15 Replies to “Fabric Haul and More Summer Sewing Plans”

  1. I love your sewing videos. I live in the US. Good to see all that you've sewed and learn more about a sewing life outside the US.

  2. Looking forward to seeing what you make with the red fabric…I also bought some and don't want it to disappear into my stash! 😀

  3. love the red fabric, Sienna Miller was in the cover of grazia a couple of months in a dress made from the exact fabric (I've just thrown the mag out)

  4. Just got back from helping with my first grandchild. Love the red fabric. I can see it made into a dress with the top made from the red, a circle, or half circle skirt in white with pocket flaps made with the red.

  5. Thanks for posting another great video…….can I make a suggestion? I liked the black fabric with the hearts but I didn't get a great look at it because there wasn't a moment of a "still" shot……when you were handling it, (and I know you get as exited as I do when you're holding gorgeous fabric) it was moving around so much it was hard to get a good look. Please don't be offended…..I love your videos and the sharing of patterns, finished projects and fabrics inspire me so much; I'm not intending to be negative….just a friendly critique so that we can all enjoy what you've bought ☺️. Can't wait to see your tea dress!

  6. When I saw the red fabric that very pattern came to mind, as I have the pattern myself. I do think a tea dress would be perfect for it.

  7. Lovely fabrics! For the red flowery one, what about the Sew Over It Doris dress? I know it says you need a fair bit of fabric but I would've thought 2m would be enough (and SOI always overestimate metrage I think). But the Amelia Tea Dress is quite pretty actually. PINEAPPLES! I too saw that fabric and also wanted to step away from buying blue again, and the other colourways just went grabbing me. Looking forward to seeing your makes with these. p.s. your home is lovely!

  8. Make the Amelia tea dress with that red. I've seen it made up and that red would make it even better! I want that pattern but I don't know how to get it here in the states. Any suggestions?

    Can't wait to see how it all looks when your done!

  9. I really love that red/white fabric and the pineapple fabric is pretty cool. I'm excited to see your completed projects. I think I need to go shopping 😊. Have a great day!

  10. Love your vlogs. I think that fabric would look great as an Amelia dress. Hope we get to see it soon!

  11. When I saw the red fabric I immediately thought of the sew over it vintage shirt dress.Whatever you finally decide I can't wait to see as they always look sooooo good.

  12. I Love your vlogs and your fabric choices, and I look forward to seeing them made up.Did you make the blue and black top you have on and if so what pattern did you use, Thanks x

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