Eugenia Cooney | Harley Quinn Halloween Costume and Makeup Tutorial

Eugenia Cooney | Harley Quinn Halloween Costume and Makeup Tutorial

he's eating it so today I'm going to be doing a Halloween video since it's almost Halloween so I got some dating I would do a light curly Clinton kind of classic youth video so yeah this is my Harley Quinn costume that I'm wearing right now I actually got all of this completely off of ebay so it's off of them kind of like different places on eBay mostly most of it is all from like one time where I bought it so it's mostly from like one purchase also some thing I want to say about this though but I thought that it came with the wig like when I was ordering it and actually did say that it came with away so I was expecting to get away but then today I was kind of like looking through the stuff and it turns out they did it to give me away sorry those I do have the Harlequin like blonde pink and blue wig because that would have been really cool but sadly I didn't have that but we'll put you guys like the up anybody else ooh yeah so this is the other that they sent me I really like yes daddy's got a monster right there just like hers does in the movie okay I have this jacket and it's really cool because it's pretty much just like the one in the movie it is red and then it's blue on the other side and then it has the gold on it so yeah and then it's really cool because I got all the accessories too so these are the shorts that I'm wearing like thin strips and the same thing then just like split like blue and red I hope I have them on the right way I just realized I might have the bottom I'm going to like fit hopefully hopefully they're on the right way I think they are so yeah also the back of the jacket is really cool because it says property of the Joker cuz that's like what her says so that's it from the back so that's the back of this outfit I got I got a couple of things that really I really wanted to try to get like all the parts of her outfit except I don't have the wig which is like one of the biggest parts but hopefully that's okay also I got these cool studded bracelets that are similar to the one that she wears just kind of like ones that you buckle on and then yeah they're just like spiky and stuff so I think they're cool okay I'm going to show you the next thing now so then this else they came with the costume that I got and it's this little black kind of buckle kind of thing I think this is where she looks like a gun or something like that I'm not completely sure but I think that's what it is I suddenly do not have a gun so I can't create a gun with me by the way you guys if I have to saw one completely wrong right now so just realize importantly I have this on right then I'm really sorry if it looks like stupid or if it's on Raw or anything like that a little bit confused about exactly what I do if I just kind of like put it over oh this is the back of it by the way huh so yeah hopefully it's all kind of right though and hopefully you get the idea of how it looks and then even go a necklace so it says put in on it because she calls the Joker that and when I bought this outfit it actually did come with one but I didn't really think it like looked really that great with this like it was a cool but I thought I could've got like kind of a better necklace so the necklace I also actually bought that separately so that actually didn't come with this so it was also an eBay they're like everything I got I just spent a search for surfing eBay and it's got my costume that way so yeah and even though I don't have a gun I actually do have a weapon though so I will show it to you it's pretty cool okay this is my weapon so you really don't wanna mess with me because if anyone were to ever try to murder me that I have this back here so I can totally like kill some people really awesome it's like just like the Harley Quinn back and it says goodnight on it so pretty much it sounds like you're gonna die you mess with me pretty cool belts so yeah it is pretty cool it is a pretty cool bow I don't know why I just learned about it but it's pretty cool I never felt though it's studded bullet belts because she has that a cool belt it's really cool about this is the back it's totally like telling people at this really happy that I at least have a bat because the bat is actually in a way the most important thing because let's say for whatever reason you need to murder anyone like if anyone tries to murder you not that I actually encourage actual murder guys like you guys shouldn't do that but it's always good to have a bat so this is my bat I had these artists use that I got the shoes also I bought separately from like a separate eBay and they're pretty cool I just like sneaker kind of big kind of things and yeah I hope you're cool they tie up and they do all that and they're just like black and white just like hers and then you have the red heel and then I also another blue and I actually already did do you like a full makeup tutorial on how I did this Harley Quinn makeup a while ago but I'm just gonna kind of do like a quick version right now and just kind of quickly show you how I did this so that way if you want to do probably couldn't make up then you can do it oh and God is wow I hope I just realized like this bag is actually super crazy besides just saying good night because you know if you mess with this bat it's gonna be good night it says all this stuff on the back so I thought I'd read some of that because like I haven't got it really too much so I figured right now you just how dark I can be hot a little baby baby don't say a word whatever you say bounces off me vroom vroom the momma's gonna kill for you a doll that's pink and light oh come on puddin moon the new on Shawanna wrong what you think of me is only a ghost of Tanya do you think I'm just a doll oh you wanna rev up your Harley I'm rubber you're glue you lock up the weirdos I know what you think it's bird boy lady and kiss like though it says kiss this okay Mama's gonna kill for you mix the six and I will show whatever you say bounces off me eater exit wound anew wounds in you you say bounces off me hush little and mix a six-inch diamonds I'm rubber you're glue whatever egg the Batmobile lost a wheel and put in golf away so as I'm sure now you can tell this is a pretty special bag it's a pretty crazy back here there's a lot of things you could like get with it yeah that's what you do with this Sophie you're mad so that is pretty much my freshman Halloween costume and I really don't think you guys like seeing it and you guys like the video do if you got it enjoy seeing this video then give it a thumbs up so I know do you like drive to my YouTube channel and you want to see more videos who needs they have good videos a lot and that would be awesome of you well I love you guys so much and let's see you guys really soon in my next video all right let me guys

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  1. you guys are literally killing her with all the comments about how thin she is. if its not making her depressed to see that ALL her comments are nothing but that and not about the actual content, making her lose even more apatite from depression, then you're just validating how thin she is and empowering the eating disorder mindset…. if any of you really wanted her to get better you'd stop because its clearly worsening the problem if you see all her videos that's all people say and over the years she's just gotten thinner.. it doesn't matter if the comments are about people being worried, you bringing it up at all is making it worse. if you think you have to adress the problem to fix it, you're wrong, its been addressed and only made things worse. please just stop if you give even the tiniest shit about her…

  2. U guys are so rude she is anorexic no matter how much they eat they can't gain any weight at all and you bullying her and telling her to eat won't do any good she's trying to be happy why did you all subscribe to her page if you're just gonna bully her like that get a life and grow up you don't know what she been through in life and they do get help you are not a doctor so stop with your crap

  3. ok she is anorexic and eating a lot doesn't help u guys bullying her for being skinny is unacceptable shame on all of u she cant help the way she is its none of ur business the way she is don't subscribe to her channel if ur just going to bully her

  4. People need to realize that by telling her too eat it’s not gonna make her eat. She’s probably been told millions of times she needs to eat and she knows she needs to. Anorexia is something you can’t control and it’s an extreme addiction that she really needs to get help on. She’s not going to eat no matter how many comments she gets of them or else she gets serious professional help

  5. We all know this is not a Halloween costume video. It’s a watch my body video and no one is truly listening to what she says. 12 minutes of absolutely nothing relevant just like ALL of her videos. This channel disgusts me cause it’s all for attention. She’s sick and this is her way she gets the attention she wants but doesn’t realize (or care) that she’s harming young girls watching and imitating. I hate her mother allowing this, eugenia continuing and YouTube allowing it. It’s so sick.
    For anyone about to tell me to “stop watching” don’t worry, I will. I just needed to vent about the amount of stupidity envolved around this girl. She needs therapy and some god damned real attention, not fucking social media comments. Silly kids

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  10. Fucking hell you look like a skeleton please fucking eat something because this is not attractive or healthy in the slightest

  11. well done euginia, your probably going to find this comment drowning in hate but just to let you know these comments dont define you💕

  12. harley quinn has curves , shape… sexy … doesnt look strung out and skeletal , maybe wrong person to wear that costume …. def is not harley quinn likeness the hair is the last reason

  13. Im like 100 lbs and 5.6. So Im very skinny.. But daym… Im THICC Compared to this…

    Girl, are you ok?❤

  14. I find it quite selfish and concerning that Eugenia is avoiding all of her worried fans. Like, I totally understand that having an ED is really depressing and sometimes you just don't wanna talk about it..but she should not be exposing her body like that. Like think about it, her videos barely have any purpose and they're not really entertaining. She's just completely " oblivious " to the elephant in the room. And what about her family/friends? She needs to be in the hospital!

  15. Tanto hueso parece harley quinn de 300 años despues bien hueso sin nd de nd de grasa yo de 10 tengo mas grasa

  16. People need to stop talking about her body… Yes she has a eating disorders but why do you care about what someone looks like??? I think her costume is pretty cool and she doesn't look like a slut unlike the real harley

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