Estee Lauder Double Wear Original VS Double Wear Light – Mature Skin Test

Estee Lauder Double Wear Original VS Double Wear Light – Mature Skin Test

hi everybody is Gemma welcome back to pampered wolf today alongside my mom who isn't here yet but I promise you we'll be here a little bit later on we are going to be doing a review and a wear test on the brand new double wear lights and the original double where we're going to be discussing the differences and who these are suitable for so is this gonna be suitable for dry skin is this going to be suitable for mature skin is this going to be suitable for an oily skin if you are interested in finding out then please keep watching okay so let me just start by saying I wore double wear all the way through my 20s we'll probably not all the way through my twenties probably for a period of about five years and I absolutely loved it now my skin has altered dramatically since I was in my 20s obviously it's matured a lot and I used to have really really oily skin but since I went on medication for my skin and the breakouts that I was getting my skin has become a lot more normal to dry rather than the oil slick and that it used to be so I just feel the need to bring this Beauty back to see whether this actually still suits my skin and whether it will dry it out at all because I do not want another foundation that's gonna dry my skin out so we all know that last week I had a little bit of a fight with a foundation and the foundation won and completely dried out my skin I'm not gonna mention what the foundation was if you want to find out if you don't already know then it will be in my past library of videos that you can view but I just wanted to let you know that after a week of really really looking after my skin with the oils and also a couple of products from the ordinary the aah a plus BH a mask that they do and also lactic acid about three times since I had the dry patches my skin is in really good Nick so I just wanted to let you know that I am NOT doing this video having really really dry skin because I think that would be really unfair this is back to normal for me so let's do a little bit of bump on the double wear original and the brand new double wear light so this is the original Estee Lauder Double Wear and this is the brand new Estee Lauder Double Wear light this was actually discontinued and brought back as a new formula I never tried the old formula so I am just going to judge this on a standalone foundation not knowing what the old foundation used to be like so both of these are 33 pounds 50 in the UK or 42 dollars in the US and you get 30 mils worth of product now the estee lauder double wear comes in 59 shades which is excellent and the shade range is quite fast but I do find that estee lauder do not cater for anybody with a yellowy undertone to their skin which is me and I really struggled to find a match for my skin which is quite frustrating even harder in the estee lauder double wear light because this only comes in 28 shades both of these are really really long wearing up to 24 hours staying power and they are activity heat and humidity proof so if you live in a hot country these might be for you both of these are classed as transfer resistant but after five days of wear I can tell you that the original estee lauder double wear is more transfer resistant than the brand new estee lauder double wear light they say that both of these are suitable for every skin type now we've heard that before haven't we but we'll see so let's just talk about the differences now the original double wear has a natural semi matte finish whereas the double wear light has a soft matte finish the original double wear is medium to full coverage where you get a lighter coverage of light to medium coverage with the brand new double wear light now although these are both oil controlling and they do it very very well the brand new double wear light is oil free its oil controlling and it's also hydrating because it has hyaluronic acid in there now it's very very difficult for a product to be oil controlling and also hydrating at the same time so this is very very clever the original double wear is not photo friendly so it will give you flashback whereas the double wear light you will get a little flashback when you have worn this foundation it also will not clog your pores and that is a biggie for me this will not your paws so let's get some of this on my skin okay so I've already moisturized my skin using my serums if you are new to my channel I will link all the products that I use in the description box below if you are interested in seeing what those are so I'm gonna use the Double Wear lights and the Double Wear today I've bought these in exactly the same color but I have been color matched in store in fact I was color matched in start and then went back to store and got recolor match because it was far too pale for my skin be very very careful when you are picking the shade for double wear light don't just assume that it's going to be exactly the same color as the double wear this is a lot lighter than the Double Wear and I'm not quite sure why that is so you may need a completely different color in the double wear light as you actually use in the double wear just a quick tip for you make sure you get color matched so I've been wearing two foundations for the last five days it's been quite irritates him first thing in the morning having to put two different ones on but I like to be thorough so like I've been doing for the last five days I'm gonna put the double wear on this side of my face and the double wear light on this side of my face so we can compare and contrast I will also show you in natural lighting so you can make your own mind up which one you like best if you have a more mature skin my mom's also gonna try this on her skin a little bit later on she's not gonna do the full wear test because it's getting late now but she will do a little bit of a wear test and let you know her thoughts and opinions later on in the video so let's get some of this on so I have picked the shade 2 and 1 which is desert beige and I am the same shade in both even though it's slightly lighter for the double wear light I prefer that then getting the neutral rather than the warm which just looked a little bit too warm on my skin so once again I'm gonna use the 1:03 defined buffing brush from zoeva I've got two of these one for one side and one for the other just so that we don't cross over any of the foundations now over the last five days I've actually found that you have to be very very careful with how much products you apply of the original Double Wear because there's a very fine line between just enough and too much so I think the best thing is to build it up in small amounts now on foundation reviews I don't generally put foundation underneath my eye because I don't like putting too much product under the eye area I feel like the more product you put on the more Creasy it goes throughout the day but I have been trying this out every which way for five days now this is day six and this does not budge this really does lock in place so you are safe to apply it underneath the eye now haven't tried it on my mum yet so that might change for a moment your skin the mind but we will see a little bit later on I'm gonna be applying this in exactly the same way as I do myself for my mom so that's quite a nice shade much for me let's move on to the double wear light squeeze a tiny bit onto the back of my hand with the word light being in the name of this foundation you expect the consistency of this product to be more liquidy to be a little bit more fluid but it's actually a thicker consistency I find than the original double where it's quite gloopy could I use that word gloopy cuz that's it's not very nice with there's nothing wrong with that but it does feel a little bit more glue-like than the original double wear so I can tell you immediately and from experience from the last five days that the double wear light really does airbrush the skin you can see on this side well you probably can't but I will show you in natural lighting on this side of my face where I've applied the double wear light my pores look non-existent absolutely non-existent but on this side of my face you can see the pores in this area they're not really showy you can't notice them massively but on this side there are no ports to be seen okay so that's the finished look for the foundation on its own obviously you can see that the original double wear has far more coverage on than the double wear light but obviously that's supposed to happen also the double wear has dried down really really quickly really quickly I could touch my face I could probably rub my face so this is definitely going to be transfer resistant and from experience I know that it is on this side it's slightly tacky and that's the hyaluronic acid in the product if you are used to wearing hyaluronic acid on your skin you will know that it does leave your skin with that slight sticky tacky feel and I know that a lot of people that used to use the original double wear light that has been discontinued and the new formula brought out have taken offense to this sticky feeling they don't like it a lot of people really don't like it but it is gonna hydrate your skin throughout the day so I can put up with it I'm gonna do the rest of my makeup and I'll be right back okay so this is the finished look for today I am gonna show you this in natural light in just a second and my mom is also going to appear a little bit later on in the video to show you what it looks like on a more mature skin than mine just to let you make your mind up a little bit more if you do have more mature skin there are positives and negatives to both of these foundations which we will discuss a little bit later on but I've got to say there are hardly any negatives I am completely smitten with both of these foundations they are absolutely unbelievable and super super long wearing super long wearing so I'm going to show you this in natural lighting and I will check in with you a little bit later on throughout the day and let you know how I'm getting on okay so first look in natural lighting I think this is one of those foundations that just makes your skin look absolutely flawless this is the original double wear side and you can see the crease but if I pull that crease apart there is no foundation that has sunk into the crease it's just exactly where I put it so you can see here as well nothing sunk into that fine line either I don't think the fine lines on my forehead a lot more evident and this is a matte foundation so that blows me away a little bit I don't have a favorite at the moment I've really really struggled to pick a favorite throughout the five days that I've been wearing this foundation I keep changing my mind because the double wear is far more pigmented so offers a higher coverage whereas the double wear light looks a little bit more natural but still matte but a little bit more skin like matte so the jury's out at the moment on day five I really should have a favorite by now but let me show you how my mom's getting on and how this looks on my mom's skin okay so we've used exactly the same original double wear and double wear light on my mom's skin say hi mom hello she's not just a mannequin she speaks so this is this side of the original double wear and I actually thought this was the side that my mom was going to prefer but I was wrong because this is slightly too heavy for my mom's skin it has emphasized so fine lines and wrinkles just a little bit too much and just looks a bit heavy and I think it's not as skin like even though it's more coverage it actually doesn't look as nice as a visible wear light which looks a lot more natural it has enough coverage from my mom's skin it looks a lot more skin like and a lot more plumping because of the hyaluronic acid that's in it and now the only thing that I definitely wouldn't do again is we also put the double wear the double wear like underneath my mom's eye area and the concealer hasn't sat well I always say that the more mature skin you have the less product you should have be applying underneath the eye area but we thought we'd give it a go because it really did work on mine and it stayed really flawless and it hasn't creased however it's starting to really crease underneath my mom's eye area so that's a step that we won't be doing again if you fall in love with the original double wear I would definitely say don't apply it with a brush if you have more mature skin I think it will apply a little bit better with a damp Beauty Blender and we will try that out another day because I just think it's just a little bit too much coverage and just a bit too heavy on my mom's skin applying it with a brush but you really like the double wear like don't your mom I do I do yeah I'll use that again but anyway we're gonna check in with you a little bit later on my mom has the cuffs today so nobody say that she has red eyes she's just had the biggest coughing fit on the planet and almost ruined all the makeup that I've just done so see you all in a bit okay so this is the first check-in with my mom I'm not going to do a check-in at the moment because my makeup really doesn't look any different whatsoever and my mom's just about to go home now so it's been around about five hours since we first applied the product to my mom's face and the only slight bit of difference is on this side if you turn your face for him on that's it so underneath my mom's eye because we put the products underneath the eye which we don't normally do but because I did it on mine I thought I'd try it on my mom's it has gone a little bit Creasy underneath the eye so the concealer that I use did not sit well on top of the double wear and that's the double wear original but to be quite honest everything still looks exactly the same there is a slight little bit of a crease here but no product to sank in it it just looks a little bit drier on my mom's skin which it doesn't on this side so this is the double wear light it looks no different to when we first put it on it's really flattering on my mom's skin considering it's a matte foundation and I think that is really really good it's very hydrating in the lines don't look more prominent because they plumped out by the hyaluronic acid and I just think it's a really flattering foundation for my mom so you like you don't your mom I do this one especially so it feels lighter on your skin it does so I will check in with you a little bit later on after about eight hours and I will see you all Emmitt bye hi everybody welcome back to the check-in it's now been well over eight hours since I first applied both foundations to my face they've done incredibly well now usually I would do this check-in in natural light in but it's dark outside it's been a really really long day so I'm in my bedroom I've got the lights on this lighting we'll just have to do I hope that's okay because there's just nothing I can do about it but this foundation has done on both sides really really well I still have foundation on the tip of my nose and I still have foundation on my chin and my skin is not dried at all now this foundation even though it's matte does not sink into my dry patches it hardly looks any different to be quite honest a little bit of my natural oil has come through on the brand new Double Wear light but still looking identical on the original Double Wear side completely okay so let me just fill you in I was really tired yesterday and in the conclusion part of yesterday which I've completely cut out this video I missed out loads of things so we're on day seven today and I just want to fill you in on the conclusion and my thoughts about these two now just make sure that you are color matched if you are going to go for the double wear light and you've already worn the original double wear because like I said at the beginning of this video it's really really important the shades are not the same so you might be completely different in the double wear light then you are in the double wear and now it turned out that I am not completely different but it is slightly paler on my skin than the original double wear so just make sure you get color matched for that now please also remember that although I only did an eight-hour wear test in the actual review portion of this video I've been wearing this now for well this will be the seventh day that I've been wearing these two foundations and I've worn it up to 14 hours I think last Saturday I wore it for 14 hours and the end result after 14 hours was exactly the same after 8 hours I know both of these foundations perform really really well I've also done exercise in the last seven days no difference these really do stand the test of time and they are very very hard-wearing I'm slightly smitten with both of these foundations but for completely different reasons also remember that during the wear test no primer was worn on either myself or my mom's skin so you can obviously use a pore filling primer if you have large pores and that will make your pores look even more airbrush than they do when you just wear the double wear on your skin so who are these products suitable for now the original double wear is excellent on anybody who has oily skin absolutely unbelievable however if you've got really dry skin this may sink into a few dry patches if you have mature skin make sure you don't put this underneath the eyes it works on me but it did not work on my mom the product was far too thick underneath the eye area and the concealer really just didn't sit well on there it went really Creasy throughout the day and it just made my mom look older than she actually is so just make sure you don't put this underneath the eye area either of them to be quite honest because you concealer will look so much better on your under eye will look so much healthier if you don't put these underneath the eye if you've got skin like mine you can get away with that but maybe if you've got a little bit deeper lines or a lot more fine lines underneath the eye then just stay away from these underneath the eye area they are great for the skin though again with the Estee Lauder original you have to be very very careful how much product you apply to the skin because there's a very fine line between just the right amount and far too much now I again made a little bit of a mistake on my mom and didn't put this on with a damp Beauty Blender how do I put this on with a damp Beauty Blender I think we would a much nicer and more flawless look to the skin and it wouldn't have looked as heavy and I wish I could go back and do that again but I just wanted to get that in in the conclusion just to let you know that I think if you do have more mature skin and you go for the double wear original I think applying it with a damp Beauty Blender would be much much better and much more flattering on your skin I am gonna try this out on my mum with a damp Beauty Blender in the coming weeks so I will update you in the description box and how we got on with that but on the day on my mum for a mom at your skin the double wear light was a lot more forgiving you can build this up and it doesn't look cakey and it doesn't look heavy it just looks absolutely beautiful and the hyaluronic acid in there really plumped out the skin and just it was so flattering so so flattering on my mom's skin so would I wear both of these again absolutely and so would my mom in fact she is going to go out and buy the double wear light because it just looks so beautiful on her skin what would I use them for now the double wear original does block pores and I've been using this now this is the seventh day that I've used this and I use this every single day on this side of my face and I can tell a difference I think I said in the intro when I was putting the products on my face that I could feel tiny little lumps of blocked pores underneath my skin now it's not a huge issue for me they don't look awful but they are there so I definitely wouldn't use this on a daily basis and I wouldn't recommend this to anybody to use on a daily basis if you suffer with skin congestion so if you suffer with skin congestion this might not be the one for you however on this side of my face this is not pore clogging and I have no little bumps on this side of my face and I've been using this on this side for seven days absolutely zero blocked pores from using this product now they may come in future but they aren't coming yet so I highly recommend this one to anybody who suffers with skin congestion I will wear this one again however if I'm going out all day and I want my makeup to look exactly the same at the end of the day as it did at the beginning of the day and I just need that a little bit more coverage I will definitely wear this one this is slightly more drying so if you've got really dry skin I wouldn't recommend this because it will sink into those dry patches however doesn't feel drying on the skin it feels very tight but I can feel a difference when I feel each side of my face this one just feels slightly drier and this one just feels really really healthy and plump and smooth just really really hydrated and that is from the hyaluronic acid in this product this is amazing I have never ever tried a matte foundation that actually does not dry your skin out ever ever and this is fantastic so with both of these even with the hyaluronic acid in this product I didn't feel like my skin went shiny throughout the day it remained mattes and I did not set this foundation in place so if you struggle with setting your foundation in place especially if you have a more mature skin if you feel like it makes your skin go a little bit wrinkly and a little bit creepy you don't have to set these two in place however you do get the tackiness that the hyaluronic brings with the double wear light and if you don't like the tackiness that this gives the only way to stop the tackiness is to powder over the top now I can put up with the tackiness on my skin it doesn't last all day maybe about five hours and then it disappears but I can put up with that but maybe you can't and the only way of stopping that is by adding powder but I didn't think with either of these even after exercise and my face wasn't shiny it was still matte it was a natural matte and in some places I had a little bit of a glow but it definitely wasn't shiny or oily throughout the day at the end of the day with both of these products I still had foundation on the tip of my nose and the tip of my chin which never happens with me ever these are my problem oily areas and I still had foundation on those areas at the end of the day even after 14-hour wear so these have definitely delivered on the long wearing capabilities of both of these foundations and I was seriously seriously impressed with both so if you have oily skin I would definitely recommend the double wear original I'm not sure if the double wear light with the hyaluronic acid that's in there will make you slightly oily it didn't me even on my oily areas so I would definitely get a sample from Estee Lauder and give it a go because you might find that this is even better for you than the double wear original but I can't answer that question for you because I don't have supremely oily skin all I know is that a lot of people with oily skin this one is their favorite and I haven't really seen very many reviews from people with oily skin on the double wear light so go out get a sample give it a go and see what you think I am having one of those moments where I think actually I have spent hundreds and hundreds possibly into the thousands now of trying every single foundation under the Sun and a foundation that is creeping into my top 3 foundations of all time I'd actually tried already 15 years ago doe but I'm really really happy that I'd given this foundation another go because on a night out or on a really long day this foundation is amazing and for everyday wear I absolutely love the new one absolutely love it so have you found this video helpful if you have please do give it a big thumbs up don't forget I'm also on Instagram as well if you'd like to follow me on there it's a little bit of an insight into my personal life what we get up to on a daily basis my kids my husband my mom my dad my cats made an appearance on Sunday she's very beautiful really loves the camera but anyway follow me on there if you'd like an insight into my personal life don't forget to subscribe if you haven't already there is a watermark in this corner if you click on it it will take you through to my home page where you can subscribe hope to see everybody again bye

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  19. I watched this video in Autumn 2018 and after trialling the Double Wear and Double Wear light I finally opted for the Double Wear Light at the end of October. At first I thought I had been wrongly colour matched as the 3N1 Ivory Beige shade was darker than my usual Chanel Les Beiges 20. But my skin looked brighter and I appeared healthier than when I wore the paler matte-ish Chanel. However over time the colour match started to bug me even though I loved everything else about the Double Wear Light. As the colder weather and central heating issues started to play havoc with my skin I found the sheer formula just a bit too sheer. In desperation I mixed the Double Wear Light 50/50 with the Chanel Les Beiges 20. I found it transformative! The tone and coverage is just perfect. I like the increased SPF and coverage of the Les Beiges but the Double Wear Light gives a natural iridescence to my skin making it appear more youthful and glowy without being shiny. I waited a while before leaving this comment because I wanted to be sure the effect lasted all day, didn't gather in the creases, that I have an even finish and that it wasn't a passing phase. Turns out this will be how I wear my make up all winter and as the Spring comes I'll start to change the ratio in favour of the Double Wear Light so that by Summer I'll only wear the Double Wear Light and then next autumn I can reverse the ratio back to the 50:50. Thanks for the video, it really has transformed my foundation and the way I use it.

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