An intergalactic K-pop star, English rockers who
have seen the future! Complete darkness,
a computer keyboard bustier! This is the second CELINE
menswear show by Hedi Slimane! We are in Paris on the chic Place Vauban,
under the dome of Invalides, in front of the black box
CELINE by Hedi Slimane. It’s the Live Nation concert producer
who built this big black cube. Outside, there are fans, and there are
rockers who are better dressed than you. – Do you speak French? When you enter,
it’s complete darkness. It takes a few minutes for
the eye to get used to it. You need the cameras’
flashes to distinguish anything. That’s the atmosphere of the Hedi Slimane
shows, close to the backstage of a concert. We adjust the brightness on our
cameras and start to see something! Sebastien Jondeau, actresses Chiara Mastroianni, Camille Cottin, musician Miles Kane, gallerist Jeffrey Deitch, and Romain Duris, actor. And the group Bodega who
composed the music for this show! So much attitude,
plenty of CELINE attitude! A riot when Lisa arrives, one of
the singers of K-Pop band Black Pink! Here she is, Lisa, she is 22 years old,
it’s her first CELINE show. Bernard Arnault is hiding
on the quiet side of the podium. His son Alexander is next to Virgil Abloh,
designer of Louis Vuitton men’s collections. Note the presence of Jack Dorsey,
the founder of Twitter, near Xavier Niels: this is the Silicon Valley row! A red curtain moves forward
towards the center of the giant runway. The curtain rises and inside,
an unprecedented luminous structure that imprisons the first
mannequin of the show. It’s a great tradition of very
calibrated, very spectacular catwalk. Hedi Slimane cares a lot about
this first moment of the show. It should feel like the beginning
of concert. It keeps the room awake, plays on its nerves, creates a totemic
presence, gives a hint of extraordinary. Thousands of small rhinestones have been laid by hand
on the tennis stripe fabric of this three-piece suit. Celine stockbroker is out! The pants are flares, almost elephant-like
cut, sometimes in denim, worn high on waist. Small basket with the dog
Uh Huh by the artist Carlos Valencia. Boaters. The little fringed scarf,
just enough to give more style to a man. A military trench with big
golden buttons, golden air pilot’s glasses. Unique shoes: blank-style, worn
only by one model of this runway. A panther printed parka,
it’s for Catherine Deneuve’s guy, with cotton mesh underpants
under the open black shirt. Striped denim combination under
a cross-suit jacket, a pearl necklace, a large white peony brooch,
jellyfish shoes in gold leather, it’s Celine’s gardener,
he’s afraid of nothing. The french singer Calypso Valois is particularly attentive to
the casting of these boys, selected by Hedi Slimane himself. Models have so much style. These
models aren’t just beautiful or pretty, they have style.
They have this allure, their own personality.
They have a unique rhythm. It’s funny: one has a fast pace,
the other moves at a swaying pace. These models are mostly
members of rock bands. Even if no cast list is disclosed by
Hedi Slimane, we are pretty sure it’s true. This basket is a collaboration
with the artist ANDRE BUTZER. A striped jacket is covered entirely with
transparent sequins that produce this wet effect. A leopard-patterned cashmere sweater, on silver jacno shoes. Leather python print. Camouflage patterns. Leather patchwork,
exotic braided leather boot. Panama hat, blouse
in denim, studded with nails. The flower is a small brooch, an eyelet;
the thin belt is made of braided leather. Teddy, modeled on the silk jacket souvenirs that American
soldiers brought back from Japan after World War II. It’s embroidered after a painting by an artist
Darby Milbrath, a painting called Angels Trumpets. It’s a double-artist look, because underneath it’s a jersey signed
by the artist David Kramer, with a very pessimistic writing. One could think of a Serge Gainsburian
aesthetics, a resolutely Parisian posture. A burnous in a Berber
style with its pointed hood. It’s more embroidered than
a French academician’s costume. Everything is unpredictable! The burnous is combined with tuxedo pants. The embroidery was done manually –
over a thousand hours of work! At last, a tuxedo, because yes, we are at CELINE,
a brand of beautiful Parisian neighborhoods, a brand for formal occasions. Hedi Slimane takes a discreet bow. Hedi Slimane is a showman! In addition to being a great designer,
he’s a showman. Some privileged guests
will greet him behind the scenes. Lisa from Black Pink has prepared
to go out to her adoring fans. CELINE boots in the gravel! This was the CELINE Men
Show by Hedi Slimane SS2020. Subscribe for more fashion videos
of first class luxury and excess!

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  1. I'm actually still not sure if it was a visual effect on the video or if I really was going crosseyed when that guy was rambling

  2. Can I be honest? I am that fans that screaming Lisa's name.. LOL.. really I dont know about this CELINE brand before.. came here because I saw lisa.. but I think need to learn about this brand too.. those boots so damn hot, and I love the pants… its really highlight their long legs…

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  5. Holy shit people in America might be fake and dumb but the Europeans are on a whole different class of bullshit lol

    The show was nice but its seemed kind plain compared to Hedi other collection. But keep making these videos on future celine collections, please they are really good

  6. U can't say now that she is not the Queen. Because she literally is the queen and goddess of kpop like look at the fans screaming for her in France and the way she was scouted out of the venue like…. No one can match her level. I said what i said, i won't change my mind.

  7. with all respect, for models kpop idols would have been great, because they are so perfect. Even if you make them wear plastic, they will look so good that it will be sold more than these.

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