‘Kay, it’s almost 6:00! Got the plan down, right? Yup- first one to the door- first one to get a crack of the best candy! *beep beep.* Ok, here we go! *Knock knock* Trick or tr- Sorry kids, we’re all out- (Both) Ah man! Every Trick-or-Treat Ever! (singing) Trick-or-treat, smell my feet- Deal. Oh, wait, what? I will smell those feet… I-it’s just a rhyme.. Shut up! You gon’ take out those dupe eaters or what? Wait, let’s run! Run! Yeah, that’s right, run, get them all sweaty. Is that lavender? OoOoOoOoOoH- Shut up! Trick or Treat! Oh my gosh, are you Ratatouille? No, actually, I’m one of the three blind mice- But my two friends bailed on me. Oh, that’s very nice. Oh, you must be Wendy’s? Uhh- uh- nono, I’m, uh- Raggedy-Anne of Green Gables! Haha, yo, can we get a Baconater? God Dammit Why don’t ‘ya grill it up, huh, Ratatouille? God Dammit Ugh, I hate that your parents are following us! Trick-or-treat! Aren’t you a little too old for Trick-or-Treating? I’m 14, I’m in my Trick-or-Treating PRIME. Trick-or-treat! Woow, a little old for this, aren’t we? Maybe this is my last Trick-or-Treat year.. Trick-or-treat! Okaaaaaay, did ‘cha bring any children with you, sir? Alright, I’m done. you know I thought 14 was fine, but I guess 14 is just too old to treak-or-treat! Yeah, and I bet your feet smell terrible… what? what? I don’t get scared, cuz’ I’m like, 11 now. You wanna try this house? Nah, doesn’t really look like they celebrate it, let’s keep going. okay. hooo, why is nobody knocking at my door? I turned the lights off and everything and made IT SUPER SPOOKY- AND EVERYONE JUST KEEPS PASSING BY MY HOUSE!! OH MY GOD- NYOM NOM NOOHM!! Dude I heard the next block gives out king sized candy! Trick or Treat! Aww.. Oooh man, here it comes! A handfull of certified top-shelf candy! That’s a pretty big hand too! There’s gotta be like six or seven fun sizes in that hand! I’m gonna eat like a king tonight! Oh wait- No no no no no! That’s okay, you still got four, four is good! That’s like, two full-sized bars! Wait, no, where are you going? What are you doing? Nono no no no no no no NO! WHAT? Happy Halloween, boys! I hope you die! Aw, so festive! I’m so upset, my ghost sheet has to have reflective tape on it. I don’t have anything good left What you got? I have a toffee, an unwrapped lollipop, and a plastic spider Ooo, can I have- Plastic spiders mine I guess I’ll just take the unwrapped lollipop How is it? Fuzzy Don’t eat that apple, there might be a razor in it! Okay, if you want a job at this seasonal Halloween store, I need to know a few things about you. Okay. Can you work for two months? Yeah. Are you kinda apathetic? I guess. Have any weird piercings? Can you really drive home that we don’t accept returns, ever? Whatever. And we don’t have any other choice so you’re hired! Twick-or-Tweet! Follow me on twitter please. TRICK-OR-TREAT!!! Hi, wow, what a cute costume! What are you, Ratatouille in the summer? Uhh, sure. Wait, is that chocolate, cause I’m allergic to chocolate. Uh, yeah, but I have some candy without chocolate! Not so fast, cause are there nuts in there? Cause I’m allergic to nuts! Well I have this fruity candy, would you like that? Sure, as long as there’s not fruit in them! How about this pencil. Oh, a pencil would be great! Happy Halloween! Every. Trick-Or-Treat! Ever. Thank you very much for watching! Make sure to stay safe this Halloween! Make sure to click the box on the left if you want to watch “Every Costume Party Ever” I’m a ghost part time. (Courtney laughs) And hit that box on the right to watch “Every Halloween Ever.” (Courtney does an evil laugh)


  1. Keith's voice is like a 4 year old best voice he do ahhaahhahaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah

  2. Girl:aww are u ratatouille in the summer
    Girl:would u like some candy
    Keith:sure as long as there is no nuts or fruit in it
    Girl:how about a pencil
    Keith:ok starts choking

  3. Seriously, who decided it was a good idea to go knock on stranger's doors at night asking for food you don't know where it's been while everyone is unidentifiable in costumes

  4. Keith"Trick or treat smell my feet"

    Ian"Deal You gonna take out those doob eaters or what"

    I died at that PART LMAO

  5. When you're that one kid that barely any candy on Halloween and then you just save up with ton of money and then just go to the store and buy every single candy

  6. 2019 lol it's TRUE my mom still tells me to go trick or treating I'm 17 but I'm literally short I'm 5 just 5 and she tells me to go get candy but I feel I'm old so I dont really want too anymore but I do it bcz I take my siblings who are younger I like how my cousin still tricks or treat and he is 21 lol but I dont blame him it's just funny since he is so tall too like literally❤

  7. Every year my friend throws these amazing Halloween parties once we knocked on this guys door and all the blinds where down and we heard a man shout come in girls we ran off we dont know how he knew we were girls! But yeah…

  8. homie my siblings trick or treated until 19 and 20 so shut it free candy is free candy plus we have to bring our sister out anyway

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