Fabric Banner DIY and FREE Pattern | Whitney Sews

Fabric Banner DIY and FREE Pattern | Whitney Sews

hi everyone I’m Whitney and I post a new
tutorial every week to help sewers of all skill levels learn new projects and
techniques this week I’m showing how to make a really cute fabric bunting where
the flags are actually tied together I made this one for our homeschool room to
brighten up the room and make it nice and colorful but of course you can use
it in any room that you want it would also be great for decorating for
different seasons or for holidays such as birthdays and I’ll share some tips at
the end of the video for how you can personalize the banner for just that
type of occasion now my kids and I love anything in rainbow order or color order
so I went through my stash and pulled out fabrics in red orange yellow green
blue and purple as well as white and I also have a huge stash of bias tape
which is sort of what inspired this project I wanted to use up some of my
bias tape scraps so I went through and found a different bias tape for each
fabric that I had pulled out of my stash and I tried to find ones that were all
the same width so that they would be uniform and
they would look nice when they were tied together the last thing you will need is
your pattern there is a free pdf pattern for this project over on whitneysews.com
under the shop tab you have to go through the little checkout process and
if you create an account that is even better because you can go back at any
time and find your patterns there and you can download them again any time you
need but anyway once you go through the little process and there’s a button you
can click to download your pattern and you’re ready to print it out use it I’ve
already included a quarter inch seam allowance into the pattern but for this
project I actually wanted slightly larger flags so I did add an additional
quarter inch on top of the pattern and then I transferred that over onto a
plastic template so it is easy to use over and over again and I have a
separate video where I show exactly how to do that that will be linked in the
video description to get started fold your fabrics so the pattern fits on top
with the long straight side lined up on the fold the amount of fabric you will
need depends on how many flags you want to make
how many different fabrics you’re using use a rotary cutter rotary safe mat and
safety gloves to carefully cut out your flags I cut two from each color and
three from the white giving me 15 in total each flag opened up should
resemble a sort of superhero logo shape okay all the flags are cut out and it’s
time to start sewing one at a time lay a piece out flat with the pretty sides up
then fold it in half lining up all the edges with the pretty sides on the
inside so along the long slanted side with a quarter inch seam allowance use
pens or clips if you want and backstitch at the beginning and ending of each seam
repeat until you’ve sewn all of the flags clip down the seam allowance near
the point to reduce bulk make sure you’re not cutting across the stitching
line turn each flag right sides out and use a small pair of scissors or a point
turner to carefully poke out the point the single seam should be going from the
point at the bottom to the center of the top on the backside give each flag a
press making sure the seam is straight and laying nicely if needed trim up the top edge of each
flag so it is nice and straight cut a 23 inch piece of bias tape for
each flag if it’s not already folded in half go ahead and fold and press with an
iron find the center point of the bias tape and for the flag then match up the
center points of each you want the flag to be between the layers of the bias
tape pushed in as far as it will go add a couple of craft clips to hold them
together then so from the end of the bias tape
all along to the other end sewing through all the layers at once here’s
how it should look repeat this for every flag all that is
left is the tie the flags together with a bow in whatever order you like as I mentioned earlier I do have some
tips for customizing this project you could definitely add letter appliques
onto the flags and spell out the holiday or someone’s name you could also make
one that says Happy Birthday and every year just change out the center flag so
one year it can say happy 8th birthday the next year it can say happy 9th
birthday and so on because all you have to do is untie the flags and swap out
the one that needs to be changed and tie them back together I do have a tutorial
already on my channel where I show how to do letter appliques and you can find
that video linked or right over here to the side I’ll also have some other color
order inspired projects in a playlist down below that if you enjoyed this
tutorial hit that like button and until next time happy sewing

18 Replies to “Fabric Banner DIY and FREE Pattern | Whitney Sews”

  1. Hi Whitney, turned out super cute. Also possible to make different banners and then combine them as needed 😉 Sometimes the easy ideas are the ones you did not think of before. xoxo from Germany, Stephanie

  2. Totally cute. Would be great as a banner for our Girl Scout cookie booths since we put the boxes in rainbow order. I think it just makes every thing look better when they are in color order.

  3. These would make really cute decorations for Halloween and especially Christmas, plan on making them for the holidays, thanks

  4. So cute. I've always liked these but wondered if I should hem around a triangle, or make a double (lined) flag. Your pattern cleared that up. I couldn't imagine it. So clever. I'll definitely save the 'scraps' now for a good long string of these. Love them. Thanks for the pattern.

  5. This is such a fun idea. But what REALLY caught my eye was the unbelievably perfect points on your flags. Every single one from what I could tell. I think your two secrets is perhaps a tad extra backstitching and and precise trimming. Well done! And Inspiring!

  6. I love that there is only 1 seam to sew – a different method that I must try – thanks Whitney 🙂
    Edit – just downloaded the template – thank you 🙂

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