Engagement Photo Outfits | What to Wear for Your Session

Engagement Photo Outfits | What to Wear for Your Session

– Did you just get engaged
and now you’re planning your engagement portrait session? Today, we’re gonna share
with you our top tips for finding the right outfits to wear for your engagement session. (lighthearted music) My name is Meredith Ryncarz and if this is the first time
you’ve been on this channel, make sure that you go pick subscribe so that you don’t miss out on
any more of our content, it comes out every single week. So, engagement portraits,
they are so much fun. In fact, I absolutely adore getting to know our couples on
engagement portrait time, but I know the biggest
pain point they have is what do we wear? From patterns to colors, to
the right outfit and when. So our first tip, we suggest you wear your dressy outfit first and then move to your more casual outfit, because if you bundle that beautiful, dressy outfit up into
a bag to carry around while you’re doing your
first set of pictures, it’s gonna get wrinkled and
you’re not gonna be happy with your pictures later if you do that. Now, we’re gonna go right straight into what to pick for that dressy
outfit, what do you wear? We love a classic tux. I know it sounds a little bit overboard, but guys this is your engagement pictures, this is time to get
dressed up and have fun and wear something that
you just feel amazing in. Bring out that beautiful ball gown or that sleek cocktail dress
that looks amazing on you. But as you pick these outfits out, make sure that they are
complimentary colors. Make sure that they go together well. Ladies, you don’t wanna
be wearing a navy dress and he be wearing a navy suit or tux, because it’s just the same color on color. We’ve all seen those really
great 1980’s family pictures where everybody’s wearing
exactly the same color. Don’t do that. Instead, ladies we suggest that you go with a lighter, more
lush, or pastel color. While gentleman, we
suggest a nice navy suit, black tux, or even a dark gray suit. The next thing to consider when you’re picking
out your dressy outfit, is competing patterns. We’ve all seen the Hawaii Five-0 shirts with those big, loud patters on them. We definitely don’t want that
for any of your portraits. You can, of course, do
a small, tiny polka dot on a button-down shirt with a floral tie. One pattern is smaller than the other and it’s not competing. Or you have one pattern on one person and a solid color on the other, that way you will look
amazing standing side by side for your portraits. The next thing to remember, in that beautiful dress
or that tux or suit, is that you’re gonna be
photographed fro head to toe, including your shoes and make
sure you’re wearing socks. Can’t tell you in the
very beginning stages of us being photographers, how many of our grooms would show up for their engagement
pictures have flip flops on or they would just forget
to wear their socks. So make sure that you
think about everything that you’re wearing,
including accessories. Guys, if you have an
amazing watch, bring that. Ladies, if you wanna wear
some stunning cocktail jewelry with that beautiful dress, bring that too. The next thing to remember
is that you are going to have your engagement ring
on and as a photographer, we’ll be zooming in on
that beautiful stone so go get it cleaned, make
sure that it sparkles amazingly as well as having your nails done. Guys, it’s okay for you to
go get a manicure as well. So we’ve talked all about how to pick out what to wear
for your dressy outfit, some things to consider as you’re picking colors and patterns. Now, we’re gonna move
into that casual outfit. This is an outfit that is typically more like your Sunday best. You could wear a nice pair
of really dressy jeans and a sports coat and a button down shirt. Or ladies you could wear a nice dress that you’d wear to church. We do recommend however
that you wear, ladies, a long maxi dress. It looks beautiful, it’s flowy, it provides some romantic
movement as you’re walking, just makes your legs look nice and long which every girl wants. The next thing to consider
for your casual outfit is not to wear big logos. I love a sports team logo
and being a mom of a boy, I totally get it. That’s something that unless you played for that football team, don’t bring it on the engagement session. Ladies, same thing for you. You don’t want that to be the first thing that someone sees when they
look at your portraits. Lastly, for your casual pictures, sometimes we forget accessories. So ladies, don’t forget
a nice pair of earrings or a scarf, or even layering
with a little jacket or a belt that is kind of
like a statement piece. That way it’ll take that casual outfit and elevate it just a little bit more. I hope that this has
helped you as you decide what to wear for your engagement pictures. Of course as always, if you have questions or
comments leave them below, we answer every single one. If you’d like to see
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  1. We really stress for our couples to wear a dressy and casual outfit, what did you wear to your engagement session?

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