ethical summer clothing haul! 🌍

ethical summer clothing haul! 🌍

please excuse the lack of a background because either she just mute it and therefore I have no decorations or furniture so for now these flag sockets are just going to be the amazing decorations for my filming setup hello everybody so today I'm going to be filming an ethical summer clothing haul because it's now officially summer so I brought some new clothes for the summer time but also whenever I buy clothes I try to invest in things that will last me long term so next year when I look at it I won't be like this isn't trendy I'm not gonna wear this because one particular trend with fast fashion shops is that their clothing is designed to go out of trend so say for example you brought something from Topshop hmm Urban Outfitters chancer this time next year it won't really be that stylish anymore whereas if you invest in more sustainable long term basics or vintage items chances are they will last you a longer time and if you don't know what a farsighted shop is I'll be a few links down below so you can do some research try to summarize it fast fashion shops are majority of the shops you'll find on the high street where the clothes are really unethically made they have horrible working conditions their workers are paid horrible wages and overall it's something that I don't want to be supporting and also station for an announcement about some Institute's ever clothing on my channel I mean it may be something to do of TV so now let's begin the clothing haul if you like my extra-large hair clips leave below a thumbs up and a comment and subscribe so first full ida score a plain white t-shirt because how many times have you tried to pick out an outfit in the tree nothing matches because this goes with everything as you can see it stays rebook because that is the brand that made it and ever since I brought this either she'd just been wearing it all the time because it goes with everything and I got this on my vintage shop and I think it cost about 10 pounds but keep in mind that buying from vintage shops it's a lot more expensive than buying from thrift stores I mean they are essentially the same thing but in the UK we don't just have these massive shops sort of secondhand clothing we do have charity shops but that is kind of not really the same but many people often say that buying ethical clothing is very expensive but the cheapest way to access ethical clothing is depop I mean depot if you want to sponsor me my business email is in the description so please but it's a lot more cheaper to buy secondhand clothing and in the same sense you're sort of presenting the clothing from going to landfill because fun facts majority Lucchesi return go straight to landfill that's right it serves a brand of reselling or taking at home with the staff they just go straight to landfill which is just so amazing for the environment it's not you want to see a TED talk about that I'll leave it down below and I've talked so much and only showing one clothing item so let's move on the next shot I brought is also vintage it is very summery shirt with a holiday inspired print on it just the whole print reminds me of going on summer holiday and it says paradise by design I have no clue what that means but never doing that it says Niagara Falls so I'm assuming if I was to do that and again this was from a vintage shop so it was kind of pricey but I think it was 14 pounds and this next show I got from a shop in Brighton and the shirt itself is by a company which makes sustainable and ethical clothing I mean you'll see why I mean when I show you the actual shirt this shirt is about plastic in the ocean and how it's impacting fish and as you can see it's got a lot of text on it and on the bottom here it says more plastic than fish so not only is his shirt very eye-catching but it also educates so here's the shirt this shirt is actually get did so there we go I got sent this shirt by the brand hopeful traders which is just an amazing brand not only is the shirt F cool and sustainable but a brand itself it's just amazing so I'll even link to all their clothing items in the description as you can see this shirt has a print on it and it also has some text on it which is kind of like a crossword and I think this is a good tucked in to like a skirt or some trousers which is why I got this for the summer and the next thing I got is just your basic oversized shirt this shirt is by the brand champion as you can tell and oversized shirts are just perfect for the summer but just any season in general too so over the summer I'm definitely going to be buying a few more of these just to go with every outfit and I think it cost about 10 pounds because again it is from a vintage shop and I know it is slightly expensive but these clips aren't really wanted gonna go out of trend there for the price kind of values out over the years I don't think that makes sense and the last type i purchased is this pink crop top which I got from depop and although it is originally from you look I mean it is second hand and from Depot and in the same sense of kind of stopping it from going to landfill and now moving on to dresses so this dress is so big that I just cannot show all of that on camera but essentially it's kind of an off-the-shoulder maxi dress it is really nice navy blue gang and passion which is just perfect for the summer but I wore to the beach the other day and I got a sunburn on my shoulders so therefore I don't think off the shoulder things at that rate for summer but maxi dress is a kind of like a big trend right now and this dress isn't really the kind of pattern that's just gonna go after trends in a few years I'm not gonna lie it does look very vintagey so that's also good and this dress is also very vintagey but I think it's actually vintage so therefore it's just vintage the shot that I got this wrong that clothes of pricy so I got this on sale and I'm very happy ideas because it was still very expensive and that shop itself expensive and this dress cost me fifty one pound and these next few dresses I all got from depop this dress is also vintage I think it cost me about 12 pounds the pattern is kind of like a green blueish stripe and it's got some ribbon to tie up at the back too and then I got this mustard-yellow kind of dress which cost by pants are now moving on to trouser skirts shorts et Cie so I got these striped blue my trousers basically I saw these on the mannequin and I was like I'm gonna try these I did and then I broke them and the material itself is quite thin so these would just be quite good for warm weather when it's not really too hot but it's not really too cold and then I got this bright orange skirt which actually originates from the 70s and I keep forgetting to put on the price I think this cost 14 pounds t-shirts risk own everything because these will just last me for a few years and they won't go after trend unlike fast fashion brands the receipt is saying that it cost 42 pounds but it didn't so I must draw something else and then I bought these two trousers from depop contrast stitch why Dec trousers are just the best if you ever just want to buy me a clothing item contrast it wide leg trousers and the patterns having these had tool net page so I was like no I'm just gonna buy them both and I contacted erm duration offer and I got both pairs for 25 pounds total and although they aren't really good for summer weather they will just work well for other seasons when I saw the mannequin with these striped trousers on the mannequin also had this kind of grey oversized sweater this gray sweater was also gifted to me by hopeful traders again I'll even think for that clothing in the description and I highly recommend you have a look and the fabric is just really really soft and also lightweight and hopeful traders also sent me this tote bag and this recycled notebook so once again please go check out their website they're just an amazing brand and also thank you to the traders for sending me these items I really appreciate it do now on to the last category accessories so first of all I got a variety of bucket hat this last one is just a plain white back hat with these tips on the side and then I also got a yellow one and a pink one and then I also got some glasses we have these pink glasses which is very thin and do not suit me at all and we also have another pair of thin glasses which are yellow and they don't suit me so that is all my ethical summer clothing haul if you enjoyed it then make sure to give it a thumbs up and subscribe down below and I will see you in my next video

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  1. I filmed this AFTER I got my hair dyed and BEFORE I got braces! Also I had to edit + upload this last minute because I was told the short film would be released within 24 hours so there are aren’t any try on clips 😔

  2. In every video:

    "Hello Everybody"

    – Isla Brewer

    (not that I am complaining about it…I kinda like it..or something)

  3. i love isla and all, but isn’t brandy melville fast fashion? i remember when she showed us her closet and she had the pictures that brandy sends with your online delivery stuck up in her doors, so doesn’t that mean she purchased something from there?

  4. in the begining, i waited on a joke with whatever, because of your sweater, just like here‘s no decoration, but whatever 🙂 uops

  5. Nobody likes your style as much as I do❤️I am going to the UK tommorow so I can not see your show today😭I also am trying to grow a channel here 😂so plz go check it out🙏🙏🙏

  6. I look at your subscriber count and just smile because I've been watching you since you had 10k ,you make me soooll happy ,,ty💖

  7. I was just watching the one show earlier and you came on (I didn't know you were going on it lol) and I was like OMG IT'S ISLA ON TV OMG😂😂💗


    so I got down and saw u and was like WTH HOW WHY AHAHAAAAAAA
    I was screaming 💀🤧🤪

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