what do you mean when love hurts baby if it ain't no it's real hey guys it's candy and in this video I'm going to be showing you my fall essentials and outfit so I'm going to be showing you three outfits and a few of my favorite fall things do a comment down below what your favorite fall essential is whether that be like a wardrobe piece or like a random thing or a favorite song or something leave it in the comments down below if you aren't already subscribed be sure to the subscribe button I will have it on the screen it is down below don't forget to subscribe I upload every wednesday and sunday so you don't want to miss out alright hope you guys enjoy this video and let's get started i'm sorry if i seemed more interested i'm not my first fall essential would be any seasonal drinks these don't have to be from starbucks that's just like the most convenient my favorite from starbucks is the pumpkin spice latte leave a comment down below what your favorite seasonal drink is these just like really make it feel like fall to me and it just puts me in a really good mood no edge I don't need a boss okay go back I'll be here some so my second fall essential will be dark lipstick this is my favorite lip color ever it's melted fake by to face any like deep darker lipstick I wear all the time in the fall and they are awesome Vicky oh yeah my next essential would be these products from one edge I have this BB cushion that uses an air cushion to apply which I love because it puts the right amount on and never looks cakey it's a 501 BB cream the finish is supernatural but also has really good coverage it's really hydrating and brightens your skin it's small and portable which is so nice for me because i'm so impatient and it's just really easy to throw my bag then it also this concealer which is great because it's used to cover blemishes but if you use a one shade lighter it doubles as a highlighter it's available at target when I was just having an all-in challenge if you are 18 or older you can submit a video of you using the blue magic BB cushion and show how it's an essential part of your beauty routine you submit the video by posting it to their facebook click the link to check it out or use the hashtag all inland edge hashtag on Instagram the best three tutorials will win from 1000 to 3000 dollars so best of luck to those who enter then of course it wouldn't be a fall video without fall candles comment down below your favorite fall sent you guys want to enter to win a bath body or skipped card I will link a video that I'm Jay and give away with those in New should go check it out and enter to wait times right that will always not belong right along what would happen walk through the door London is open to your only choice i also love fall playlist and i always search these on spotify and they're so good i love like john mayer in the fall also comment down below your favorite fall like music to listen to i always go to john mayer but yeah i'm just a big fan of fall playlist in general you can think of any so I live in LA so it's not super cold here in the fall so I can get away with my in this crop top the top is from boohoo and so is the like thing tied around my waist I don't even know you call that my juicer from Topshop and then my booties are my favorite ones from Windsor so this is just another very casual outfit again these same genes from Topshop I have some shoes from boohoo actually in the top and the little flannel are both from boohoo I have been ordering a tough for them recently they're awesome not any so for my last outfit I have this sweater dress which i think is so cute for fall I love it and it's actually really comfortable too like most of them will be itchy this one's really comfortable so that's from boohoo and then my booties are from cathy jean and they're very comfortable as well so that's awesome million miles you're watching don't forget to give this video a big thumbs up if you liked it and comment down below your fall essentials I have a giveaway going on on my last no on two videos ago for my morning routine so I will link that down below so all of you guys can enter hope you guys enjoy this video and I'll see you soon bye

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  1. Kenzie I honestly see how hard you been working and all the time you put in to do this for us ❤️❤️ it mean so much love you

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