hello everyone and welcome back to my channel so today's video is not exactly in season but sometimes it's fun to think ahead and I am definitely very into that very into my organization and I'm feeling really great right now because I have three particular outfits that I'm really excited to wear next season so I thought I would share them with you while everything is still available so the first item is a coat and it's from Ted Baker it is Cinderella blue and that is my first trend that I kind of want to identify as well I'm not really into trends or playing up to them in particular but I think it's fun to sort of identify patterns that I'm seeing in stores and I'm seeing that a lot right now that I see kind of glued has a little bit of gray in it it's not a baby blue exactly and it's so pretty kind of romantic in an icy Disney Princess kind of way but it's also very very practical and wearable because it's so easy to pair it looks great with black it looks great with grey looks great with almost any color of denim as well so in this shot I'm wearing my new agey Farrah's along with my Tory Burch pumps my old Chanel chevron flap that I love just some classic pieces that are really easy to pair you could so easily make this kind of styling office appropriate as well this long cashmere cardigan in this kind of gray Cinderella blue would be perfect for work as well because offices tend to be quite cold and as we transition into fall that will be no exception we look great with a sheath kind of dress underneath it or just some black trousers added instead of the jeans as well and I just think really classic feminine styling is nice with this particular trend so I wore my classic white convertible pearls warm short along with my quiet little diamond studs that are also in the sale right now which I will link down below everything I mentioned as always will be linked down below and I do want to make a quick note as well don't be afraid of pairing gold with silver in terms of hardware in terms of styling I think they go really wonderfully together it keeps everything from being over matchy-matchy especially if you're kind of playing with a lot of different blue tones or a lot of tones within the same family as well so then for my next outfit another thing I'm so excited about for this fall because it's so nostalgic for me since I went to university in England is plaid and I think we're definitely seeing a kind of very classic English slightly 60s vibe but a lot of the plot that I'm seeing and this blazer is my key piece for that trend and one of my key pieces for office wear as well it's gonna be great paired with some dark denim but also dressed up a little bit with some trousers in here I'm wearing it cashmere turtleneck you could definitely play this look up or down if you were to play it up you could do some riding boots with it really kind of classic English Tweedy pieces or to play it down a bit just wear really classic feminine accessories and then the Blazer with the elbow patches will be kind of a play that offsets that a little bit you have lots of different options for how you style it one thing that I really like about this particular blazer is that it has a warm Brown gray and black running through it and those are 12 different colors but I'll be able to pick up in the pattern and then just kind of make it look different and be able to wear it a lot of different ways to work during the season and so for this outfit I did all gold hardware I decided to go with a bit more of a feminine bag I did in my classic vintage flab it's got that oversized kind of look to it and my Tory Burch pumps which I have to say might be some of my most comfortable shoes that I own right now they are so cushy and squishy and comfy so then for my final outfit I went with something especially cozy this would be great for a weekend look or even a casual Friday look and it's a true sweater weather kind of outfit so the code I'm wearing is from rag-and-bone it was quite the splurge but it is two coats in one and so on one side it's gray and on the other it's camel and you can switch the belt around so it's a classic kind of cocoon style coat and it's not too heavy and very soft which I really like for West Coast weather and I really like to do layered looks as well so even if I was Sharada are going somewhere colder or we were having a cold spell which does happen although not on this day which was sweltering I like to go ahead and layer up some myths I'm a big unit where person so this sweater is so soft it's from Vince I love the cable knit look of it I think it's another big trend we're gonna see this fall this kind of oversized really textured sweater that is just like a cocoon and in my opinion looks best with that not like a nice pencil skirt or some skinny pants in this particular shot I'm just wearing my AG para jeans again and then I paired it with my brand-new riding boots which are from aqua Thalia these are so great for West Coast weather because they're actually what weather proof so you can go ahead and wear them in the rain and they're not going to get damaged at all so those are my three little ideas for outfits for the fall season I've really enjoyed creating this little series for you based on everything I've purchased in the Nordstrom anniversary sale thank you so much for following me and I will see you in my next installment on style


  1. How tall are you? I was considering this coat but ended up with the petite Ann Taylor Shawl Collar Wrap coat on sale for 100 dollars (from 200) instead in plum and black-because of the cost of alterations everywhere on the Ted Baker coat being 5'1. From length, to shoulders, cuffs, etc. The AT coat is great-maybe not quite as warm as one that is more wool like the TB one, but very, very nice.

  2. How tall are you?. I can’t tell…just wondering because I am 5’3 and want to know how these clothes might fit on my frame.

  3. ONLY for you would I watch a fall clothing preview on a day when it's topped 117 degrees (here in Phoenix extreme heat warning, 4th day in a row) – hee hee! Adore the musical accompaniment today, too.

  4. You are so gorgeous! I love all of the pieces you've chosen here. I really wanted the Tory Burtch shoes in blush/pink but then I saw another YouTuber showcase them and the colour was not what I expected. She also had the blue ones and those were vibrant and fun and I was sold on them but then they were out of stock in my size! Oh well, wasn't meant to be I guess.

  5. Gosh thank you so much for braving the scorching weather and putting together this pre-fall style book! I loved all the looks, especially the blazer outfit! Very chic and put together 🙂 xo

  6. Omg. You must be so warm under all your autumnal clothes! It’s been over 30 deg here in Vancouver! 🌞
    I love the last outfit. It’s my most favourite. Thanks for all the ideas on how to mix and match clothes, and still look chic.

  7. great looks ~ esp. love the English look so chic! it's super hot in Texas now so really enjoyed this fall fashion preview ~ fall is my fave season 🙂

  8. Talk about sacrificing for your art …. I hope it wasn’t toooooooo hot!
    Your outfits are stunning! I really can’t wait for fall/winter!
    Thanks for the lovely video.

  9. Beautiful, elegant, and lovely woman! Love your outfits especially the boots in your last outfit! Keep up the continued great work and God bless you Elle with blessings and so much love.

  10. Love these looks, especially the last one is gorgeous!! Love the boots and the coat 😍 What size are your diamond studs if you don't mind me asking?

  11. ‘Cinderella blue’ it doesn’t get any better than that 😍. Love all of these outfits, you look great

  12. Nooooo not fall yet! Lol. I’m in Vancouver too and enjoying every day of our beautiful summer, so I’m just in denial that fall is coming. Later than sooner I hope!😜

  13. How do you find blazers that hit you exactly on the wrist? I swear I must have T-Rex arms. Always down to my fingertips.

  14. This video cannot come soon enough since it’s so hot in my area. I’m always ready for fall. Thanks also for the review on YSL #17, it’s the perfect color. I love the beautiful blue coat, what a great pick.

  15. I would just like to say that I've been watching your videos for a long time to help deal with the stress of Med School and I love you! You're such an inspiration! I think I saw you once when you were getting coffee at Nordstrom. I was too scared to say hi haha.

  16. I love that you've thought ahead! I have the same Ted baker coat and I love it! I've had it for a couple of years 💕 I love your style, Elle! Xxxx

  17. Absolutely impeccable. I’m really loving the blazer with the elbow patches but then again I love all your seasonal picks

  18. Oh Elle, I am still swooning over that ted baker coat! Your outfits are gorgeous, it makes me excited for fall fashion! Xo

  19. Elle, I get that your channel is primarily fashion oriented but have you do considered expanding a bit more? Like doing more lifestyle videos or daily routine videos? If so please a home cleaning routine video, I've always wondered how you kept your place which seems HUGE all clean and clear lol. 🙂

  20. Elle, all of these outfits look gorgeous on you, but that first blue coat is just stunning! I may need to get one as well 🙈 it would look so pretty with my LB Blanche in Rose Poudre – what’s more fun than autumn pastels, right? 😂💞 Another amazing video!

    P.S. you have single handedly sparked my obsession with the YSL College, I may have to make another purchase soon!

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