15 Replies to “Fabric Paint | DIY Apparel | Michaels”

  1. what brand of paint was used to paint on the tshirt? how do you set it? iron? wash? i don't understand why michael's makes these videos without providing information that could better sell their products.

  2. اشتركوا فى قناتى وحشترك فى قنواتكم اانشاء الله نوصل مليون مشترك

  3. I meant to order puffy paint but ended up accidentally ordered a 20 dollar pack of puffy paint and made the same mistake with a 24 dollar pack ;-;

  4. I've tried many times many brands and i ironed the t shirt and all but the paint washes off!!!! Heeeeeelp

  5. Finally! Thank you so much. Got these paints to make non slip socks and beyond that project I had NO clue. Wonderfully simple tutorial.

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