#FABRICCHALLENGE2018 | No Buying Fabric for a Year | #SEWCHEAP | SEWING REPORT

#FABRICCHALLENGE2018 | No Buying Fabric for a Year | #SEWCHEAP | SEWING REPORT

42 Replies to “#FABRICCHALLENGE2018 | No Buying Fabric for a Year | #SEWCHEAP | SEWING REPORT”

  1. Totally do this. I’m doing the same. Also I used to work in tv. Shorten it to #notbuyingclothes 😉

  2. Good luck! It's not easy as I tested myself in 2016. Giving yourself opportunities and ways to still buy fabric is positive. Can't wait to follow you on your journey.

  3. Okay, I'm in. Sort of. I am going to try what you are doing: only buy from thrift shop opportunities etc., but will also give myself permission to buy some special fabric on my east coast holiday this summer. Otherwise — I'm sewin' the stash! Bonnie

  4. Sounds like a great challenge! Confident you will accomplish it (again).

    Sports Court rules in your favor. 🙂

  5. Great challenge for the new year! I'm aiming to do much the same thing, including a ban on patterns, too. Best of luck with your challenge.

  6. Good Advice!! I realized that I have all kinds of fabric laying around and kept trying to order new fabric. I am going to try to use up all the fabric I stashed and then go out and buy something new. I recycled an old duvet and made a bubble quilt that is so nice. Thanks for sharing.

  7. I love this idea, and will be following along as you make do with what you already have! I especially love your plan to comb thrift stores for other fabric sources, like table clothes, etc. Please share what you end up creating? Also, I just wanted to tell you that I found your channel the week the legendary Nancy Zieman sadly passed away, and have been so blessed to have a new sewing friend to follow. Please keep the great videos coming!

  8. Good luck! I did not do well with not buying ready to wear in 2017 But I did buy much less and I made more of my wardrobe. I may do a seasonal planned wardrobe for 2018, buy fabric needed to make those items and limit myself to buying only new costume pieces.

  9. Please don't skip sewing your own bras, I was so stoked to see you do a full undergarments set from sourced fabric until you said you were thinking of doing otherwise.

  10. I love the idea of this challenge, you are being very brave😊😊😊. I know I could not do it. FYI. When I started seeing, I got most of my fabric from goodwill stores. It's amazing how much material you can get out of a full skirted dress, and it only costs 1 to 5 dollars. Cheap way of getting expensive fabric to practice sewing on, and it does not break the bank if you stuff it up. Look forward to seeing how you get on 😊

  11. christmas eve or early christmas day someone stole my sewing machine and serger out of my vehicle. I was in the process of moving and so tired i didn't lock my doors. SO MAD

  12. I can't join you on this challenge because I have just a tiny fabric stash, but I'm going to do my own twist and combine what was your 2017 challenge and my little stash. I'll use up what I have first before going to the store to get anything else 🙂 I've done the no buying with my yarn before (I'm a huge knitter) and it's really satisfying to see the stash go down and the finished item count go up!

  13. Great idea! I started to do this in 2014 (i worked at a fabric store and accumulated quite the stash) . It works really well, but what i have found is that my stash has decreased and now i have to do a lot of scrappy quilts with the remnants. Which i love!! I have a wedding ring queen size quilt from Crafsty that i want to make this year and also a lap quilt for a niece's wedding; which i have the two main fabric for in my stash. I have only had to purchase backing and batting .

  14. Totally admirable! I will be joining you in something similar and have set boundaries for my sewing/craft related purchased for 2018. I don't yet have the skill set to make the type of things I want/like but I definitely need to use up my growing stash. Good luck 🙂

  15. Since you live in a larger city, I think it would be possible to find textiles at Goodwill. So I think you'll make it.

  16. I started to hyperventilate! I’ve gone a few months without buying fabric but…..uh….I almost feinted just now! Wha?! Where am I?! Oh no…..not buy fabric! “Ack” not sure I can make it through the conversation! 😂😂😂
    You go girl! I have confidence in you! I think I’ll just stick to cutting back and trying harder to use what’s in my massive stash, but I’m definitely going to scale back big time! I’ve run out of places to store my lovely fabrics! Time to bust out those quilts!

  17. I need to try this also. I also want to finish UFOs I have sitting around. You should be able to find pieces of fabric at the thriftstore also.

  18. You really inspire me!! I didn’t much buy clothes this year because of you and I enjoyed that, saved $ and sewed garments and now I’m loving this challenge!! Thank you thank you 🙏 for being an inspiration and being smart with buying and consuming too much stuff!!! Love all your videos and keep it coming cuz I keep on watching and enjoying and learning!!

  19. I'm not sure i could go without buying fabric i usually only buy twice a year at quilt shows but now with my new quilt shop 2 close by don't know if i can do it. But u r right we don't needs any i have over 100 blots of fabric and also lots of half yards and fat quarters that i have trying to use up. But i cant help myself when i feel pretty fabric from a quilt store. I cant want to see what u come up with.

  20. Very good challenge, bravo for thrifting! You ca combine what you have and recycle fabrics! Good luck and Merry Christmas!

  21. On my honor I will try…..
    But I'm not promising ANYTHING! LOL
    Ok… I will try to use all my stash in 2018… And try not to buy more. 🙂
    Btw, fashion fabrics club has some for $1.99/yd…..

  22. that sounds like a great challenge. ive been doing that this past year and found some awesome fabrics at charity shops and sales through local community fundraisers…im doing a charity ride in summer and my challenge is to make everything to help with fundraising…good luck! tfs:)

  23. Im trying to use up my stash as well. I don’t buy clothes often anyway so im not going to give up the little i do buy. Not buying fabric though until the stash is gone. . Im pretty disciplined. I dont have s huge stash. Probably will get 10-12 garments from my stash. Looking forward to your 2018 projects.

  24. You did it! I'm with you – no fabric or patterns in 2018 AND no RTW. It will make for an interesting year for sure. It means I'll have a lot more time to sew and get some other things done that need doing as well which I'm excited about. So I'm with you 100%. As soon as I heard you say, "I want to get to the end of 2018 with LESS not MORE fabric in my stash", I felt such a huge relief for myself doing exactly that.

  25. I started my own fabric fast on October 22nd. My goal is to make it through a whole year also! I'm so glad someone else is doing this. It's kind of hard around the sales, but so far I've done ok. I also feel like a Goodwill purchase of something you will repurpose doesn't count. We can totally do this! Good luck!

  26. I’ve made the same challenge. My only rule is that I can buy solids to finish quilts. Great topic!

  27. I love this idea, I could get by without buying any material – only question , what do I do with what I have – I love upcycling clothes and I have boxes of things 😄
    You are very inspiring , thanks for ur videos 💚❤️🎅🏻Chris, Ontario, Canada

  28. Hi Jen,
    I feel like I need to join you in the challenge for both clothes and fabric. Ok, I just wrote that, now the commitment has been made! Good luck to all of us and we move bravely into 2018!
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  29. I think I’m going to do this too. I don’t have a ton of fabric but I want to use up what I have so no buying fabric for me too. But I think if I need to finish a project and don’t have anything for it I’m going to get some. Or I could just buy a bunch now before the new year. Hmm decisions decisions.

  30. I've been thinking of doing something very similar for 2018 where I only purchase fabric 5 times throughout the year. I don't have a very big stash, but I definitely have a problem with buying faster than I can sew. Hopefully this will help!

  31. Great challenge, Jennifer. Use your stash! Karina of Lifting Pins ans Needles has several fabulous videos for making refashioned garments from thrifted clothing. I don't really have a large fabric stash because I've generally always bought fabric specifically for a project, rather than buying with no pattern/project in mind. You can do it-good luck!

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