Erdem X H&M Event, Huge f/w Coat Haul, New Spider Nails in Korea | DTV #55

Erdem X H&M Event, Huge f/w Coat Haul, New Spider Nails in Korea | DTV #55

there’s so many pretty girls right here I feel a potato and all they’re pretty cheesy job market increased okay this [Music] so welcome to another piece of the TV vlog and right now we are on there because we’re again going to the Tropicana to get our gel nails done and since it’s October we are trying to do some kind of Halloween lean for me I’m probably that put like spiders on my nails yeah and for me I’m gonna play around with some dark colors and some sparkly Jen yeah so we’re super excited to have our just like our like third time coming in their time yarn we’re lost today we exited popped off we stopped our subway at the wrong stations drastically my god the day has come where we’re gonna free the outside get my nails guys are gone except the ring finger cause she actually got these cute your letters ready for us like a marble marble and a chocolate color and in dirt [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] by this entire art took three hours it’s night she literally dude it doesn’t know pretty she went all the way to remember forget she’s like what far away from here just to get those cue letters she also said a lot of you to tease a little bit to get your gel nails so if any other guys who are interested on do gentleman if should check your out the middle miss me ask why are we gonna come in and have a dream you’re cute can’t you see were cute so right now we just finished some kind of project with H&M before we left they gave us a kiss I just love just weather this is freaking cold sore koso dubby we’re heading to star bees right now so I’m boxing with you guys we weren’t planning to blog but then we went all box this with you guys I think we’re like done for the coachmen – yeah we have so many coats now look at all thank you so much each Anna oh my god thank you so much agent [Music] nice it’s been a long time since we do that we need from PPC levels a little spring learning by the way guys I’m baby earring that one of our cuties a bit cause I’ve seen before a meeting I walk by a female sister don’t you like the style early so much so right after we came before Singapore two cuties were based in Melbourne Australia they can’t get us because they want to send us off their products from their brand comments know the offense as an old but I’m being like it’s a fun way of saying this note when they send us your website check out my their stuff my real life in street style hoodies and it’s very easy to wear so they sent us to do and like insight it’s like what do you call this boy it’s like not a regular just sweater but inside is more soft they were so kind of to like send us all these cute stickers their name is Jesse from Jesse in general if you so much for these little dainty little accessories trust two parallel or DC or is their handwriting yeah so if you guys want a good quality t-shirts hoodies or sweaters just like the one I’m wearing be sure to check out their website and Instagram and we’ll put all the link in the below some extra ticket I really like this orange one oh this was repeatedly advised we change our seat because the guy behind us was oh my gosh a star these jackets ahead and we actually Ward as well but we kind of wanted to unbox it with you guys like a diverse whiskey the full first piece for this pink just like it wasn’t really it actually looks cuter when you wear it when you’re paired with other outfits at the H&M so do today it was really pretty again one section my yeah now it’s really pretty Alyssa doing oversee use this paper is not against a paper around your neck and I love this pretty color my turn my turn sister my turn yeah so the style is kind of similar with the one that I just showed you guys but then it’s black inside is all lined with these faux fur is really pretty okay so this was like entirely a faux fur Joey did I don’t just one kind of look to me but it wasn’t something good if we’re like dealing with this yeah it’s real warm it it has like a snap closure here so obviously we’ll need like four jackets for this hunters are definitely sharing with our mama kiss you and let’s see which one which one do you think I should give up everyone’s gonna like the pink further deeper deeper oh yeah the Safari kind of jacket with a piece for me we’ll get that time welcome mommy thank you so much I’m so famous now it was a very productive day okay so that’s it for today’s vlog and we’ll see you guys at a tempo change right now we’re Sam Saddam because today finally we’re heading to HTML atom cloud launch party event and we actually went to there our matrix to do a few days ago and walk their entire collection so if you guys have missed that make sure to click the link right over there it’s a book you know click the link goes right over there and check it out after this video obviously we already saw the collection but we’re very excited to check out the atmosphere and how they create this event and today is actually a very special day to us because this is actually our very legit first sound get invited to an atrium we actually did our hmm magazine photo shoot too if you guys have missed it also put the link right over here if you’re here I’m actually wearing like called the bottom hmm I’ll show you this later except the jacket yeah so we’re super excited to head to the hm and heard them evil okay look at your car okay you want to sneak in to decide whether drastically change so within today’s yeah so Kootenai Whitehurst are you we are you interest like the most painful thing ever yeah cuz we have to hold this camera okay guys so before we head to the H&M event we’re actually meeting one of our friends she’s also blogger in Korea her name is uni she’s got a neat work – oh she’s only she’s older so we got me her at this pace called boys mission guys right over here over here Oh where’s the entrance yeah it is it is see ya rosemon fancy fancy for the whole office hmm and do you see this detail sister made God literally stuck a tissue inside a straw Miss supported by a gum so we’re finished doing a little chitchat let union me and now we’re gonna head to the hmm we heard I heard them cause your source line apparently waiting in line with a lot of these people here are trying to the shop in Shelby to get there like hands on the urban collection and run is so long guys it’s exactly seven so I don’t think any celebrities came here yet [Music] tomorrow Peter Parker [Music] my rituals [Music] [Applause] when you approach the CC war you are really amazed at how amazing that is they really did it well yeah their game is gone so now we’re in mind because apparently they have this little section where they create a flower okay but they also do a Charlie Brown feat so we’re gonna do that right now the lights on the walls there’s so many pretty girls eyes here steal a potato nor they’re pretty piece of junk market okay okay we just asked the calligraphic to write Q is reckless repo and it’s kind of Oh [Music] the white flowers [Music] [Music] [Music] now what is this kid making bubble on my nose oh that was some event they’re looking fearless it’s probably necessary so each and every event was definitely amazing I loved how it was very spacious yeah and the theme was okay from these flowers yeah smart to have this like okay activity with this little trick calligraph and I’m so sorry to that guide we asked for a cute cute Lukas Perko she was like kind of a bullying trying to fit all the world in this little paper he really asked me this sprinkle sprinkle [Music]

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  1. It’s been a while since we uploaded a DTV vlog in Korea 😭 What would you qtees liked to see other than cafes in Korea for vlogs? Any suggestion? 🙈💖 (ps. DIY K-POP closet coming up next week✨)

  2. I've been subscribed to you guys since DIY Skater Skirt video and I gotta say it's been great watching y'all grow and change over the years. You guys just seem to get cuter and cuter and i get excited every time you upload. Thank you so much for being my inspiration over the years and congratulations on your success. Never stop being you and good luck on your future endeavors!!❤️❤️

    Kinda random but I can't send mail and I was in a good mood. lol

  3. dream is to go on a nail salon date with my sister in korea it looks like so much fun especially bc the place is soo cute!!! 💖

  4. Omg XD I almost had an heart attack because I saw Jess and Jesh. And that's me and my brothers nickname XD that's pretty cool.

  5. Ahhh legit when I go visit over there, I must visit the nail salon. The nail designs were so cute!

    And you guys aren't potatoes, you guys are so pretty! 💕💕💕💕

    P.S. totally loving the outfits you cuties wore in the H&M event!!

  6. fun video. i really liked the way you styled your long hair. it looked awesome. i enjoy both of your fashion style. i walked into an H M store recently after seeing it on your channel

  7. "tag someone who looks like this" Qwon whispering : my sis😂😂😂
    The Erdem x H&M event aesthetic is soo prettyy 😍😍😍 That DJ blended with the floral wall behind him😂
    You guys are amazing! Love yooou!❤️❤️❤️

  8. “There are so many pretty girls here.” Yup one is a blue haired unicorn and one is a blonde and pink haired unicorn. They make awesome vlogs. You should totally check them out

  9. //QQ recommending the videos but I already saw them all lol// You know, I really like it when you speak Korean! So cute 🙂

  10. This is your favourite korean twins QQ!! That never gets old😂💞 If this aint my favourite channel, i dont know what is 😧👑 yall killin' it with the nails. If youre a potato, you're an exclusive potato made by mommy QQ found only in Korea😂💞

  11. I was really sad today because my bf ditched me and i think he will dumped me but this DTV is making me feel better. i love you Q2han :'''(

  12. Aww I’m soo late..I’m still watching though 🌓. And even if you feel like a potato you’re a pretty potato qtees! 💞🍭✨ Love y’all. 🙏💕

  13. Potatoes are the most bootiful thoughhh🍟 also I got a cute burgundy flounced skirt from h&m that reminded me of y'all xD

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  15. If you guys are potatoes then what am i? 😭😭😭 you guys are sooo pretty so dont worry cause your guys slay so much 😱😇

  16. I am so proud of you guys!! I've been following you since your LA videos and I am so happy you are getting so many opportunities in Korea! Still waiting for the day you both release your own clothing line! Will definitely support for sure 😊❤️

  17. Girrls please do a q&a! I'm curious about ur age (i know ur birthdays were recently🎉🎉), height and so many other stuff!

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  20. tell your nail technician to wear a mask when she files your nails!! its really bad to breath in the fine dust (even if she has a vacuum thing, it's best to be safe especially if she does nails everyday)

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  23. can you guys make a tutorial of Qwon's hair for the h&m event? i really like it 😍😍😍😍 i never able to curl my hair that pretty.. pleaseeeee

  24. 자매끼리 이렇게 영상찍는거 넘 좋은거같아요ㅠㅠㅠ 저랑 제동생도이렇게 같이다녔으면😋😋😋😋

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