Fabric Storage Bin – Sewing Tutorial | Whitney Sews

Fabric Storage Bin – Sewing Tutorial | Whitney Sews

Hi everyone! I’m Whitney and I post a new
tutorial every week to help sewers of all skill levels learn new projects and techniques.
This week I’m showing how to make a fabric storage basket. I made this one to give to
my daughter to hold the dishes in her play kitchen.
To make the basket you will need some bosal foam. I had a piece of the double sided fusible
foam left from another project, but the single sided works as well. I will have both linked
down below. The foam gives the basket a ton of structure so it stands up really well on
it’s own. You will also need two different cotton fabrics.
My foam was 20 by 12 inches to start with. I did not precut my fabrics, because it’s
easier to line up a larger piece then trim it down to the same size as the foam later.
Lay out the foam and place your outer fabric on top. After the fabric is as straight as
possible and smoothed out flat use an iron to fuse the fabric to the foam. You want to
make sure the steam is turned off or it will activate the glue on the other side and bond
the second side of the foam to your ironing surface. Once the fabric is fused nicely in
place flip it over and trim up the fabric to match the size of the foam. Then use the
foam piece to cut the lining fabric to size. Now it’s time to sew. Fold the foam and outer
fabric piece in half right sides together lining up all the edges. Sew down both sides
backstitching at the beginning and ending of each stitching line. Repeat with the lining
fabric, but leaving a 4 inch opening in the middle of one side.
To box the corners stand the piece up and push the seam in so it folds over and forms
a triangle to the point. Line a ruler up with the seam and so the widest part of the triangle
takes up 4.5 inches of the ruler – or however wide you want your basket to be. Mark along
the edge of the ruler and add a couple of clips. Repeat this for each corner of the
outer and lining. Then sew directly on the marked lines. Trim off the excess on the outer
leaving about a half inch. I left the corner points on the lining, but you can trim it
if you like. Place the lining in the outer so they are right sides together matching
up the side seams. Add clips around the top to hold the layers together. Sew around the
entire top edge. Reach in through the opening in the lining
and carefully turn everything right sides out. Tuck in the edges of the opening and
sew a top stitch to close it up. Then push the lining inside and make sure the top edge
is turned in so the outer and lining are even. Sew a top stitch the keep the lining tucked
in. At this point I turned the steam on my iron
back on and used it to fuse the lining to the other side of the foam now that the bin
is together. I didn’t fuse it all over, just around the top and sides. I decided the bin
needed a little handle, so I grabbed a scrap and cut it to 3 ¼ by 6 ½ inches and a piece
of fusible fleece. With the textured side of the fleece against the back of the fabric,
fuse them together. Then trim it up if needed. Turn one long edge in a half inch and press.
It won’t stay folded perfectly, but the crease will stay. Repeat on the other long side.
Then fold the piece in half right sides together with the edges still folded to the outside.
Sew both short sides with a ¼ inch seam allowance. Trim down the excess seam allowance so it
is as smooth as possible when turned. Flip the piece right sides out and tuck the long
edges inward. The seams at the ends and the ironed creases help fold the edges exactly
where they need to be. Sew a line of stitching all the way around.
Clip the handle into place so that it is centered between the side seams. Sew a box around each
end to attach. My basket finished right at 4.5 x 6 x 7 inches.
But you can definitely change up the starting fabric size and what measurement you use for
boxing the corners to make this bin whatever size you want. I made this fabric basket to
help keep Skyler’s kitchen supplies organized since she got a play kitchen for Christmas.
She is loving her kitchen and dishes. I’ll have the links to her kitchen and dishes along
with the vlog showing Skyler opening them in the description box.
I’ve been working on a ton of different projects to help keep my kids’ toys more organized.
You can see some of those other tutorials right over here! Click my picture right there
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38 Replies to “Fabric Storage Bin – Sewing Tutorial | Whitney Sews”

  1. Love the basket for organizing! I'm going to make these for my art room to get myself organized so I can create more art

  2. Whitney, that basket is so cute! I love the fabric. Your sewing skills are inspiring! I hope someday I can get my sewing machine working again. 🌈🙏🏼thanks for sharing.

  3. Whitney, it's like you know I need organizing!! I'm going to make some of these (HOPEFULLY SOON) to help organize my fabric scraps and such. I'm really horrible when it comes to organizing, but if i had something as cute as this, I might enjoy it! YOU ROCK!!

  4. I love that! I had a friend ask me, a year or so ago, if I knew how to make fabric bins. I tried but failed 🙁 I can do this!! And now "sew" can she with her grandmothers machine. Thanks for the video! P.S. I have made a ton of tote bags like this, thanks to another of your videos.

  5. I love to make these for all kinds of things. Never used the foam but I bought some for another project and going to use some of the extras to make a few of these. Love how you made the handle. Skylar’s kitchen looks so cute and fun to play with. This will help her keep things in their places! Great job and great tutorial. 🤗💜🤗

  6. Thank you for such a clear and useful tutorial. I like to make gift baskets and fabrics boxes will be perfect. Love the handles.

  7. I absolutely love this! And your handle tutorial is stellar, as always. Thank you so much Whitney, this will help me keep my yarn projects organized. You are wonderful, and I always enjoy your tutorials.

  8. We bought my granddaughter a kitchen set too! She loves it! I am sewing these bins for her kitchen accessories. Thanks, Whitney!

  9. Last night I decided my fabric sewing machine cover needed a handle and remembered the handle in this video. It was fast and easy and looks great. Thanks for sharing!

  10. I love your videos they are so helpful I have been trying to find a diy video or pattern to make a puppy tote (whelping box) Laundry basket cover liner and cant find one anywhere ! Would love it if you did a video for one of those ! Congrats on the new house

  11. I love this cute project ❤️ I think I'll make a few this spring for my sewing pattern collection. Oh and I'm loving how you made the handle. Thanks for sharing, Whitney 😊

  12. 😎Excellent! i think i might sew a handle onto foam sided fabric while it is still flat. Or, i could add 2 handles for carrying in top seam when joining inner and outer fabrics.

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