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  1. also one has to bear in mind that some people make these boards with children in mind whose movements are quick and unaware of the fragilty of foam board.

  2. Clever idea covering the tack with a decorative head. Thanks for that, but…I doubt the tack will stay put for long simply by being pushed in. I'd recommend using buttons, threaded once through from the top, with fine wire which can be spread apart on the wrong side and taped down for good measure. Once the foam loses its grip, which will happen when the ribbon is under tension, you won't be able to reinsert the tack securely. Nothing worse than a flimsy 'hold' on a memo board! Specially after all that work.

  3. how have people hung their boards? I've just got foam board, but not sure how or what to use for hanging? thank you for the tutorial.

  4. Great video!!  This is next on my list to craft 🙂  A question, is the form board necessary, does the hot glue not work on cork by itself?  Thanks!

  5. Also you can buy cork/foam board on Amazon- a 2 pack by Elmers for only $9.  Skips the step of having to glue the cork to the foam board.

  6. This is a great video– just  bought all the materials, and this video will really help put it together.  All of you urchins questioning her use of "taut"- did you grow up under a rock?  Get a dictionary, or google it!  She took the time to make this helpful and detailed video and post it to help people make one of these awesome creations, and you have the audacity to question her language in the instructions?  Get a life and have some respect! 

  7. Thanks for your question Amy.  The word I am saying is "taut" and it means "stretched or pulled tight; not slack."

  8. Thanks for watching and thanks for your question! Taut means "stretched or pulled tight; not slack." Hope this helps! Happy creating! Michelle 🙂

  9. Patricia Harman there is a video called how to make a French board it will answer your question, the gentlemen will show you how to weave the ribbon real easy to do…:-)

  10. That's a great question Patricia! I'm not sure simply weaving the ribbon would make it tight enough to hold items in place when you put them onto the board. Maybe hot glue or if you could sew the ribbon at the intersections and then somehow attach/sew the intersections to the board? Part of what makes the board work is having the ribbon adhered to the board in some way…I'll continue to think about it though! Maybe we can come up with something! 🙂 Good luck!

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