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  1. Just when I thought i wasn't going to start anything new, and looking for folded fabric projects, i stumbled onto your videos. I gave up pintrist because i spent 6 hours on the computer and decided it was a waste of time. So far, i've watced about 8 hours of your videos and can't get enough. I'm pretty new to Youtube n hope i've subscribed properly and saved your posts. Or is it hacks? I'm 70 and really don't know how we lived without the Internet, Utube, Cell Phones, etc. You are so creative, precise and easy to follow. Ordered my plastic threader and small clips Now to order Terial Magic Going on a 3 week road trip and didn't want to bring my sewing machine. Now my project bag is just as full

  2. I'm not going to make any fabric weaving but I found your videos fundamentally entertaining! You're really passionate about fabrics so much it shows in your beautiful creations! I love this piece!🙂

  3. My first watch, thumbs UP and Sub'd too! I LOVE it! I love art, but this always looked confusing to me. But once u get it, no big deal. Did u have too much cappuccino before u started…lol… Whoa! It was great, thanks for speeding thru it. I don't like long videos. I'm a "get to the point" lady. You taught me alot and I appreciate it so very much! Thank you!!!! Blessings, L 🙂

  4. Love this tutorial! You did a great job. Small request: you referred to backing that you used as; “thermos web heat and bond mid weight fusible interfacing”…anyway you could just tell us, Pelon number such and such, like you did in another of your videos. Lol, would make it easier. Thanks so much

  5. I just came by ur curtain video for the bunk beds & I thought it was too cute. Thanks for not being stuffy, just fun as you show us ur craft. Spending the morn watching ur videos, I'm loving these color blocks. Maybe you showed already but I'm wondering what you make out of them. Thanks for the upbeat personality, why didn't I see you sooner!!! *.*/

  6. I didn’t read any comments or ratings or even watch the whole video yet. IT WAS YOUR AMAZING PERSONALITY AND YOUR LAUGH THAT JUST CAUGHT ME IN THE FIRST 30 SECONDS AND I PRESSED SUBSCRIBE.

    I do hope you have more videos. If not I will be watching this over and over. It’s well worth it. Lol your laugh is so contagious and uplifting.

  7. So to make a large blanket are you sewing the blocks together or are do you just do a larger grid? Are you lining the opposite side so the pellon doesn’t show?

  8. New subscriber! Loved the positivity and energy you have. Awesome channel!!! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  9. I am excited to try this pattern. I have this idea in my head to make a cover for my sewing machine. Do you recommend weaving a larger piece and cutting the pieces to size. Or, making smaller individual pieces for each piece that you need? I LOOOVVVED the colors you used for this one. I may try to find something similar. Thanks Mr. Domestic!

  10. Uau…very, very beautifull … I´m brazilian, but I can to make this folowing you video….thank you for sharing.

  11. Would you please consider doing a fabric weave star pattern video.
    I enjoy your videos.Quite luckily by accident.

  12. Great job. Now if I could only finish the tumbling blocks quilt I started over 12 years ago. The top and back are pieced but it needs quilting.

  13. I love this video and your explanations and words motivating us.
    I would like to make a request if I could. Can you speak a bit slow on the difficult steps.

    The world is watching your videos and some people like me do not speak english.

    Thank you for your class and time.

  14. OMG, that was amazing! I don’t believe I could do that! My eyes were crossing as I watched that last color being woven!

  15. Thanks for being so generous with your time Matthew! You are so positive, funny & entertaining, I forget to pay attention to what I'm learning. There are so many making videos of all kinds, but only a few are meant to be teachers, you are one of them. I love your first fabric collection "Loved To Pieces" (I think)…Lol & I am sewing with it now. I did just see you unbox your new collection & I can't wait for that one too! BTW, we are laughing WITH you, not at you, no worries, you are very talented, keep up keeping us all positive! Thanks again, ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~peggy

  16. very new to your video and was not paying attention when the video started and i swear i thought since when does peter monn quilt lol, you have some great videos

  17. I just found your channel. LOVE IT! So creative. 🙂 I have started using Washi tape instead of masking/painter's tape. Bonus: CUTE!

  18. Hi Matthew

    One of your tutorials popped up on my feed a couple of days ago and now I can't stop watching them. You have never popped up on here or anywhere else but I am very pleased that you did. I have never done anything like this but I certainly will do now. You are so talented and make such beautiful work. I can't wait to get started. I have only been sewing for just over a year and have really surprised myself. It is good to learn something new. Thank you so much for sharing your talent and look forward to many more 😀

    From the UK.

  19. Love this design, hoping to make it for a bag front and back. Any thoughts on how to quilt it to give it more stability and durability?

  20. I just ordered my Wefty needles, and I have to go get my fabric glue, but I am so stoked to try this. I have really enjoyed watching your videos on this Matthew. Thanks so much for sharing your fun, and happiness, and joy. 🙂 You brighten my day.

  21. Thank you thank you Matthew for taking the time to make another video with plain fabrics. I’ve been wanting to do this for a while now. Finally I’ve got my wefty needle so I can start making. This is so beautiful!!! 😍 😍 with your work as always. Helena’s so lucky to have you as a dad. You’re always so positive and funny.

  22. Thank you Matthew so much for making things easier. What's the board called on which you pin the strips?

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