Facts That Will Change Your Mind About New Jersey

Facts That Will Change Your Mind About New Jersey

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  1. We have a former mining site that’s now a rock museum at Ogdensburg, up north. They have a handful of rare rocks that are totally worth seeing. The Sterling Hill Mine

  2. What part are you guys from? I’m from Jefferson Township up in north jersey, comment if you’re the same.

  3. I am looking for a house in NJ and have to look at TAXES before pictures or descriptions. Now looking out of state. What a shame

  4. I'm from Trenton anyone else also Trenton pretty bad they be ruining all the other towns around it like Chesterfield and Borden town because there so many gangs and drugs

  5. It’s still the shittiest state in the United States until I run for governor is this garbage state then we are flipping from blue to red and every citizen will have a gun

  6. Ya I’m from jersey and I can tell you this state I total trash. So much so that if you live in jersey and plan on moving you gotta pay the “exit tax”. Also it’s pork roll not Taylor ham.

  7. You forgot the fact that New Jersey gave the world the electric light bulb, thanks to Thomas Edison, that when the Martians invaded earth in the Orson Wells radio broadcast, they chose to land in New Jersey, and that Led Zeppelin's iconic album cover is from when the Hindenburg burst into flames at Lakehurst, NJ

  8. My friends and I always joke that New Yorkers are jealous that we have the Statue of Liberty and their football stadium.

  9. south jersey is the best place to live on earth. your 15 miles from philly, an hour from the shore, and 2 hours from NYC

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