Fabric "Paper" Towel Roll- DIY Tutorial

Fabric "Paper" Towel Roll- DIY Tutorial

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  1. GREAT tutorial! Thanks for such detailed instructions. I was going to buy a few rolls but I'm totally comfortable sewing so I'll make my own instead in the exact color and pattern to match my personal preferences. Good work!

  2. +TheCraftyGemini; Tfs This Fanatastic Video On How to Make Your Own Fabric Paper Rolls Washcloth. I Probably Make a few of these for Personal Use(to use as face towels, when washing my hair or to use at night under my pillow when needed; cause just last yr 2018 I've found that I've been using so much toilet paper or paper towels to either keep with me under my pillow or inside shortpants to use whenever needed & especially whenever I'm not well as of all now cause I'm here trying to get over a cold from which started like the wkend before Christmas Day last yr 2018 & still linkering on plus along with it; it stir up my asthma which is primarily my main challenge right now. So This Project I Marked As My To Do List For this New Yr So As To Not Waste Toilet Paper or Paper Towels Anymore. Thanks So Much For Reading & Sharing this Video & Thanks Also for Your Feedback In Advance.

    NB: Btw Also Post To Say Happy New
    Year to You & Yours. Hope All Your New Yrs Resolutions Comes Through/Accomplished before yr ends.

  3. Would the snaps scratch when your cleaning? I think I would just leave the snaps off and stack the cloths someplace convenient.

  4. I made these last weekend (well almost as I am waiting for the snap kit to arrive to finish them). I purchased terry cloth, rather than using old towels. These turned out great, cannot wait to finish them.

  5. Hi  Vanessa.  Love your tutorials and ideas that you share.  Is there another video that you have done that shows how you cut same size patterns over and over?  I noticed that  you used two rulers when cutting the flannel and sometimes had the material turned to the wrong side.  Thanks again for all your tutorials.  Have a blessed weekend.

  6. I showet ny girlfriends Daughter how to make these about a tear Ago! She Had fun! You got a Pictures snd said She did well! She was happy. question i cant find a colorful Snapset. I font want just White. Amy suggestions? Thanks invadvance!

  7. I love reusables. For 99% of my cleaning, I use rags that I wash and reuse. For the other 1% of the grossest messes, I use paper towels – a roll will last at least 6 months. I would never use pretty cloth towels to clean up the disgusting crud that I'd use a paper towel for.

  8. Thanks I have made some using my scrap pieces of flannel but did not connect as there is many sizes . Great way to use up scraps of flannel

  9. There's also metal snaps that you can sew on. These plastic ones look great but in case you wanted a different options (they won't break)

  10. I love you !! I have big hands and we make big messes ^_^ sounds like my house !! this tutoral is super easy ! ps I love your ink !

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