EP. 3: DRESS TO UNIMPRESS – [My Giant Nerd Boyfriend, Animated!]

EP. 3: DRESS TO UNIMPRESS – [My Giant Nerd Boyfriend, Animated!]

Fishball & Boyfriend: Dress to unimpress! HA! We’re going shopping! OOOOOO~ HA HA HA HA HA HAA!! But I’m starving ;__; [Stomach Growls] What shopping do you need to do? Hrmm.. Well… [Beeping noises] [gasps] FANCY! Oooo, cute!~ Ohohoho, thigh high boots! MUST. HAVE. What did you say? WOOOOOOOOooo!! Hmmrrm… So hungry… [chomps leaf] [Chewing sounds] Hmmmm~~ [Humming merrily] [WOMP] Urrfff>:( [Frustrated grunting and screaming] GAAAHH!!! GUAH! Hmmm~ HMMRMMM>: ( Expelliarmus!! [Clears Throat] MISS Are you buying that? [Clears throat] So… hungry…. uuuuuaaahhhhhh [Slurp and licking sounds] [smacking] Hmmm~ [Maniacal Laughter] YEEESSSSS>: ) [Sigh of relief] Thank god! I’m soooo hungry. How did you do? Total… failure…. Hm. TA-DAA!!! WOOOOW!! And total success! [grunting noises] NICE FIT. [plop] [crying tears of joy] I love it :’ ) T-shirt and I are crying tears of joy… Huh? [hompf] Mmmm, ice cream tear… There’s only one thing that’s going to make this better. 🌶 SPICCY NOODLEZZ! 🌶 [squirt] [grunting and squirting] Oh, don’t you think that’s gonna be a little too spicy even fo– SHHHHH Whispers: Spicyy nooodle [slurps] uhhhhh SOOO GOOOOD mmmmm…. Are you gonna be okay? [BRBRBRBRBBRB] I’m totally fine [panting] [explosion] [grunts] Totally…. fine…. [collapse noise] Whaaaat? I can follow the My Giant Nerd Boyfriend story on WEBTOON? Read My Giant Nerd Boyfriend on WEBTOON now. What are you waiting for?

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  1. This actually happened except not at a mall and it was One Piece shirt instead of a pikachu shirt… and it was too small for me to wear… 😭

  2. I like it. of course the comic is better, but this is funny and plays along with some of the comic strips. I'm going to support the artist in everyway i can.

  3. I swear this comic had her try on a skirt that looked like a giant lampshade on her lol. Unless I'm remembering and different comic altogether

  4. Gotta admit, the voice actors dont match the tone of the webtoon at all, and kinda ruins this whole series for me. Animation is perfect though, and the jokes would hit hard if the voice actors werent so.. over dramatic

  5. I wish I could follow the story on webtoon but my phone hates webtoon got some reason and won’t let me download it!

  6. How do you blastoise someone flexing hard with a pikachu shirt? Water cups are super effective…

    Just because I grabbed a venti water cup doesn’t mean I wasn’t thinking about it you thirsty as-

  7. Nerd bf: so hungry…. proceeds to eat a leaf
    Me: Leaves are gross though. I've tried one from a t r e e

  8. The voice for Boyfriend sounds similar to Ronaldo from Steven Universe (Zach Steel). Wish I knew who it was!

  9. I relate to this webtoon so much, I'm really short (5"1 to be exact) and my boyfriend is 6"1 and is the biggest nerd I know

  10. I’ve found out that I have a soft spot for slice of life stories mixed with romcom
    Wtf is wrong with me

  11. I loved this thanks. Your younger self may think its lame but I always wait for your webtoon to come out. I love reading about what happens next.

  12. I’m late to the party, and someone else may have said this, because really I can’t be the only one who thought of Sokka. But not normal AtlAb Sokka, but the Sokka as portrayed by the Ember Island Players. I kind of love it. :/ 🤷🏻‍♀️

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