Fabric Luggage Tassels

Fabric Luggage Tassels

Welcome to SewVeryEasy, my name is Laura. The other day in my newsletter from Quilter’s Connection called Loose Threads, I got this great pattern to mark my luggage with fabric tassels. It’s a great pattern, and I’m going to share it with you. I’ll put a link in the description to this a great pattern and I’m going to make this, but I’m going to change it slightly so that there will be a couple of different ways of making it. The pattern says to take 25 or more strips at ¾” wide. If you have strips leftover from projects, this is a great project to use them from. I’m only going to use two different colors in this, but you could use all different scraps of fabric which would be really really nice. So I’m going to cut more than one strip at a time. I’m going to cut four strips at a time, so I’m really not going to measure, I’m just going to keep moving my ruler over and just keep going. So I’m going to have all different size strips. So that’s all I’m going to use are these strips that are already cut, and I’m not even going to really pay too much attention to them. If you’re going to use leftover strips you’re going to be able to just take them and sort of put them in a pile, because to make the tassel we need to hold them together in the center and wrap them. The pattern says to take some tape and tape one side and tape the other, so you’re going to be able to work in that center. I’m just going to take these and I’m going to use a clamp and hold them on my counter. So I’m going to take some kind of a clamp and clamp it onto the table. And this is going to be like a second hand for me. And it’s going to give me two hands free. In the pattern it says to use embroidery thread to wrap. I’m going to use ribbon. I happen to have some ribbon and it’s thicker so I don’t have to wrap as much. So I’m going to cut a nice long piece to start with. I’m going to want to wrap about 4″ in the center. So I’m going to start with a nice long piece of ribbon and I’m going to tie a knot right on the end. That extra end I’m going to be able to lie down, and I’m going to be able to cover it as I’m wrapping it. Take that ribbon, just continue to wrap it, pulling it as tight as you can. And with this clamp here I’m able to really hold onto this and give it a snug wrap. I’m going to wrap so far and then I want to tie a knot. To make a knot I’m going to make a loop and I’m going to take that end and put it through that loop. And when you tighten it, it’s going to make somewhat of a knot. You’re going to be able to just snug that until it’s nice and tight. And make that loop and knot it a second time. The next thing I want to do is I want to make a loop so that I’m going to be able to put this onto the handle. You can take it very simply and just tie the loop right in the top. So I have a loop right there. Now I’m going to be able to continue wrapping and leave that loop hanging out, so you don’t cover it. I’m just going to continue wrapping. So this little loop will be right at the top. You just keep wrapping. If you don’t have enough you can tie a piece right onto the end of this, because you can cover those ends as you’re wrapping. And continue wrapping. When I get the length that I want I’m going to be able to do another loop and make that knot. We need to take this and fold it in half so that these edges are going to match. What we want to do is continue to wrap this area here to finish it off. You can clamp this part right back onto your counter. You’re going to be able to hold onto this and then I’m going to tie that loop knot again. I’m going to start with the loop, the end is going to come through, now I’m going to continue wrapping. So wrap it a couple of times so that it holds this together, put that end through the loop and tie it off. And knot it one more time. So that’s pretty secure now. I want to bury this ribbon inside so you don’t see the end. You’re going to want to find a needle that has a really big hole in it that that ribbon is going to fit through. You can get a tapestry needle or even a needle that you would use for knitting. And just work its way up, coming out somewhere between the other ribbons that we’ve wrapped. So now I can trim off this end. So you have a nice secure loop at the top and a nice finish here. Now I’m going to be able to take this and just trim it so that’s all the same size. Now you have a nice identifying tassel for your suitcase. There’s one more way to do this. This way is going to be a more permanent way; it’s going to stay on the luggage. So we’re going to start it here just like we did the other one, but we’re going to finish it right on the handle, and I’m not going to stop in the middle. I’m going to wrap that center anywhere between 4″ to 5″; this area just needs to go around the handle. When you’ve wrapped as far as you want, you need to tie that end the same way as before. Now I’m going to be able to take this off the clamp. So I’m going to put this through and I’m going to continue wrapping right onto the suitcase, and this is going to be permanent. It will never come off unless I have to cut through all of these layers. I’m going to hold those together and continue wrapping. The first one I like to do that loop so I tie the knot so it’s nice and secure , and continue wrapping. When you have as much as you want wrapped, tie it, do that loop, pull the end in, snug it up, do a second knot. I’m going to use that big tapestry needle again. Put the end in. A little bit of wiggling if it’s tough to come through, then you’re going to be able to pull that end out. Now I can trim these all the same size. Now you have one permanent marker on your suitcase. If you’re going to use the one with the loop on the end, put that loop right through. You’re going to be able to just pull that tassel right through that loop and then when it’s tight it’s going to stay on. So if you’re going to want to wrap this over the handle, you’re going to want to decide how big that handle is so you know to make that loop big enough. I like to make them permanent and that way I have nothing to worry about. I know this is always going to be there. So there’s no denying, I’m going to be able to find this in the carousel. I’ll put a link in the description to the newsletter and the free pattern and as always Thank you for joining me today on SewVeryEasy. Feel free to subscribe and, as always, come on back. Let’s see what we’re sewing next time
in the sewing room. Bye for now!

32 Replies to “Fabric Luggage Tassels”

  1. I have a whole jar FULL of ribbon scraps, too. I think it would be pretty to add them into the bundle of fabric strips.

  2. That is perfect for travelers – baggage claim is always a crush, with the tassels you could spot your luggage easy! Love it.

  3. Hey Laura i love your tutorials , could you please sugest somthing like a small mattress for pets, i want to make it for my 5 months old golden retriever ..thanks in advance 😍🤗

  4. 10 + years ago, I used colored luggage tags. At baggage claim I listened to people talk about the bags with the purple tags. "What a great idea in a sea of black bags." Now that luggage tags are everywhere, I'll switch to luggage tassels. Thank you. What a great NEW idea.

  5. About the tapestry needles: Their blunt tips make them difficult to push into a pincushion. So, I keep them separate from the other sewing needles—and then I can't find them when I need them! You're super-organized, so where do you put your tapestry needles?

  6. A lot more visible than the hair ribbon I used to tie on my luggage. I really liked where you bound it right around the handle…very secure!

  7. My mum always taught us to wrap matching pieces of fabric onto our suitcases. This is a much more refined way of doing it.

  8. I just started watching your videos so many great projects =) could you make a video about How to choose your first machine for a total beginner and the Basic on how to use a sewing machine ? =P It's probably boring for advance people but It's difficult to know where to start and a little intimidating 0_0

  9. So good to see you actually cutting! Love this, and it is 'so very easy'! Great scrap buster and you would never see the same on another bag! Thanks for sharing!

  10. Great tutorial! I have one comment, I work in an airport and I would caution against making your tassels too big. They could easily get caught in the rollers on the bag conveyors.

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