Fabric Mart Julie's Picks (August 2019): Swatch Review & Pattern Suggestions!

Fabric Mart Julie's Picks (August 2019): Swatch Review & Pattern Suggestions!

hello everyone in this video we will be reviewing the Julie's pics swatches from fabric Mart for August 2019 so here I have the little catalog that is sent to me and inside we have all of the swatches stapled with a little description for each one including the price so what I'll go ahead and do is take off these swatches so we can get to reviewing them alright all of the swatches are off and we are ready to begin but first I just wanted to mention and then cover here it talks about something called caddy or Katie I don't know stretch suiting and it says that it's a new to me fabric so Julie says it's new to her and she finds she found out it's pretty special and it was included in fabric Mart slot from Millie it says I'm gonna say Katie because there's only one day so Katie stretch is used by high-end design houses and can be made from a variety of content it is a 2 or 3 ply crepe that has a nice straight so that's new to me as well I have not heard of this fabric so she says that there's a great article from threads magazine about Katie and I'll go ahead and include the link as well in the description box so you can check it out and learn about it let's begin so here it's this section is called patriotic summer collection and it looks like a lot of these fabrics are from Milly but let's start with the horizontal stripe washed Lenin this is from Millie and I did that and I also like hurt my nail pulling out the staples because I just a savage and don't use a staple remover I just yank him there you go so this is a horizontal striped washed linen in red and cream it's a hundred percent linen 60 inches wide and it's $9.99 a yard so you can see the nice texture here on the weave and there's the back and that is just me healing from getting poked from sewing yeah sorry my hands are a bit of a mess but I like the texture on this so as I go along if I'm inspired to give us a pattern suggestion I will do that I'll put the swatch aside so I can give you a pattern suggestion if I feel if I fill in inspiration all right so this one is a cross weave stretch linen blend this is also from Milly the colors they're saying are berry in cream so it's basically red honestly and it's linen cotton a lycra blend it's $9.99 a yard and it's also sixty inches wide I think these two would make good pants or shorts these two guys so maybe I'll set them aside I do have a couple patterns in mind so I'll show them at the end okay let's see this was kind of pretty this is a small floral dty knit navy red salmon and evergreen are the colors so it's polyester and lycra and it's got obviously some stretch here 56 inches wide and $7.99 a yard very cute next up is a stretch 12 it says imported from Italy this color is called hazelnut so there you can see the 12 weave and my and the staple holes but this is 97% cotton 3% lycra $7.99 a yard and it's 56 inches wide next we've got a daisy print stretch bottom weight so yeah it is stretchy from Anne in New York designer navy and white it's cotton in lycra $9.99 a yard so it is a little bit heavier because it is a bottom weight but it's got some nice stretch to it and 54 inches wide moving along this is the Shelly print collection so here we have a snakeskin print Shelly in black grey and teal it's a hundred percent rayon and it's $5 a yard Julie special price 55 inches wide next is a pump sprays print shali black aqua fuchsia multi 100% rayon it is also $5 a yard and 55 inches wide I wonder what the whole print looks like next Shelly is also 100% rayon the colors it says are sepia and black 55 inches wide again and $5 a yard so it looks like all of these in the Shelly suction are five dollars a yard and this one it's called Oliver feather and Paisley shali red peach tan black and white again 100% around 55 inches wide and $5 this one is daisies and plaid print shall we the colors are pink lavender mint black and white all right moving along to the fun brights collection it says so we're gonna start with something called let's get it here floral print stretch that teen in black petal pink purple green and yellow it's 97% lycra 97% cotton 3% lycra it's got a Julie's special price of 399 a yard which is really good price it's 48 inches wide very bright I like florals on black backgrounds I think it just makes them pop next we have a pinstripe suiting stretchy suiting this is imported from Italy this is a really nice feeling fabric so if you're looking to make some like a skirt for work some pants for work or a jacket this is really nice it's black and grey these stripes are really light grey 97 percent wool three percent lycra it's 60 inches wide and it's Julie special prices $12.99 yard and it's regularly $34.99 oh there this is interesting guy here the 80s Miro print shaly so white mint Buttercup and magenta and black 100 percent rayon it's $4.99 a yard 58 inches wide I would love to see what this print looks like entirely because I'm kind of drawn to eighties prints this looks fun so we shall see you go into fabric Mart maybe we can pull that up you can pull it up and see here we have a horizontal stripe crinkle royal off-white and pale pink 55 inches 55% cotton 45% polyester at $6.99 a yard and it runs 44 inches wide and then we have a check plaid boil aqua and mint and it's 70% linen 30 percent cotton 899 a yard and 56 inches wide put this aside with this because I think the patterns I'm suggesting for these will work well for this because of the linen blend all right moving along to the bold prints and coordinates collection we have the chevron print Katy stretch cape great so here we're moving on to the Katy stretch crepes this is imported from Italy by Milly that colors our red pepper black and white this is the back $12.99 a yard a few two inches wide so it's a blend of silk rayon and lycra I think that is a really nice blend actually so I'm becoming interested in these Katie's so I've got a crepe double knits so got some nice stretch in got 95% polyester 5% lycra giving you that nice stretch $5.99 a yard and this is 58 inches wide next is a it's called a tribal stripe print linen blend and the colors are off white and black as you can see it's a linen and cotton blend $8.99 a yard forty or not it's 54 inches wide and I'm gonna put these this guy but this because the patterns and I'm suggesting will work with that as well then we've got an abstract scratches print ity net red orange Allegra 95% polyester 5% lycra $5 yard and it is 58 inches wide and then next we've got woo lightweight punting it from Millie this feels exceptionally nice if you're looking for a white Ponte knit this is great it's ran nylon and lycra and it's $8.99 yard at 62 inches wide pretty alright we're going into the early fall getaway collection and we're gonna start with and called overlapping floral print ity net in tan black brown no tan brown black and white 95% polyester 5% Micra $5 a yard and it's 58 inches wide next its tribal diamonds tie-dye I – I knit red tan white and black 95% polyester 5% lycra so you've got stretch also $5 a yard 58 inches wide I would like to see if this just like repeats it's probably like that then we've got a fine 12 suiting no what is this sorry oh it's a linen made from a New York designer color is in fawn is a hundred percent linen 58 inches wide and it's $9.99 a yard no we've got a denim here it's a stretch denim mm-hmm tiny bit of stretch there it's cotton lycra doesn't say that percentage of lycra $7.99 a yard and 56 inches wide and then we've got a fine 12 suiting in white now this is made up of 46 percent tensile which I like 31% polyester 20 percent rayon and 3% spandex I quite like that blender it's $7.99 a yard and 48 inches of white okay it looks like we've got less stack which falls under the fall preview collection and this is a strike flannel suiting imported from Italy in charcoal and oatmeal and it's a hundred percent wool so you know a rule can be scratchy this has texture but it's not really scratchy it's kind of soft actually 1499 a yard and 58 inches wide next a tiny triangle print and large chevron so y-you have the triangle prints the overall big print or design is gonna be Chevron's together it's an IT white knit the colors are burgundy black white coral and red coral red I guess it says 95% polyester 5% like bra and it's $5 yard 56 inches wide and next we've got another one of the Katy stretch suitings I'm gonna see if I can find a pattern that I think I would use for this stretch suiting um being I've never sewed it before but feels like other types of fabrics I've sewn with so this is imported from Italy by Milly it's a really nice burgundy it's 90% polyester 10% lycra so it's a different blend than the other Katy that had I think what rayon and silk this is 899 yard and it's 58 inches wide next is called connecting arches print ity knit tan maroon and black 95% polyester 5% lycra by Bella's yard okay and then we have this this is pretty the heathered suiting imported from Italy it's a grain black and it's a hundred percent wool so we've got some nice suiting fabrics let me see if I've got some patterns fact I can have just shooting into the keys let's let's look at some items for maybe work or that type of look I'll find the other Katy anyway this one is heather gray and black 100% wool 1489 yard and sixty inches wide and this is supposed to be dry clean they usually suggest that wool alright so let me go ahead and take a moment and see if I can find some patterns for some of these and I will be back to share those with you okay let's take a look at the Shelley's that we had I think that's all of them so we had these guys here and I'm just basing it off of not necessarily the print but mainly the characteristics of the fabric so I do have a couple of patterns that have been floating around my workspace recently that would work well with Shelley and it's this one from new look six three seven three there's it's a jumpsuit or you can make these little dresses and I just think that probably any of these would look really cute this is almost 80s vibe like check that out because of the dropped waist I just think that you could do I mean obviously you could use any of these with these it's just personal preference on what you want to do but the characteristics of this fabric will work well with this pattern it does call for Shelley and if you want something a little bit more I don't know dressier I guess I've been liking this pattern I haven't made it yet but I like the design I bought it specifically for the top so this is a simplicity pattern by Cynthia Rowley 1872 I think that any of these would work well so these are the two pics I have for the shali if you have any that you think would work well please leave it in the comments below for the other viewers and me okay let's see what we have next so I'm gonna pull out these knits here that have been coming through coming through that were included even this one well this one is the caddy suit stretch suiting so I don't think that would work very well so I'm gonna go with these these are more of the you know poly and like rad knits these all I think would work well with the patterns I have here it's just all personal preference again what you like I always like a good knit wrap dress so I have this one from McCall's seven eight nine three and then this one if you don't like rap I'm having a heck of a time with rap patterns to make them too low and it just I'm still kind of figuring out a pattern I'm working on so anyway there's that one and then there is this one from the calls which is just you know more basic dress and there's lots of options here you can add sleeves long-sleeve short-sleeve sleeveless I just think this is a very nice versatile pattern it's seven three one three and then let me go over here and pull this is one of my all-time favorites and I'll always recommend it this is another wrap dress I think it's better than the McCall's in terms of fit at least for me you know based on my measurements we're all different so yeah that's what I have for these knits let's move on to these linens ordered my little linen swatches go okay here we go so we have this one and it was it called nutmeg or something just for the tribal looking print the skiing um one and these are all linen or linen blends so I made these shorts for my cousin recently very cute pattern I love the pockets you can make pants capris longer shorts shorter shorts this is a great pattern or I have something else here's another pattern by Roberta which I have not used yet but it looks really great and I think any of these would work well with either one of these patterns so it calls seven three six four or Berta style six seven three five yeah alright next we're gonna look into the suitings okay so we have this one with the pinstripes this is the Katy this is another Katy and we have something else oh yes and then this heathered one so looks like most that I pulled for this these are Berta and I actually haven't made them yet but I think they'd work well so here we have some trousers six four seven zero then we have this use dresses here six four five two and I really like this one I love this neck I think if it is sewn properly if it works well I think it looks really cool and a little bit different and then I also have this Berta which I think these are really lovely these dresses let's see the line art might be better and this is Berta seven one three seven and I've got another Berta here in particular this sheath dress here with the cap sleeves in the belt I mean really really pretty and I could definitely see it in this or this and the next one I have is simplicity and it's just a trouser pattern and it's got a contour waistband which I am a big fan of I've come to find out eight zero five six from simplicity it's an amazing fit pattern and you can actually do it in more of a whoa look they've got slim an average and curvy body shapes so that's awesome I haven't made I don't think I've made an amazing fit pattern yet and I think you know for pants that would be really great because it's they have offerings for slim / average or curvy body shapes so definitely think these three but all work very well okay so that's what I have those are my suggestions if you saw a swatch and you wanted me to provide a suggestion let me know if you need more information on the swatches let me know I'd be happy to provide that information but I hope you enjoyed this video and I hope that you enjoy me including some suggestions that I have and if you have any others again I would love to hear from you and so would probably the other viewers so thank you very much for watching and we'll be back with the next swatch video

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  1. Heck yes I enjoyed this video! Thanks for including pattern picks – they’re great. I’m with you on the trickiness of wrap dress/top necklines, I’ve had two successful ones: NL6581 and S8848. It’s such a wonder when they close properly and high enough!! The Cady selections look very interesting. I can’t buy ANY fabric, woe is me. (Well, not really. I’ve got more than enough to keep me busy for years.) Are the prices in the swatch book for members only? There are some beauties there!!

  2. Yep, love these swatch videos. Very nice! I see that you can join Julies Club at a prorated price of only $25 currently. Sooooo….I have it in my basket. Thanks for showing these with your fabric/pattern suggestions. That is very helpful.

  3. The linens are really nice. That black/gray wool is gorgeous, can see a nice jacket lurking on those folds.

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