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  1. thanks Annie to share your book, I really loved. the aplicativos and design are fabulous. love from a Latin person.

  2. Thanks for the tutorial!!! LOVE IT!!!! You made it so much easier to start the book!! I am just a beginner, but I think I can construct the fabric YOUR WAY!!! Thanks again!! would love to see how you decorate your journal!!

  3. Hi Annie! If you can find the time can you please make a tutorial on how you layout your trims and flowers on the pages of the fabric journal? There is so much yumminess on every page that its hard to tell how it all came together! Thanks so much for all of your wonderful creativity and inspiration! ((HUGS)) xoxo

  4. I have just cut out my first lace fabric journal, & was wondering how to do the spine part, so thanks for this tutorial Annie. You explained it very well & now I know how to proceed with now. Have just subscribed to your channel, as you have so many great videos to look at. Hugs Dwyllis-NZ

  5. Beautiful work! Thank you so much for sharing! I'm hoping to create my own fabric journal in the very near future!! 🙂

  6. Thank you Carol for stopping by to my channel.So glad you liked my journal..I appreciate it
    P/s- Please check out the vid for "No sew fabric journal Tutorial from Martica channel"I think that help for someone doesn't know to sew.^0^

  7. I love ur fabric journal!!!! but i do not know how to sew!!!! I shd go learn sewing!!!! Love the laces and all the embellishments. thks for the tutorial!!

  8. Thanks for stopping by Sharon.i can't wait to see your finish journal .i m sure it will turn out very beautiful.

  9. Thank you so much for the tutorial! The fabric journals that you create are gorgeous!! I am going to try this as soon as I get more laces. Thanks again, Sharon 🙂

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