1. Loved first outfit
    Hated Second
    Liked Third
    Loved Fourth
    Liked Fifth
    Loved Sixth
    Loved Seventh
    Liked Eighth
    Hated Ninth
    Liked Tenth
    Liked Eleventh
    Loved Twelfth
    Loved Thirtenth
    Love this video and love your style, keep making videos!!!!!!!

  2. You love anything blush pink and creamy colors don’t ya? But you do look good in them. Good job on the videos!

  3. You can definitely dress down the pink skirt and top by adding a denim jacket. Or wear the skirt with a solid fitted tee.

  4. I bought the neutral round bottom sweater and the pink flower peplum top! Loved everything. Love express!!

    Thanks for the links too!!

  5. I have to agree with how some people wear cardigans off the shoulders. I just don't think it looks cute or practical. It actually looks messy. I literally want to reach across the screen and pull up their cardigan. I love this haul!! I watched it 2 times. please don't stop making these videos. I get so many ideas from you. You have taught me how to dress. lol ! Also, can you do a video on how you lost a few pounds? your stomach is so flat and that is my problem area.

  6. You are way younger than me (I’m 55 today) but amazingly enough we both have a passion for all things girly. I enjoy watching and appreciate your modesty. Great job

  7. The colors you wear are so soft and sweet! Have you heard of a small t-shirt business called Calamity Jane? If you like to have a casual cute t-shirt for on the go purposes you should check them out! Here is a link for their Georga collection. I have a few for the state of Oklahoma! https://www.calamityjanesapparel.com/collections/georgia-spring-2019-collection

  8. I loved the first outfit! That blush colored pencil skirt is too cute! Also, I think it'd be interesting to see a JC Penney try on haul. I think their clothes are underestimated. 😘

  9. Girl love these looks! And that blue floral dress is sooo cute on you! πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ™Œ

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