Fall Thrift With Me & Haul – Leather Jacket, Fur Coats and Pink Suits

Fall Thrift With Me & Haul – Leather Jacket, Fur Coats and Pink Suits

Hello it’s Letitia, and it is officially
Scorpio season! And as most of you know Scorpios are the most annoying about
their signs. But back to topic we’re going thrifting today I have a couple of
pieces in mind about what I want to thrift. Always looking for a denim jacket,
maybe a leather jacket which is rare to find. So you guys can come shopping with me…and yes. Ah. Good to be home. Ok first thing I see when I walk in a beautiful fur coat. I like the sleeves. I like the fit. $60. Not bad not bad. So cheetah/leopard print is super in
and I’m trying to find something that like I can maybe thrift transform. I would
love to make a wrap skirt I think. So this one would be..this one has enough
material for me to cut into but I like the silkiness of this one. This already comes as like a wrap dress so this might be okay to
transform. I already have so many of these or similar styles. This is like
very much me, a tent shirt dress. Let’s see if we can find a leather jacket So if you’re ever looking for crop tops, girls section. They’re already made short. Look at these. These two would make really cute crop tops. The material of this is so nice.
Oh my god I just found the best top ever. Yes. Actually something that Olivia taught me is never to skip the lingerie section, because you could find quite a lot of like good lace camis, slip dresses, you know your girl enjoys the
hoe-y section. These are real leather pants. I don’t know if I could pull these
off but surprisingly the leg is tapered. This is how far I’ve gone up always to
the brim of the shopping cart. Let’s try it on. All right. All of these but let’s try the fur coat. Oof, heavy. Okay I actually found a jumpsuit.
If you see, there’s a seam on the inside of the pant, but there is no side seam
which means that I can split the pant like open up the seam, somehow attach it. There’s lots of material to work with And maybe, as backup look they’re so
similar so I can use this the ribbon wrap like this. Couldn’t have worked out
any better. I should get a pink pantsuit if it fits me perfectly right? It’s a
little sheer. It’s a littttlllleee sheer. This just calls my name right? I just want to add some buttons so that I can wear it as a top. Look at these straw bags. Is this too weird? Picture it with like a
white t-shirt. Look at all the compartments. Two very square toes mules. The
concept is great, but I don’t think I like them. Okay look at these, and look at these Super cute! At this rate I don’t even
have enough to get all this. These are so cute Okay my ideal set and a good size for
coke. If you’re ever looking for anything for your plants like little woven
baskets look how cute this is. This one has a cute little porcelain details. How cool this tea light structure? The land of abandoned mason jars. I’m
back with the usual full-size haul it’s this big. But I will wait until tomorrow
to show you guys. When there’s more daylight. It’s a sack. I ended up getting the jumpsuit and the leopard wrap dress and
the jumpsuit was considered a dress so because the sale was on for 50% off
dresses, I bought the jumpsuit. And the dress for, this one’s $12.99. This wrap
dress so I got it for about 6 bucks, and this one I got from $9.99 so about 5
bucks. And this one will be my DIY thrift transformations. Stay tuned for that. I’m
very excited. It’s crazy how the material is exactly the same and the pattern is
almost exactly the same. I got the cardigan, it’s actually a a forever 21
cardigan. Nothing too special about it I guess. I mean $6.99 it’s a little pricey
but it fits really well. It’s exactly what I was looking for to be worn like a
sweater and it’s just low enough that I don’t need to wear anything underneath. I
also got a sports bra I don’t know what your thoughts on are with wearing
athletic wear or swimwear that’s thrifted if it’s athletic wear I’m
pretty comfortable with it because I can still wash it. Swimwear, I would need a
special cleaner to wash it so I would be less inclined to purchase swimwear but
this is fine it’s just a sports bra not that I run but it’s for yoga purposes. I
ended up getting the pink pantsuit like crazy. I can’t believe I got a bubblegum
pink pantsuit. I didn’t even notice the sleeves have a beautiful button detail. Usually it’ll come with pink
plastic buttons that is not cute. I love the contrast and four buttons? Like who
splashed out on four buttons except they don’t have buttons around the lapel area.
So there’s no button to attach and close the blazer which I will
probably add. But I got this pink pantsuit for 15 bucks. I’m so happy about
that. Random, I got a lunch bag for Stefan for $0.99 and then so I ended up getting
ice cube trays. If you guys ever go to the dollar store and find these ice cube
trays you need to pick them up they’re the best ice cube trays I’ve ever had.
I’m not even trying to like boost ice cube trays it’s really not that big of a
deal but it is a big deal because these ice cube trays have a soft bottom you
push your ice cubes out so you know usually ice cube because they’re hard at
the bottom you have to like bang it to get the ice cube out this you just pop
them out and your ice cubes are perfect plus they’re the perfect size anyway I
did also end up getting the Plus Size pleather jacket also Forever 21 it was a
bit pricey 25 bucks but this is my first nope, I like this is my second but nope,
this is my first black faux leather jacket. Still not a fan of the embroidery
on it. Personally I would want to take it off except embroidery on material like
pleather probably has holes if I try to rip it out. I love the stud details on
the sleeves. Okay kind of ashamed because bandage dresses are so five years ago
maybe longer but I just really liked the fit of this but it is a bodycon bandage
dress it fits really well it’s in great condition the straps need to be
reinforced because the back of it is already popping off, but yeah, just your
standard also because it’s um half off I got it for ten bucks instead
of twenty bucks. I feel like majority of my wardrobe is becoming more and more
thrifted I’ve kind of stopped shopping for the most part actually I’m not even
I was never a big shopper but now I’m like really not into shopping but
thrifting I will always go back to. Anyways if you guys enjoyed this video
let me know please give it a big thumbs up and subscribe if you can
if you want to see how I style all these pieces I put them all out on Instagram. You can find me @letitiakiu and I will see you guys next time bye!

34 Replies to “Fall Thrift With Me & Haul – Leather Jacket, Fur Coats and Pink Suits”

  1. Girl! Those ice cube trays ARE bomb! Totally agree! And I have also found a 2nd use for them that I HAD to,tell you! Lol I took an extra one of them and cut slits in the little squishy bottom part and I use them like a 'make up brush tree' sort of thing! It's easy and it works! I just shove a brush in the slit and they hang upside down to dry after I clean em! And I put the tray between two pots in the kitchen so the brushes have room to hang. I hope that makes sense! Lol๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜˜ love the haul too btw!!

  2. The pink suits looks perfect on you ๐Ÿ˜ You always pull of the coolest outfit that I normally wouldn't try. I've been into basic, neutral and classy and dark coloured clothes but lately I realized that I want more colour in my closet! I've been thrift shopping for years and my closet is — I think — 70% thrifted. I think it's more environmental friendly, cheap and feels more rewarded when you find a really good piece.

  3. I really like your hair with the headband! such a great look. I was also randomly thinking lately that much of your wardrobe was thrifted (probably because I was looking through my closet for something and your DIYs came to mind). You're always so creative and your DIYs always turn out so well!

  4. Totally agree with you about not shopping anymore. besides a few good investment pieces , like a high quality jacket for snowy winter weather and shoes, and unmentionables,most of my pieces are thrift. Sale racks at my fave stores dont call my name anymore, i call that growth lol

  5. Love when someone knows how to style ! I subscribed to your channel for that reason. Glad you bought the pink suit, you look awesome in it. Nice selection of clothing . Would like to see how you styled everything. Please do a look book . Thanks for sharing your thrift finds.

  6. The orange bag is not weird at all imo. Itโ€™s extra af! Imagine some mom jeans with a white v-kneck and sneakers. And the bag to go with it!! That outfit would be an Instagram hit! Lmao

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