Fabric beads with Kristal Wick on Beads, Baubles and Jewels (1402-3)

Fabric beads with Kristal Wick on Beads, Baubles and Jewels (1402-3)

today we're talking all about how to make your own beads and crystal Wieck is here with us author of fabulous fabric beads and crystal you are going to show us your fabulous technique for making these amazing beads yes I am Taylor I am so excited to be here it's great to have you so where do we get started we get started with fabric fabric beads we get started with fabric that makes sense exactly so over here I have some fabrics and you can use any type of fabric you want you guys cotton fabrics you can paint your own you can do surface treatments you can do stenciling you can do stamping I mean yours can learn more about that in your book yes exactly okay and it looks like you cut out a piece here yes so what I do is I start with this piece is a batik fabric that's just at your usual you know fabrics fabric store and then I did a surface treatment with foiling on top of it which is really a lot of holographic took the bugs to it which is nice and again it's very inexpensive because it's just a one color batik fabric I take this and I make it into what I call a big people sticker okay as kids we always made stickers made these are double-sided adhesive sheets which means they're sticky on the front and the back not one sided yeah your beads because the most of the ones you'll find in the stores will be one sided adhesive sheets but this is actually double sided more sticky tack sheet okay so I'm just going to take my fabric and I'm gonna lay it down here on the sticky side mm-hmm now doesn't matter what size you start with no doesn't matter at all when you're first starting to do this it's easier to have a smaller size to handle okay but you don't want to start with bolts of fabric mm-hmm much harder tip so that's why I show you with smaller pieces and I make sure it's nice and flat and then you take this and you just put it right back on top of this mm-hmm so so you're just pressing it just pressing it down so you want the backside to stick really well okay and then I will just go over here and use my rotary cutter and I love to use the rotary cutter for all of this now a lot of beaters do not know about using a rotary cutter cutter it's a very sewing quilting thing but you fall in love with them and once you learn how to use it you'll use it quite frequently especially in process like this this is the same piece of fabric mm-hmm only on a smaller scale and again here we have it so you that which is paper backing on them yep so when you cut it and this is where a lot of people have some lovely experiences of cutting it on the sticky paper the rotary cutter on the sticky paper is not a good day no no so that's why I put this back and you're going to cut it with the rotary cutter okay then the sticky papers here all your cutting you're doing with that backing still on the sticky side because when it sticks it would stick to your mat it would stick to your hands okay so make sure you leave the backing on satin covering your fabric as well is a very good plan okay yep and so then all I need to do is take my rotary cutter cut out strips mm-hmm always close it to safety tips very important okay and I cut out a strip like this and then I taper it now it's important to have the first top part here and Lunger bead straight down and then taper it okay so it's kind of an elongated triangle with a right angle here at the top yep or a party hat okay so anyway now when you like this you pull this apart and you keep this part because this is going to be your template Oh templates for lots of other beads now again I'm touching the sticky part so I'm on the back side and I will take a coffee stir stick mmm find those everywhere and what I'm going to do is stick it on okay so now we could stop here and we have a little flag cannons okay birthday cake or something but we can move forward and again I'm going to stick this here to the straw because again when it's fabric it's all very loose but you need a solid base inside so that you can put it in your jewelry and you can wear it and you can get you know these things get beat up quite a bit so you want to make sure there's something inside mm-hmm now look at that so that was easy and we take again the rotary cutter oh y'all let's stir stick in there you are sneaky well you don't even know right see it gives a structure then you have a structure all these are made the same way with the straw inside and then when you put it in jewelry you can't even see that there's anything inside right and then you and also maybe change the diameters on the inside depending on what kind of piece you what kind of strong you use yes you can make a merger or use different color straw so then the core is the matching color and let's take a look at Gleason's we're talking about color yeah response of our samples over here and one of your special areas of expertise is really color palettes yes I love working with color palettes that's just my favorite and a lot of times you try to play with the color palettes for example this right here is a batik fabric then when you add a different sparkly gold and silver you end up with this so you look at color palettes and you want to make sure that you play with them and add gold or copper or Silver's to change the little different metallic accent exactly this is one of my favorite parts of your book with the different color palettes in the back and one of the things that you point out here too is to really use some different elements to bring them it together for texture exactly yeah so let's talk about your other finished jewelry because it all features beads that you've made in different ways yes all of these are in the favorite color palette of course the Blues and it's very interesting because I added copper and silver on some of them mm-hmm and then I added black and others and why I like to do that is if you add all three colors silver copper and a little bit of black or gold so can wear it with everything here on the first floor first you bring it in some brown tones you have some copper beads here yep in a copper chain so it sets off all the copper tones on there and the next one is featuring silver and of course the last one there the black accents really bring it out yeah pops that blue hmm well this is a great idea for incorporating your very own DIY beads exactly thanks crystal Thank You Kati we'll be right back

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  1. Kristal was saying, "The reason you do that…you add silver, copper, and a little bit of black…." when Katie interrupted. I'd love to know the rest of that sentence.

  2. i agree with mokey, i like the video but i found it very rude of her rushing her and the "uhhuh" were like rudely over talking her.

  3. Than You For the video, i found a good price for the straws… and i will share what i make later… 🙂

  4. Please, please please. Stop saying uh-huh all the time. You don't have to acknowledge every word she says? Has no one from the production team mentioned it?

  5. Wonderful tutorial i sew a lot and have lots of scraps left even from quilting and just recently started beading im x cited to try thnx

  6. can anyone help with the foiling treatment Krystal did on this video. I can't find anything to use on fabric.

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