Fabric swap with The Specky Seamstress

Fabric swap with The Specky Seamstress

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  1. Great collaboration! The PJs are cute. The anchors fabric would be nice as cuffs/collar or other details, paired with a solid fabric.

  2. I love this collaboration idea. Your pyjamas look amazing. I am so tempted to buy the Hudson pants pattern to make some pj bottoms for my daughter.
    I have used corduroy fabric to make several bags which I've gifted to people using a free pattern – the Phoebe bag by Rebeka Lambert. You could use the boats fabric as the lining. Or would you have enough fabric to make a Cleo dungaree dress?

  3. I watched Laura’s video yesterday and loved what she made, I love the idea of the fabric collaboration. You’re Frankie and Hudson pants turned out great. I was thinking for the star needle cord a skirt or if there’s enough a pinafore would be great. For the map fabric, because you have mentioned in the past how your students like to see you wearing fun prints, I would like to see it incorporated in a garment. I have no idea what!!! I’ll leave that to you. Anyway enough waffle from me. Take care and hope your summer is going well. Thank for this great idea and sharing. Val🇨🇦🇬🇧❤️

  4. I am amazed you made a whole pyjama set from just 1.5m! Maybe the map and boats fabric would make a great bucket hat? https://afternoon.co.za/shop/afternoon-hat-sewing-pattern

  5. Oh I had never thought of a bag, that'd be so nice in the needlecord! Those pyjamas are so cute, I'm so pleased to see the fabric go to such good use. Had so much fun swapping with you Tamlyn 🥰

  6. Love the jammies. For the needle cord and at least one of the contrasting fabrics, what about a bag such as the boho button bag by the Stitch Sisters? The smaller fabric pieces could make a great lining. Alternatively a simple tote bag would be both practical and pretty.

  7. The star needle cord you should use for a mini cord skirt that you can wear with tights! The map fabric would make great pocket linings and the inside of a waistband. If you make a fun pair of pants you could always use the fabric to be the full pocket so the part that would show on the front of the garment would also be the map fabric.

  8. This fabric swap is such a genius idea! Love your pj’s! I think you should make a bag with the burgundy stars cord and a travel themed wash bag with the maps cotton!! You could even embroider something small on the map to show places you’ve visited!

  9. Haya. The first thought I had was you could make pyjamas & you did, they look fantastic, The map fabric is great, a bag perhaps? Thanku for sharing. x

  10. What a fantastic fit on you! The close up on the neck band looks perfect! A book or tablet sleeve for the map fabric would be good. What age children do you teach?

  11. What a brilliant job you did with the animal fabric, Tamlyn. The pyjamas are fantastic. I love the contrast detail of the black jersey. I loved Laura’s video too 💕

  12. Fantastic idea! You did a great job with that cute fabric; those are just about the cutest pajamas I've ever seen!

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