Fabric Folded Flowers

Fabric Folded Flowers

you you today I'd like to share with you how to make some fabric folded flowers that you can use for embellishing purposes and your quilt or other projects on projects basically you can make these flowers out of any polygon shape meaning that it's a shape that has equal number of sides and the number of these sides will determine the number of petals that will result from it you can make them from Pentagon's hexagons octagons I've done up to 12 sided shapes you can make them out of squares too although I don't know if it really looks like quite like a flower you can't make them out of triangles or diamond shapes I know this in any case I want to show you my method for making these okay so as far as the shapes are concerned you can buy specialty rulers and different shapes or you can make your own templates I like to repurpose the different plastic items and make my own templates because they're they're sturdy this way where you just print them out on paper either on regular paper or on freezer paper and then just cut out your shapes okay so I'm going to show you how to do this with the hexagon which might be the easiest shape besides being one of the most popular shapes that the cultures like to work with I'm going to work with the just as plain fabric and with the contrasting thread normally you would want to match the thread to your fabric okay so the first thing that we need to do is put some points so mark some points that will help to guide us and we want to mark both the center you want to find the center for this and the center of each slide so you can press this on with the iron I could just simply finger press to make sure that you're pressing find the center of each side so if I did this I'm going to market here I'm going to make it here and I'll probably want to mark around the center so do this on all we'll do this three times to mark all six sites okay find the center okay so you can see they're our center point is right here and the center of each side is marked so the first thing which is not not your thread and just take a little stitch right in the center point here maybe another little stitch just to hold it so that knot doesn't pop out okay and then what we're going to do is we're going to take a little stitch as close to the edge as you can without the threads coming loose so maybe perhaps a sixteenth of an inch there and we're going to do this on all six sides okay once we have all six sides you're just going to pull the thread up okay and push back down and you'll see that automatically the hexagons take shape again it's a half the size of the bigger one right so once you've got all the points all these the points pulled up then maybe want to do is take another little stitch just to hold things in place in the center okay now we'll make sure that we've got the shape really well defined so you can also finger press these make sure that we've pulled everything out you just finger press especially the corners okay and then we're gonna start by taking these points push them down like this okay and we're gonna help ourselves with our needle just grab that little point and start pulling it back and you'll see that this diamond shape takes place now finger press that okay and then if you want hold the whole shape down with your needle again and pull it back fold it back and you'll see your first petal okay and I want to take one or two stitches right there to hold it down too okay then we're going to continue with the next one and all around the shape until we've got all our petals tacked it down okay back pull it back finger press a couple of stitches to hold it down there in the center okay one more slowly so you can see this I'll push these downs to give you a better view of it okay hold it down with your needle hmm and a couple of stitches to hold it in place and continue all around the circle all right around the hexagon so you've got all six petals shaped and there we go so you still have a few a little bit of raw edges right here in the center so what you might want to do is depending on the kind of fabric that you have if it frays a lot you might want to put a little bit of fray check on that and then you're going to want to cover that either with different they're different options you want might want to put a yo-yo on it or a button you know some type of applique and way the choice is yours okay and then the other thing that I would suggest depending on how you're going to use it if it's so for example on a quilt or something that you're going to want to wash you might want to put a snap on the back to put it less so you can take it off easily and home for washing so that's pretty simple I hope you enjoyed this video you

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  1. This so sweet! I make junk journals and i will definitely be making some of these! To embellish with Tyfs. ❤️🥰🇨🇦❤️

  2. Great tutorial! Templates can be made by attaching printed paper patterns to thin plastic cutting boards (dollar store) with spray adhesive. Then cut the plastic with an old rotary blade (I hold the paper pattern outside the door so I don't get overspray everywhere.)

  3. Thank you so much for this amazing, simple tutorial on something that I thought looked to difficult to imagine making! Please consider making more tutorials, even if it's more flowers with more points so we can work alongside of you and see that we're doing it right. God bless you!

  4. Great tutorial! You explained yourself so well and I was able to see everything you were doing. Thank you so much for sharing your technique. I'm looking forward to watching more of you tutorials.

  5. Love these, love the video. My friend and I made 20 for name tags for our quilt guild's quilt show. They are "sew" fun!

  6. beautiful I would so love to see how to make the other folded flowers also ..please do tutorial kindly thanks for sharing your talent… I truly appreciate it have a wonderful holiday Georgia from ohio

  7. I loved this tutorial. You have made it very clear. This is not a criticism, but next time you record a next skill, perhaps you could use a coloured fabric – yellow or red – as the white reflects the light from the camera so much that it is easy to lose the shape. I loved the fact that you knew how to keep what you were doing clearly visible to the lens. Many people who record on video are not as successful at this as you. Hope to see more from you! Thanks.

  8. Wonderful video, I can now make flowers with fabric.
    Your teaching is amazingly simple,
    please keep teaching..

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