Ep. 11 A Quick Guide To Vintage Clothing | Birdimus World

Ep. 11 A Quick Guide To Vintage Clothing | Birdimus World

hey I'm joshing Susanna and welcome to my storm racks agogo I'm located on a 14th Street between 7th and 8th avenues here in beautiful New York City Chelsea and this is my store here and what I do have rats go go and I've been doing it for 24 years and 8 months of my life in that street fashion vintage so I basically go out and get whatever people are asking for for instance couple years ago someone asked before a windbreaker from the late 80s Early 90s and once I get one or two or three or four requests with things like that and like Baja then I know whether it's a republic or those that live in the city at least the city public is looking for as far as their next amazing vintage piece to wear along with their new clothing come back this way we have plenty of whose boots I've been doing the whole ride the thing that's really interesting about vintage clothing in it you wonder what vintage is basically vintage clothing is anything for 20 years until 75 years old anything before 20 years day one to 20 is called Swift 20 years 75 years it's vintage anything over 75 years is going to be antique clothing I do have a few antique pieces in my store they're from World War two at the beginning at the end of the advent of World War two so those are going to be antique anything over 75 years old okay if you're wondering how to date something like you're sitting there saying okay let's look at a Levi jacket I want one from the 80s I want one from the 70s how you gonna tell the difference between the two well one key is right here I'm gonna pull out his jacket right here this is from the 70s how do I know this is from the 70s well first of all it has a small leather tag inside of it those are from the 70s another thing that gives it away well it's the structure of the jacket it's a form-fitting it's also from the late 70s as it has the pockets on the side if this were from the early 70s it wouldn't have the pockets the pockets came in in the late 70s so here's a fine example of a later 70s jacket I'm going to show you now I think is it different from this so you would sit there think now I want a jacket from the 80s I want that bigger look well when you look at the back you can look at these and half and lower shoulders so here is that's a size forty because of the size forty you look at the difference between these two this has shoulders that have fitted this way this one look at the difference this has much wider shoulders out it's much wider through this way that's gonna be more tapered down here so that you're getting that tapered bigger upper body put a big sweater underneath that is for girls big-time London as far as I'm concerned is the forefront of vintage fashion I had a girl in the store last week from London she had on the quiz central jean jacket Levi's from the 80s and she said that every single girl on Brick Lane every single girl walking there has that jacket on they're all wearing the same exact oversized Levi's jeans yeah remember London if you ever want to know where Lee what's going on keep an eye on London because the girls they are really on it and the guys when it comes to vintage fashion over here yeah yeah this was called over died over died why over died because black is back you guys twenty years ago black was everywhere I was in the business here right I told him in the business for 24 years 8 months down boy was I challenged with colorful colorful colorful colorful colorful colorful vintage clothing so I took anything and everything they could over dye black and made it black this is a fine example of an over dyed black jacket black is back you guys remember rags ago go for all your colorful and or black vintage needs I'll have it for me so one thing you want to know about vintage is that vintage fashion is the forefront of fashion vintage fashion dictates fashion in general new fashion that is every single designer out there is very well aware that vintage fashion is the forefront it's the it's the people that are on the edge of fashion they come to places like this to find the things that they want to complete their wardrobe that they can't find new once enough people are wearing it then those that make new things stop seeing this and then they start copying it it's a copy you guys and those that are individuals that are really into fashion will always have a vintage piece within their wardrobe because it's an individual piece as well they're not dressed like everybody else even though they are part of the scene if you want to fit in if you like to fit in but you want to be your own person come to wear to go go find something here we're a crowd walk out there and everyone's going to think you're super cool and that's all there is to it because you are

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  1. well i think if ¨she ¨would wear the apparel of her store? maybe she don´t have to make publicity of her store,just with her carisma the store would be famous,i would love to shop there,but what you see is what you get!!!!!!

  2. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU…you just said what I have been thinking and kind of saying but just couldn't, quite articulate in years! all these so called TRENDS are all COPIED from our great fashionistas well before our time. luv yoU sis…be visiting you soon. BRAVO

  3. Your freaking great. You make me want to work harder on my Store….Wish you where near me to get advise

  4. Just came upon your site. Perhaps you can help. Bought a Women’s Jean Jacket. Designer first name is Florence, can’t make out second name. Supposedly she is known for her style of having a scarf sewn into the back of the jacket. Thanks again,

  5. This lady is magnificent. She knows her market, her customer's desires but most importantly she knows her fashion history and product knowledge. I could listen to her all day and she should make a series of videos on vintage fashion sharing her wonderful knowledge. If I ever get to N.Y. the first place I'll go is this amazing shop. Well done!

  6. She’s so cool!!! I can’t wait to go to New York and visit her store.
    Also now I know I have an early 70s jacket 😵

  7. Holy shit I've been here about 3 months ago and this woman was so nice to me and my gf but she was at a rough place with paying off medical bills and rent which was giving her horrible anxiety I haven't been back but i might see if she's around

  8. this woman is very passionate doing what shes doing ,someday i want to just passionate as her doing what im a doing

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