Fabric Magpie Shop Update October 2018

Fabric Magpie Shop Update October 2018

hello and welcome back to the vlog my
name is Boz and this is fabric magpie and today’s video is gonna be all of the
nice new things that I’ve got in stock so the first big update that I’ve got in
the shop at the moment is that I’ve got I started stocking patterns indie
patterns em all paper patterns as well and that’s exciting for me because
ultimately the long-term goal for fabric magpie is to be like a one-stop shop for
anything dress making related so I’m hoping that down the line I’ll be able
to add haberdashery and thread and things like that to the stock as well
but at the moment I’m focusing on high quality dress making fabrics and the
sewing patterns to go with them as well So I’ve just got a huge selection of
all of the patterns that I’ve got in stock right now so I’ll just run through
them with you and all of the patterns depending on the individual pattern and
the design and they range from about 14 pound 50 to 17 pound and there’s a
little bit of a range of different designers and different options as well
so I’ve got the Southport dress by true bias it’s got these options on the
back so there’s like the short version and the longer version I’ve got the
Hudson pants by true bias this one for me is on my make 9 so I’m very excited to
try and make this myself and I’ll share that with you if I do manage to do that
before the end of the year and there’s the line drawing on the back there’s a
short version as well and then I’ve got some Sew House Seven patterns as well so
I’ve gone with the toaster sweater which I think is going to be really great
for winter this was really popular last winter as well and it’s got both of the
versions and the packaging is really lovely it feels really nice and then
another sew house seven one is the Burnside bibs and again this is one that
I’ve been really keen to make as well so I’m hoping that I’ll be able to get
around to that at some point before the new year and then I’ve got a few
Grainline studio ones I’ve got the Morris blazer this is another one thats
in my collection as well actually I’m hoping to make this for work and I
fancied something kind of comfy and easy to throw on but still smart looking so
that looks like a really good one for that I’ve got the
Linden sweatshirt so which has got the short sleeve version and the long sleeve
version this has been really popular on Instagram as well and a friend on
instagram has made a whole bunch of them and every time I see her versions I keep
saying I need to make one as well so I’m hoping that I might get chance to make
one before the end of the year before it starts getting cold as well because I
need some new jumpers for work and I’ve got a few sew over it patterns so I’ve got
the Betty dress which is a classic this is going to be really good for party
season with new year and Christmas coming up I’ve got the ultimate trousers
because I thought it might be nice to have some trousers in the range as well
so they’re by sew over it as well and I got the eve dress as well because I thought
that I’d be really good for party season as well with the nice flutter sleeves
and the different variants I think that’s gonna be make some really
beautiful dresses this winter and then I’ve got a bunch of cashmerette
patterns in stock so if you haven’t heard of cashmerette before and they
do like a larger size range which is really good so they go from a size 12 up
to a size 28 and they do different cup sizes as well so they go from a C cup up
to a H cup and you pick your the instructions explain it really well but
you basically pick your size based on your cup size and and your waist and hip
measurements as well and bust measurements so it gives you a really
good fit if you’re more on the curvy side so I’ve got the Upton dress
which again I thought would be really good for party season and making some
pretty dresses for over the Christmas and winter period and I’ve got the
Appleton dress I’ve actually got a copy of this and I
might make myself one I made a version for my mum and for Christmas last year I
thought because it’s a Jersey wrap dress it was a good one for a gift
because I could kind of guess her size and because it’s jersey it’s a little bit
forgiving and the kind of selling point on this one is that there’s some all of
the drafting that’s gone in with the cup size and the bust size and working out
how it works is that when it wraps over it gives you a nice well fitted
finish so that you know if you lean over or anything no one’s gonna be able to
see down the front of the wrap so the drafting on this one is really good
is what I’m trying to say and then I’ve also got the Ames jeans in as well
and when I first got these into the shop they sold out straightaway so I’ve just
got a few more back in stock and these ones are by Cashmerette as well and they do two versions so there’s like one for an apple shape and one for a pear shape as
well and then I’ve got a whole bunch of Closet Case Patterns Closet Case
Patterns are probably my favorite designer and Heather-Lou I absolutely love
everything that she makes and all of the patterns that she brings out so I got a
nice range so I got the Fiona sundress which is probably it’s starting to feel
a bit wintery now so it’s probably not appropriate at the moment but and it
looks quite casual in the illustrations but I think if you made it out of a
different fabric you could probably make a nice party dress out of this
especially with this exposed back that might be quite nice and I got the
Jenny overalls and trousers I’ve seen loads of versions of these online
recently they look really really good fun and I really like this short version
and but I might need to make a longer version for over wind so maybe out some
corduroy or something like that all of these patterns are inspiring me to sew
so much but I don’t have that much time to sew so when I say I’d like to make a
version don’t hold me to it I got the Kalle shirt dress in um if you’ve
seen my September plans video you will know that I’m part way through making
this and I’m hopefully going to have it finished by the end of September so I’ll
hopefully I’ll get to show you my version of this soon it comes in three
versions as a cropped shirt like a tunic length and a full length one and there’s
a mandarin collar and a regular collar there’s a shirt pocket and there’s a
full length placket and a pop over placket and also a covered placket as
well and all of those different variants are all interchangeable so it’s a really
versatile pattern but I’ve really enjoyed sewing it it’s been a really
good game-changer for going from I would call myself a confident beginner
and I feel like I’m learning some kind of intermediate techniques with the
shirt collar and the button placket and things like that and I’ve got the ginger
jeans I’m I’d be surprised if you haven’t
heard about those and you’re into sewing your own clothes I think this is the
pattern that everybody aspires to be able to make I mean I’m generalizing
there I’m not I’m not saying everyone but yeah it’s a really interesting
pattern and the idea of being able to sew your own jeans is one that really
drew me to kind of home sewing I think that’s really cool and then I got the
Morgan genes as well my closet case which are a bit less fitted and a bit a
bit of a looser fit and the Carolyn pajamas which obviously a really good
one for over the winter period I don’t know about you but we always like to
have new pajamas on Christmas Eve it’s a little bit of a tradition so that would
be a really fun goal to be able to get some of those done for Christmas Eve that might be nice so it’s got the short version the long-sleeve short-sleeve
different variants and there’s some piping options as well I don’t know if
you can see it in that picture but you can pipe the pocket and around the
collar and everything so that looks like good fun
and I’ve got I’m going to show you in a second but I’ve got some really nice
Cotton’s and at the moment which would be absolutely lovely for a pair of
pajamas and then the last one I’ve got is the Nettie bodysuit and dress so it’s
got a few different variants but I think a body suit is kind of a staple for this
time of year because you can tuck it into some pants and it won’t won’t pop
out and keep you nice and warm and it’s got all these different variants on the
back so it’s got like a low back a high back and a medium one and you can have
these necklines on the back or front and then it’s got the bodysuit variant
and it’s got the dress variants as well and the different sleeve lengths too so
they’re all interchangeable so that looks like a good one and then I’ve got a
couple here that are by designers I’ve mentioned already but they’re not quite
on the website yet I am hoping to have them up by the time this video goes live
but they might not quite make it and it depends how much time I’ve got but I got
the Farrow dress by grainline studio and I actually got this in my goodie bag
when I went to the sewing weekender so this is one that I’m really looking
forward to making I was really excited when that came out of the goodie bag and
it was very generous so that one looks fun it’s got and yeah it’s got some
interesting style lines on the front there so you could do a bit of color
blocking or something and it has the long-sleeve version as well which is
nice for over winter and I’ve got the Ogden cami which if
you’ve been watching my handmade wedding dress series you’ll know that I made
this cami as my wedding dress top and I’ve also made about four or five
different versions in the past as well which I’ve vlogged about so I will
link to that vlog up here as well if you want to see some of those in action but
it’s a very simple pattern but it’s got some nice details in the way that the
facing goes together and the straps and everything so that’s my whole pattern
collection that I’ve got online at the moment I’m hope that you guys like that
if you’ve got any suggestions for designers that you would like to see or
patterns that you’d like to see on the website let me know and I’ll do my best
to get hold of them I’ve got my eye on a few that people have suggested already
but I will see see how we go with those so moving on to new fabrics this has
been keeping me really busy at the moment I’ve got this fantastic tencel
in if you haven’t heard of tencel before it’s really interesting because
it’s a man-made fabric but it’s made of natural fibres so it’s got a few
qualities of man-made fibers and a few qualities of natural fibers as well and
it’s made in a closed-loop system so what that means is that any of the water
that goes into making the fabric is not lost as waste water it goes back into
producing the fabric again so I’m probably not explaining it very well I’m
sure Google will explain it but it’s basically it’s an eco-friendly fabric
and it’s really lovely to work with as well so I’ve got this beautiful blush
pink color and I don’t know if it’s coming up very well on the camera but
it’s this beautiful kind of blush color pink I’ve got it in the powder blue as
well I had it in black but the black sold out straight away I had to reorder
a few times it’s unfortunately out of stock with my stockists as well now so
I’ve just got the pink and the blue left and I might be able to get some gray in
soon as well fingers crossed but I just wanted to show you how it
drapes it kind of feels this is a tencel twill so it’s a little bit thicker than viscose it’s kind of like a viscose twill actually and but it drapes really really well so
it’s going to be beautiful for blouses and dresses and jumpsuits and things
like that so yeah that’s really good fun and I’m glad that I’ve got that in the next thing that I wanted to show you is the collection of Cotton’s that
I’ve gotten so I mentioned I have some really nice Cotton’s in at the moment
and it would be really good for pajamas so I’ve got a few here and I’ll just
show you the patterns really quick but I’ve got this kind of sorbet this
one’s called and the color of it it’s kind of a kind of peachy pink kind of
color and it’s got these beautiful pineapples printed all over it these
ones are all 45 inches wide so the more of like a quilting cotton width and
but they feel beautiful and soft just like a cotton lawn so I think they
described some places as I cotton lawn in some places they’re just described as
a cotton but I’ve put them down as a cotton lawn because it really does have that
beautiful quality and then I’ve got this gorgeous bright pink one is my favorite
color I think at the moment and it’s got all these woodland creatures all
over it so that one’s absolutely gorgeous and I can imagine that as a
beautiful pair of carolyn pajamas I also love the idea of using these super
bright Cotton’s as pocket linings or makeup bags I think they’re gonna be
really good for a little gift for people for Christmas
Erm so like some makeup bags or project bags and that kind of thing and this
one’s really fun this reminds me of my sister because she loves mermaids and I’ll try to get the print the right way up I think this is called siren or something
like that but it’s got this really quirky prints all over it which is
beautiful and it’s in this gorgeous kind of grayish blue tone and with all the
complementary colors on it as well so I think this would be really good for like
a really jazzy shirt like maybe like a t-shirt dress and a shirt and then
speaking of shirts and I’ve got this one which I’m dying to make a kalleshirt
dress out of and maybe a kalle shirts the cropped version with a covered
placket but I’m not sure that orange is my color I don’t think it goes really
well with my skin tone but I absolutely love this maybe I have to make pajamas
instead and then this one which is a bit of a departure from the rest of the
collection that I’ve got in but I absolutely loved it it’s a beautiful
black background and it’s like really soft quality and
it’s got all these constellations on it and I just think this would look
absolutely amazing as the Deer and Doe Melilot shirt with the little cap
sleeves and a little color and I just think
because it’s kind of a cute little print but it’s not over-the-top so I think it
would be really nice for work and because it’s black it would go with a
lot of things I realized that I haven’t told you any prices so the tencel is
five pound fifty per half meter and all of these 45 inch wide Cotton’s
because they’re art gallery fabrics and they’re really high quality they are
seven pounds per 1/2 meter and then I do have some wider Cotton’s in stock at the
moment so I’ve got this one which I’ve called the watercolor floral cotton
and this is 60 inches wide so it’s a proper dress making and width of fabric
and I would say this one is not like a cotton lawn it’s not as soft it is still
soft but it’s just not as delicately woven as the others and I would say it’s
more a kind of a poplin style weave and it’s got this beautiful watercolor
prints all over it which I’m not sure which way it goes up but it’s got some
really rich deep colors and then this white in the background kind of set it
all off but the purples and the pinks and greens and then this delicate white
print that runs through it and it’s I just think that the the colors look
really rich is that I think that might make a really nice kind of party dress
or something nice to wear to a wedding and then I’ve also got in this cloud
prints which if you watch the fold lines videos you’ll see that and they feature
some of this on there sew down vlog recently and on their Instagram and this
I think I agree with Kate what she said that it would be beautiful for a child’s
bedroom so maybe some bunting or some cushions or something like that but I
think it’d make also a really fun top and so maybe the Scout tee by Grainline
studio or perhaps a Stevie the new pattern by Tilly and the buttons I
think would look really cool like this and you can make the ribbon match one of
these accents colours as well erm the tie at the back and
those 60 inch wide Cotton’s are four pound per half meter each as well and
then I’ve got some really cute jerseys in so let me show you these this one has
been super popular I’m almost out of it I think I’ve got a few meters left I
wanted to show you anyway I’m gonna try and get some more in stock and it’s
called birds and blossoms Jersey on the website and it’s just this gorgeous
navy background which is going to be perfect for winter and then it’s got
these splashes of pink and green and these little blue birds as well cute
little birds all over erm and I just I can see why this one’s been so popular
because it’s really just the colors I really lush and it’s nice and soft I
would say it’s kind of a t-shirt weight if you want to see the drape and it’s
printed so the back is white and it’s got a good decent amount of stretch so
I’d say it’s probably a t-shirt weight but it’ll make a lovely a t-shirt or
wrap dress oh it makes a really good Monette actually and Sarah from Crafty
Sew and So has made their cozy tunic dress out of it and it looks really
really good and then I’ve got this gorgeous one so I was trying to avoid
over buying mustard-colored fabric for the shop because you all know that I am
obsessed with mustard and I didn’t want the shop to just reflect my tastes I
wanted it to be I’m a collection of different styles of fabrics for all
kinds of people but I saw this one and I fell in love and I couldn’t help but
order some so it’s this gorgeous mustard color I think it’s called on the
website it’s called yellow ocher meadow it’s five pound fifty per half meter and
it’s got these tiny little flowers all over in red orange and blue which just
is a really nice delicate prints I think sometimes people are a bit nervous of
prints because they’re hard to wear with other things but I think that this print
is so delicate like you can see from a distance it it isn’t going to clash with
anything it’s just gonna look like yellow t-shirt with a little bit of
detail so I think that’d be really good for that and again this one is it’s
actually printed on the yellow so the backgrounds yellow the backing fabric is
yellow I mean and it’s a nice t-shirt weight again and this is going to be
good for t-shirts or dresses and basically all of the things I mentioned
for the birds and blossoms and then the next thing that I’ve got to show you is
super exciting I’ve been dying to get this on the website but it’s been really
hard to photograph and this is you won’t be able to tell from the picture on the
screen but I will insert a picture from the manufacturer to show you what
it’s like but basically this is a glow-in-the-dark Jersey so during the
day it’s just this kind of marle grey pale grey jersey it’s like a t-shirt jersey
it’s lovely and soft it kind of matches the same sort of color gray that I’m
wearing at the moment but this would be absolutely wonderful for t-shirts
dresses pajamas kids clothes I think it’d be really fun fun cause it glows in
the dark is it secret it’s um it’s stars and moons and astronauts and rocket
ships and things like that so it’s really really fun and quirky and the
glow-in-the-dark you have to leave it out in the light to absorb the light and
so then the glow-in-the-dark paint that erm print that’s on it you have to be
very careful when you wash and iron it as well and I would recommend not tumble
drying this one leave it out on the line to dry and if you do need to iron it
which probably shouldn’t with it being Jersey but if you do need to iron it do
it on the reverse and because of that that print that it’s got on it there is
the glowing the dark stuff but erm it’s also gonna look really cool under a
blacklight as well it’ll show up the print really well under that so
that’s pretty good fun hopefully you’ll be able to see the little picture of it
and what it looks like and then I’ve got a couple other jerseys here which I
haven’t put on the website yet but hopefully again will be up before this
video goes live fingers crossed and if not it will be shortly after and I’ve got
this one which I’ve been trying to get hold off for a little while
and I’m glad that I finally got it in stock but it’s this gorgeous embossed
Jersey this one’s like a sweatshirting type weight it’s got not much stretch
lengthwise but it’s got a good amount of stretch width wise that’s across the
width of the bolts and this I think would make an absolutely
amazing linden sweatshirt so I’ve said that I want to make one by the end of
the year and I might make it out of this but it’s not gorgeous yellow color that
I love and all these little stars are embossed I just think is the cutest
detail and a bit unusual yes I’ve got it looks like a huge role but it’s cause
it’s nice and thick so I’m not got much of that so I get on the website quick if
you do want some hopefully I’ll be up by then and then this is like the
showstopper this is what I’ve been waiting to get in for a while and this
is another glow in the dark fabric it’s again that pale gray but it’s got
little cat faces printed all over it isn’t that amazing
so I actually bought some of this from Sarah like so amazing when she had it in
stock because I couldn’t get any in at the time but I’ve since managed to get hold
of some from my supplier so I’m hopefully I’ll be making myself a little
t-shirt out of this I’m thinking I just want to make like I think I might make
the deer and doe plantain which is the free t-shirt patterned by deer and doe
I’ve made three or four of those in the past one of them with cat prints on it
but they’re just really comfortable and easy to wear and that’s what I wanted to
make out of this and this fabric though I’m wearing at the moment which I just
can’t get in stock it’s it’s discontinued it’s gray with cats printed
all over it so I’ve got a bit of a theme going on and but yeah the cool thing
about this is can you see all the little eyes they glow in the dark so again
you’ve got to leave it in the light so it absorbs the light and then when you
wear it in the dark and all when you have it out in the dark you’d be able to
see the little eyes glowing so that’s some really good fun fun fabric and it’s
kind of again it’s one of those subtle prints that it’s not too out there so it
would be good for grownup clothes as well as well as kids clothes oh so we
made it to the end that’s all of the new stuff that got in at the moment I have
got another order of fabric on the way as well
so as soon as I get that I will try and post about it and I’m really bad at
making videos at the moment though I’ve been I’ve just got loads of things on the
go with the shop I’m trying to get some sewing time in as well and not
neglecting my actual hobby that I love so Erm if you do want to keep up with new
fabrics I post about them all the time on Instagram you can follow me at fabric
dot magpie and I’m more likely to post about new fabrics on there and if these
new ones haven’t been on the website by the time this video goes live I will
post on Instagram to let you know when they are up on the website that’s
everything from me today I hope you enjoyed seeing all the new stock feeling
a bit hot now I’ve been moving all those fabric bolts around so I hope you
enjoyed the video if you did please give me a thumbs up and if you’d like to see
more in future don’t forget to subscribe happy sewing and I’ll speak to you soon bye

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  1. Hi Boz, gorgeous new patterns and fabrics πŸ’. You will love your Kalle shirt I think….loved mine… especially after battling over the covered placket πŸ˜‰. I got there in the end though and it's a real satisfying make and the one I'm most proud of to date 😁. I love all the Closet Case patterns for style too and I'm just drawn to them somehow 😊. Particularly loved the mermaid fabric and how fun would it be to make wash bags with that…they would have to be a good size though to show off the fabric…or maybe wash linen bags πŸ‘πŸ˜€πŸ˜˜

  2. Love your choices! I have a small, new fabric shop in the states. It takes me forever to choose fabrics, and it's hard not to fill my shop with stuff perfect for me! It's fun, though, and we are slowly growing!

  3. WOW such a great selection of fabrics and patterns! I just wanted to suggest that in the future when you're talking about your fabrics it would be helpful to know their fiber content – on the wovens you were pretty good (ie tencel and cotton) but on the knits you didn't mention fiber content at all πŸ™‚

  4. My favorite are the pineapple and the navy background floral, ohhh and the floral with purple. Such beautiful fabrics.

  5. Could you tell me who makes the birds and blossoms Jersey? I live in Australia and i love it. Could you tell me the conversion rate to post to here for 1 metre. How wide is it? Thankyou.

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