ESO Peryite Skeevemaster Costume & Winnowing Plague Decoction Memento

ESO Peryite Skeevemaster Costume & Winnowing Plague Decoction Memento

Hello everyone,
My name is Tianlein and today i show you how and where you can accquire the Peryite Skeevemaster
Costume and the Winnowing Plague Decoction Memento in Elsweyr. As always you can find timestamps in the Video
description. First we have to travel to Northern Elsweyr
to The Stitches Wayshrine. From here travel east to the Orcrest City
Public Dungeon. Here we have to find the 10 Plague-Drenched
Fabrics. Plague-Drenched Fabrics can drop from regular
enemies and bosses in the Orcrest Dungeon As always you just need to get lucky with
the drops. If you are not so patient and you have enough
gold you can also purchase the Plague-Drenched Fabrics direct at the Guild Stores. Also you can get another Collectible at the
Orcrest Dungeon. Just speak with Filbert Cienne to receive
the quest Unhealthy Preoccupation. For completing the quest An Unhealthy Preoccupation
you will be rewarded with the Winnowing Plague Decoction Memento Thanks for watching and it would be wonderful
if you subscribe, like or leave me a comment. Have a nice day and until next time.Tschüss!

17 Replies to “ESO Peryite Skeevemaster Costume & Winnowing Plague Decoction Memento”

  1. Timestamps:
    0:16 Where can you acquire the materials for the Peryite Skeevemaster Costume
    0:24 Collect Plague-Drenched Fabric in Orcrest in Elsweyr
    0:41 How does the Peryite Skeevemaster Costume look like?
    1:41 Winnowing Plague Decoction Memento

  2. hope the fabric is not too thick and you can still see a little bit of the path, or just use another hat. like the natural look of this costume. thx tianlein

  3. I dig the costume quite a bit, the memento is kind of subpar imo but that's okay I guess as it's free.

  4. Already farmed for three houers yesterday (also leveling necro with teaching armor, weapons, ambrosia and scroll) and i got 1 piece of cloth 😀

  5. I just wanted to say I appreciate your videos because they help me a lot when I need to know something

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