

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  1. Reading the novel I imagined Sun be harsh at the hospital, but not so harsh. We finally see the violent side of him.

  2. What Sun should've asked when he saw Mork lying down on the hospital bed was:
    1.- How are you feeling baby? Are you OK? You scared me to dead (softly hugging him).
    2.- Who did this to you??
    3- Do you want me to take care of it by myself or do you want us to do it together? LOL🤣
    Well, that's what I'd ask … Hahahahaha … 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  3. 12:47 Friends? Cmon Pete, friends dont kiss, don’t sex or don’t do these things.. THIS IS HURT MY LITTLE FUJOSHI HEART OUCH,,

  4. What does Non hope to accomplish even after he breaks up Pete and Kao? I mean, does he expect Kao to come running into his arms for destroying his relationship? I just don't get how he thinks that breaking them up is going to get what he wants. The only thing he's going to do is make Kao hate him.

  5. Does anyone else feel like this is p'sun fault. If he wouldn't have told mork not to fight. Mork would have Beat all there asses . So don't get mad at mork when this is your fault

  6. Thank you for the english subs!! 👍🇲🇽
    Poor Pete and Mork!!! 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭💔💔💔💔💔💔

  7. Can y’all shut up about the subs, we have to wait for subs every week and it’s probably not gonna change so just comment on the episode.

  8. Noooooo the way Mork just sat still and took all the wrong assumptions Sun throw to his face while looking this defeated is too sad 😭 its like he is used to people judging him he doesn’t even have the urge to correct them anymore he seems too exhausted ..

  9. I had no problems with Non, but what he just did is just plane out wrong … (However kao shouldn't have lied to Pete, but still…)

  10. @7:55 He's being so nice rn…he doesn't even know..I'm literally waiting for his teeth to get knocked out at this point lol
    sees next scene: 👀😱👀 Omg pete my catch a case for murder..
    update: Im so sad.. I mean i know thes outcomes were possibilities but i was hoping it wouldnt have come to down to it in both cases..this is so difficult to watch

  11. Omg I hope Pete & kao work things out..and sun needs to stop being stubborn and listen to what happen becuz it wasn't even works fault those guys started trouble..n more did keep his promise

  12. 8:39
    Non is a real Savage!!!
    30 seconds later 9:09

  13. I’m so scared getting in this episode because of what’s on that phone, I thought in my mind about the worst thing that non could do that non gets kao drunk and somehow seduces him and non taking pictures of him and kao that would cause misunderstanding that kao slept with non! Honestly that might be the worst thing could’ve happened!! But thank god!!! It’s not that, just Kao’s lie about the tutoring, yes, I feel Pete, and about the cup thing, it’s really 😢 hurts, but at least it’s not cheating, I have faith they will get through this!
    Omg, my blood pressure rises and my heart keeps bumping so hard watching this!! But I have faith, every couple go through this, they will be 👌 ok!!
    #petekao forever!!

  14. 14:17 why didn't Rain tell his brother what happened in detail long before he came to the hospital? over the phone or by texting him? Oh well, less drama if characters behave normally I guess.

  15. Me when Pete threw kaos tumbler saying "we're friends": big oof
    Me when sun is sitting on the floor looking at the now broken trophy that mork made for him: * bawling intensifies *

  16. thank god for the person that puts the subs on these videos :’))

    if youre reading this, just wanted to say we love you very much :’)

  17. Watching the series I dnt see why Manow is in the official photos and the opening credits…her story line is weak and has no real impact and Sandee,June and Thada are much more visible and add a lot more..

  18. Yo Non has some serious problems. I guess I get his dad's good intentions for his son, but he should start concerning himself with what his son might be feeling. Non needs to get some therapy or somehing for his mental health.

  19. P'kao: "congratulations, pete."
    Lo que dice : "felicidades, pete "

    Lo que yo traduci: sos un genio te re amo pete, yo sabia que ibas a ganar, casate conmigo bombonazo 💖💖💖💖

  20. Pete: "what are we"

    In my head: please don't say boyfriend, you can't publicly out him

    Pete: "We are friends"


  21. Sorry translator, but I think the part where Pete says “We’re friends” supposed to be “We are not even friends?”
    Just checking …

  22. As much as it pains me to see them fight, I know that everything is going to be okay because of the "Our SKY" episode where they were living together and everything. So I'm not too worry about Pete & Kao, they'll get through this

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