F150 Ford Cap Less Gas Tank won’t open but… the fix is easy.

F150 Ford Cap Less Gas Tank won’t open but… the fix is easy.

hey friends we have an f-150 2015 and
it’s a company vehicle. Well, these gas no cap easyfuel systems and I paid all and then go to put this nozzle in at a BP station and that flap will not open don’t know what’s happening, do notice that for
some reason it has a bit of a smaller tip BP
so I looked it up online and they’re saying something about the nozzles not
being the right size… I mean nothing will open that although I feel like I’ve
been able to push it open in the past maybe I haven’t [have not] but I just checked that
pump over there and it has a bit different of the nozzle so let’s go try
that out. so we’ve pulled back to the different pump and that’s the pump where I was
a minute ago. And this one here, like I said, it has a full tip and sure enough hot dog! Goes right in! So that smaller tip for reason doesn’t work. Not sure why this gas station was using it. yeah it won’t open
my finger ever, I guess – thanks for watching

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  1. My man! You literally saved my wife this morning as she encountered the very same problem in our Ford Edge and because of this video, she was able to fuel up. Thanks again!

  2. Dude!! You just saved me the service fee at my Ford dealership. I'm at that gas station at 4am trying this and it worked! thanks man

  3. Could you explain what is being done to solve the problem? I'm from another country and I can not understand

  4. Before i watched the video all i saw was the green gas handle n i said holy hell is he really trying to put Diesel in there..as the fill necks are much larger 😂😂

    Anyway maybe the 'shaved' tip fuel lines dont geometrically line up on whatever contact surface 'releases' the fuel flap, seeing as how it looked like 1/32 thinner 🤔

  5. the reason why it open with the bigger Gast pump is because on the sides in the inner side actually there are two things that you press and that click in that's how you open up the metal flap look on the sides they click in at the same time with the gas pump

  6. What a dumb ass design. With any normal cap fuel tank tank it can take any tip. This stupid new system causes that much of an issue?

  7. I went to the BP earlier after buying a 2014 Fiesta today and had the same problem with the nozzle not going in, after seeing this it made something simple explained why it should've had been complicated.

  8. WTF !!! In my not-so-humble opinion this entire concept is the stupidest thing I've seen in years!

  9. Behind/ under the back seat is a plastic adapter for Jerry cans, place over nozzle if needed. If there isn’t a proper nozzle size around.

  10. Well what the fuck do I do if I run out of gas on the road and I have to fill it up with a gas can how do I get gas down in there and how do I get that door open if I don’t have the right width

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