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  1. i don't fucking get why they had to close down Fabric. i had the greatest times of my life in Fabric. so Goddamn sad.

  2. They brought it back but it's not the same anymore man. They don't have the dnb Playaz night anymore. That was the best damn fucking rave ever and it's gone now.

    Fuck them for destroying this club.

  3. It's actually heart breaking to lose this place . I went there many times . Had no trouble every time . They should shut the roads down because of all the deaths each year .

  4. So stupid, London has lost its crown jewel of culture. Such a shame to lose the best nightlife in the country

  5. Only managed to go there once and that was in the last few months, incredible place for a great night #RIP

  6. wasn't excepting an upload at this time, and I swear this is a re-edit because I remember those bath rooms.

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