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  1. Took a while to find a real woman over 40 who looks real and has issues (whose complexion isn't completely perfect) and I'm Not criticizing, I'm saying it's great seeing someone whose complexion doesn't look like a porcelain doll, I'm 46 have eye bags, a couple of sun spots and some uneven skin tone, I'm glad I found someone I can relate to, and I just ordered this in Dawn so this is very helpful, thank you!

  2. Just bought myself a bottle today, 2nd bottle I'm using. Best foundation, expensive R600- but still worth every cent. 👍🦋

  3. Hi, Estée Lauder have just introduced a new foundation for mature skin called youth perfectionist youth infusing foundation, either swap to this one or just do as I do I put my double wear onto my hand and add night repair serum mix together and the effect is stunning and looks really good besides adding hydration , I use also morning aura prima underneath my foundation. The results are great regards liz.

  4. Need more info….Did you use powder after applying this foundation? If so, which powder was used and what tool for the powder application. What concealer was used with this foundation & where did u apply it? In order to throughly review the foundation you should inform the audience exactly what products you used with this foundation & which tools for application of those products. I used ELDW for many years & loved it. Now with age it just doesn’t wear as great as it did for me 15 years ago.

  5. I'm still trying to figure this one out.It dries really fast and once it dries it won't move from where it dries.so I just put a light layer and finish once place before moving to next.haven't been able to build it up without problems so have been letting first layer dry and adding a different foundation on top and that helped for me some.I got the more staying power from the Estée Lauder and the better coverage by adding something above.Hoping to figure it out completely to use by itself.I need full coverage that don't slide with super oily skin and that don't fall into wrinkles and make them stand out.

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