Bonsoir! This evening, I wanted to discuss with you
the art of personalizing your home. For a home to feel special, a home needs to
be personal. Authenticity can’t be bought. Sure you can ask friends or family members,
or interior decorators to help you out… And maybe you don’t have the time or desire,
or the confidence to choose colors or worry about furniture. But it’s the personal touches that will
give your home soul, by definition the ones that you will have chosen yourself. That’s what will make your home feel like
it’s yours, and comfortable for your close ones to be in… On y va? Part of making a space personal is reflecting
on who you are, moments in your life, places that you’ve been, the country that you’re
from or that your family originates from. Although I was born and raised in France,
I spent a great deal of my youth in Asia. I moved to Japan on my own when I was 18. And I lived between Tokyo and Nagoya between
age 18 and 23. And they were crucial years: it really left
an imprint on me in how I look at things and the way I comprehend aesthetics. And I like to have reminders of that in my
Parisian decor, reminders of Asia and Japan more specifically. I collect old kimono fabrics and transform
them. I make cushions or I use it as table mats. Or I have a piece of kimono hanging on a wall
over a bamboo stick to create texture, as a work of art if you may. And it just creates a very unique atmosphere. And you can do that with fabrics from many
places: they can be from India or Mali, or Afghanistan, Italian and French “bien sûr”. If you’re Middle Eastern or eastern European,
whatever places hold meaning to you… Even a place you just visited but that meant
something to you. Of course, stay moderate – just a touch here
and there! – and coordinate the fabric with the color palette of the room that you’re
decorating. I find it’s a very simple and alluring trick. Make cushions, sheets, bedcovers, curtains…
Reupholster a chair or even a sofa… So choose fabrics that you find beautiful
but also that make sense to you. See the fabric of this cushion I like very
much… My mother brought it back from China; it’s
antique… Objects need to make sense. Otherwise we’re just following trends and
we don’t recognize ourselves in our own home. So take the time to ask yourself who you are,
where you’re from. Think about all the places that made you happy
in life, that are home to you… I hope this video has embellished your evening. If you have any questions, write a comment
and I’ll answer. I would love to know how you incorporate fabric
into your home. Like the video if you enjoyed it and please
subscribe to the channel. Voilà, c’est tout pour ce soir… Bonne nuit!


  1. Hi everyone, this evening we're taking a little trip on memory lane and discussing the secrets to personalizing your home. This is the one thing decorators can't do for you. So today, no matter where you are from, think about what really means "home" to you and incorporate it into your interior. From Paris with love, always, Aurélie.

  2. thank you very much for share your amazing home, I just moved to my new house in Yokohama city,Japan.and your way of decorate a home is exactly what I think, like how to choose color , flowers, and I was always inspired by the classic-movies , anyway, like your vedio so much. have a good day!

  3. Your videos are done beautifully and creates a sense of beauty and serenity. Definitely would like to see more 🙂

  4. This lady is very talented.   My new home in the Isle of Wight is a penthouse apartment.  Soon to be moved into.   Very modern.   Would love to put an African stamp on the decor.  I love mixing old with the new.   Hope I accomplish this with flair!!

  5. What a wonderful way to bring, colour an memories from holidays. I just love this idea. I'm so inspired from your channel. Thankyou !

  6. I have my Great Aunts French Vintage embroidered satin from her couch. I have made a pillow from it and recovered a metal scroll chair from the 60s.

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